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BEE-utiful! A Honey of a Season!

Three years in the making! Three years to get a colony of bees to over-winter, but worth it!

It has been tough going getting our bee hives to grow. 355 more words

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Local Honey San Jose

Are you craving honey, because we know this guy is!

The Honey Ladies are here to satisfy all of your honey needs.  The Honey Ladies have 600+ bee hives all over the Bay Area. 109 more words


In my last post I was feeling pretty confident with my strong hive.  So much so, I thought I might start another one.  So I got some brood frames and honey frames, stuck a few bees into a nuc box.  575 more words

Leonurus cardiac aka motherwort: Bee Sustenance

Last week I noticed this plant with a tall stock growing in the shady areas of the farm. The very numerous and tiny flowers that were developing made me think of the potential nectar sources for bees. 85 more words


Hughenden beekeepers join the C.S.I. Pollen Project by Janet Pascoe

Janet is sending the photos soon, but I thought I’d publish and add them later as it is so long since we posted.

Next time you see bees on flowers, look closely to try and spot the pollen basket contents on each of the bees’ hind legs: usually you’ll see a yellow blob, a mixture of dry pollen and nectar and/or honey. 346 more words

Buzzin' on!

Well hello there! First ever update on my wonderful honey bee hive. To those who have never seen or experienced the beauty of a hive I suggest you stay tuned. 354 more words