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El alucinante mundo de los Hongos

Estos bizarros seres vivos pueden ser microscópicos fabricantes de cerveza o tan grandes como un bosque entero. Tan capaces de envenenar emperadores romanos como de salvar millones de vidas. 458 more words

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Fushigi Yugi (Manga)

Hello my dears tonight I’m running down memory lane and thinking of Fushigi Yugi in between ‘sports’ anime reviews with an old fashioned time turner. So we start our story with two good friends Miaka Yuki and Yui Hongo. 428 more words

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Spanish crust scene essentials

Some time ago, we discussed in the crew the idea of collecting the best of all spanish crust artists in one article.  That scene was quite an interesting one as you will figure it out yourself, with a plethora of different styles around. 210 more words