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Russian Oligarchs Shift Cash To Hong Kong Dollars On Sanctions Concerns | Zero Hedge

From Tyler Durden:

Last week we noted the very significant activity by the Hong Kong Monetary Authority as it bought USDollars in size to support its peg.

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China & HK

Hong Kong Asia’a shopping destinations.

Hong Kong Asia’a shopping destinations.
Hong Kong tourist board has long called the city a shopper’s paradise. Now it can point to a study that hails it as Asia’s top shopping destination. 72 more words


Star Ferry all the way~

Hello again! Here I am typing away about Hong Kong during school hours. Hope you all don’t mind if it’s a bit crappy and short. This post probably won’t be the best post I’ve had but it’s better than nothing… right? 315 more words


even the beggars don't want hong kong dollars...

Today, an elderly beggar approached me. I reached into my purse and pulled out a two-HK dollar coin. He took the coin in a soft, fingerless hand, and I wondered what had happened. 63 more words


Hong Kong Dollars

i Scanned this HK Dollars i saved for my own, HSBC is the Bank that print this money papers… i think is one of the worlds most beautiful currencies now… what do you think?…

Gilberto Zing Ochoa

serve (only) the people's currency?

My one brand, two systems cup of java has me thinking about the manipulation of national currencies in an international economic system. In particular, I reviewed what I knew and didn’t know about the rise and fall of… 788 more words