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Washington state mall shooting: FBI ‘not ruling out terrorism’ as Turkish man arrested over five killed in Macy’s… 628 more words

End Times

Man Kicks Woman in Face for Wearing Shorts

A man who kicked a woman in the face for wearing shorts while threatening to kill her has been released without charges by a Turkish court, reported the… 215 more words

Radical Islam

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The Order of the White Rose has posted a new Security Brief. Reading the whole thing comes highly recommended, but there are a few takeaways that should be of particular interest to individuals interested in their privacy. 641 more words


A Cultural Approach to Domestic Violence


The following piece does not reflect the views of the Yale Global Health Review.

In March 2016, the New York Times released an article titled “To Maintain Supply of Sex Slaves, ISIS Pushes Birth Control.” The article discussed the ways in which a corrupt interpretation of Islamic law, coupled with the various contraceptives supplied by modern medicine, allows for the group known as the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant (ISIS) to perpetuate the systematic rape of captive women and girls.1 The author explains how leaders and fighters of the Islamic State utilize modern birth control to imitate the sexual slavery that they believe flourished during the Prophet Muhammad’s time: contraceptives ensure that they do not break the Islamic law and engage in intercourse with an enslaved pregnant woman. 1,576 more words

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British woman was raped before alleged honor killing in Pakistan

Religion of Peace strikes again.

From Fox News: A British woman of Pakistani origin was raped before she was allegedly strangled to death by her ex-husband in a village in the country’s eastern Punjab province… 225 more words