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"Tesco's plan bee: spilt supermarket sugar to help feed hungry honey bees"


Waste sugar routinely thrown away by supermarkets is being collected to help feed stricken bees in Britain struggling to get enough nectar to feed themselves.


Japanese scientists create drone to help with pollination

Scientists at Japan’s National Institute of Advanced Industrial Science and Technology are using the mechanics of cross-pollination with bees to create a drone that can pick up pollen in one flower and bring it to another. 168 more words


A good match: Pollinator and flower

Flowers need pollinating and bees need pollen and nectar. This week’s photo challenge asks us to share a photo of things that complement each other. 48 more words


feeding bees in february

i never thought that i would be feeding bees in mid-february in climate zone 1b/2a…but i did…i am…

it is warm…the snow is quickly leaving…and walking in the bush all this winter is eminently possible…the bees are healthy…and very active…and i hope that by shoring up their food supply now it may give them an advantage this spring… 51 more words

FARM ON #3: Leaping into the void with MATT WILLEY

I caught up with the multifaceted artist Matt Willey to talk about his globetrotting initiative The Good of The Hive, which is raising awareness about the current struggle and population decline of honeybees while celebrating their incredible behaviors. 48 more words


Gotta Love Seeing Bee Poop in Feb!

Went out to the hives today & there was  “bee poop” everywhere!  I know you are probably saying “yuk.. that’s gross!”..  but when I see see bee poop this time of year, I’m thrilled.  514 more words

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