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Workers, Drones, and Queens

Workers, drones, and queens… this is getting interesting. This beekeeping experience truly is “learning by doing.”  Seeing the hive in action is more educational than reading about it or listening to a speaker. 339 more words

Down In The Garden

Honey Bee Tea at The Dalloway Terrace

Mrs Dalloway by Virginia Woolf (Vintage Classics)

Dalloway terrace lavender

Wild English flowers by Wild at Heart

On a recent trip to London my eldest son, Mr Tom, surprised me with a visit to the beautiful Dalloway Terrace at the Bloomsbury Hotel. 428 more words


Kids Pollinator Garden

The use of pesticides has caused a wholesale destruction of insect life, including bees, butterflies, and beneficial insects. Wildflower gardens in residential yards, pollinator habitats on federal land, bee and butterfly habitats on business and school campuses are springing up across the country to meet this challenge. 282 more words


Spring 2018 Bee Update

It’s springtime in New England! Which means it’s time to don our bee suits, and get into the hives!

This spring inspection was our first, closing out our first year as beekeepers! 447 more words


A Dream Come True

My lifelong dream of becoming a beekeeper has finally come true.  As a little girl, I spent hours observing the bumbles in my Dad’s vegetable garden.  479 more words


Circular Alternative to the Corporate Control of Honeybees and Food Systems

The true circular economy in Wales and elsewhere will include our food systems: returning nutrition to the soil, systemising and managing our food waste collectively to ensure that happens. 946 more words

Tuning Up to Transplanted Bees

Bees arrived from Georgia this week. Our bee association coordinated a bulk order of honey harvesters for new and expanding beekeepers and those little buzzers made it to Tennessee in neatly stacked boxes in the back of a van. 372 more words