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Bee skyscraper

The old bees (on their third summer) are not dividing.  I added a fifth super in July.  It’s not like five full size supers is unheard of, but it’s… 170 more words


On the Brink of Biocide

I love the chance to get the word out about the suspected reason for our honeybee decline.  When I received Prime Magazine’s May monthly writing contest prompt, a flower, I knew that I had to incorporate my girls into my 53-word story. 70 more words



Three weeks ago I got a second hive of bees.  Yes, late in the year, but they were from my bee guru, and he was confident I could take them through the winter by putting the syrup to them hard.  342 more words


Bee the church

Ever since I read Ender’s Game and the rest of the books in Orson Scott Card’s sci-fi series, I’ve been fascinated by the idea of the hive mind: how does a colony of organisms without the communicative faculties available to humans function with such unity of purpose?   1,388 more words


Dancing Before My Eyes

And now I get it, why the greatest stories were told before television, why the most romantic of poets have already come and gone. The date is August the eleventh and I sit beneath the Milky Way and a billion stars. 316 more words



Who can forget that iconic Nick Cage moment from “Wicker Man”, when he’s sacrificed to BEES!? If the poor hummingbirds in my future in-law’s yard watched that movie, they would relate because there is currently a bee problem at their feeder: 240 more words

Kids Wildlife Habitat

Kids can be responsible stewards of the earth by starting in their own yard. Creating a sustainable landscape with low water usage and low maintenance where we live is an attainable goal. 232 more words