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First Look at Bees

We opened the hive that we put the swarm of bees that we captured in. This was almost two weeks after we had captured them. The bees were rather docile and well behaved and were quite easy to work. 469 more words

How Is Intuition Accounted for by us?

Since Bible instances, guy and insects of all different kinds have been fighting. From flies and mosquitoes to termites and bees. Though some of these insects can cause significant health issues, termites on the other-hand, trigger serious injury to our residences. 86,775 more words


“For I could wish that myself were accursed from Christ for my brethren, my kinsmen according to the flesh.” (Romans 9:3)

Colony Collapse

What does it take to attain to a level of love for our brothers and sisters in Christ that we’re willing to give up even our own salvation so that others may themselves come to the Christ that we know? 639 more words


What's All the Buzz About Bees?

By Delisa White, MATC landscape horticulture instructor 

Do you enjoy a sweet apple, crunchy almonds or a juicy tomato? If so, you owe a debt of gratitude to the hardworking insects who pollinated the flower from which your produce developed. 558 more words

Tulip Poplar and Crimson Clover Blooming

The nectar flow has arrived during the week of April 18th at my bees!

It was a warm week and the tulip poplar are blooming at our apiary. 50 more words


Hive Inspections April 2016

Hive Inspections April, 2016

April 9th, 2016

In all the excitement of getting our Flow hives I forgot to take notes of inspection on April 9th so will try to remember as best I can. 1,679 more words


Long-term study of honeybees reveals troubling trends

U.S. researchers have completed a five year study of honeybees and parasitic infections. The results are alarming for the future health of bee populations.

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