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Beekeeping Beginnings

This past Sunday, a long awaited dream came true when my family and I drove to Bay Shore and picked up our first nuc of bees. 1,252 more words


The Birds and the Bees

Lately the population at Acorn Lodge has swelled in number by an additional 30,005, or so — not by any accident of ‘the birds and the bees,’ but rather because we’re finally acting on our plans to keep chickens and honeybees here. 802 more words


Rogue Farms Spring Crop Report 2017

A Winter of Love and Loss

When we saw strange white things falling from the sky in early December 2016, we knew we were in for an unusual winter. 1,605 more words

Rogue Farms Independence

The Lurie Garden Bee Hives

So guess what? Judy and I were invited to see the bee hives at the Lurie Garden. We visited during our lunch break last week. 651 more words

Great Gardens

A Quickie on Pollination

There can’t be anybody left who doesn’t know about our pollinator crisis. I was saddened recently when an experienced beekeeper who is profoundly attentive to her bees told me that she lost a third of her hives over the last year. 352 more words

Urban Homesteading

It's All About the Wax

One of the very first tasks a colony needs to accomplish when setting up a home in a new hive, it to create wax.  The wax is formed into “scales” by  wax-producing glands in the abdominal segments of worker bees.   319 more words


MSU is blooming new ways to promote health and re-growth of the disappearing bees

Michigan State University freshman Anna Jullie is not having your typical day at college. She and her colleagues have spent the day extracting honey from the stunning and intricate beehives that they have been nurturing for over a semester. 340 more words