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Happy to be Arrive

We got a call from Brian about an hour before arriving in Kisii. “Is it raining where you are?” he asked. There were a few clouds in the sky, but nothing we hadn’t seen in the past 4 days of scorched travel though… 574 more words

Field Update

How I learned to stop worrying and love the bees...unless they're in my pants

Summer is a busy time around here, with everyone going in 12 different directions, trying to make up for all the long months of winter stuck inside doing nothing (unless you’re one of those crazy people who enjoy winter sports). 1,120 more words

Zinged - Update 8.1.2015

I had a chance to spend some time in Iowa for a family reunion/vacation, and kept my eyes open for what the bees up there were doing.  888 more words


Bee trapeze artist


Honeybee numbers have crashed in Europe and America and we do not really know why. Australia’s bees are still ok, probably because we still have a broad range of wild nectar producing plants. 204 more words


What a joy!

It is so much fun to watch honeybees gather pollen. I never seem to get tired of following the girls around as they travel from flower to flower, picking up pollen, collecting it in the pollen baskets on their legs and then moving on to a nearby flower to keep going until they’re ready to return to their hive. 176 more words

Karen Sabath


I am so happy to be apart of this business. Everyone should check it out! Especially if you live in the Chicago land area. Stay tuned for my future partnership with this amazing business!



First Harvesting Of Honey

Today a visitor helped me to remove frames from the top of one of our active hives, then to brush off bees, and transfer bee-free, capped, honey-filled frames into an external hive box, replacing empty frames in the active hive.   41 more words