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One Year Later

How did The Hive come to be(e)?

The Honeybee Squad literally began after a guest speaker visited our 8 am professional practices class the last semester of our senior year of undergrad at CCAD. 576 more words


Long live the queen

Getting a new hive of honeybees established is exciting but sometimes exasperating. Lately it has been more exasperating. Last year was so exasperating that not one of our new hives managed to survive even the summer. 392 more words

Random Musings

A Wisconsin lecturer's book attracts a different kind of buzz: BTN LiveBIG Book Club

BTN Book Club

Listen, we understand that it’s summer, and you probably have a lot on your plate: backyard BBQs, pool parties, maybe even a little beach bumming if you can get down to the shore. 293 more words


A fuchsia to depend on: A feast for the eyes and the birds

Known as the Tree fuchsia, because of the shape and colour of its flowers, this plant is adaptable, and can be a multi-stemmed shrub or a huge evergreen tree, depending on its growing conditions. 483 more words

Wildlife Garden

3 Answers To Your Questions About Bees

You’ve got questions? We’ve got answers! Bees always bring up a plethora of questions from what do you feed them, to how do you treat them, to what do you do with them in the winter. 267 more words


To All of the Dads

Raising girls (or boys) to be strong, independent humans can’t be easy, but I think my father did a pretty darn good job. He has never once made me believe I couldn’t do something, never once said “Do you think that’s a good idea?” to protect me or my pride. 219 more words