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The Crescent Challenges the Cross

Because there are between five to seven million Muslims living in America, it is important to understand Islam. Islam should not be reduced to simplicity as a violent religion, and dismissed. 1,236 more words

Culture & Society

Let's Call 'Honor Killings' What They Are: Domestic Violence

Language matters. When someone from a minority faith or heritage is a victim of aggravated murder or domestic violence, the crime is often described as… 686 more words

Islam, The "New Face" of Women's Rights

It seems the Women’s rights movement has been “High-Jacked”! At first thought, you might ask yourself the question, “By whom?”

The American Women’s Rights movement has been in existence for nearly 170 years. 658 more words

What's Going On?

Pakistan Moves to Ban Honor Killings

PAKISTAN — Honor killing: the killing of a relative, usually a woman, who is perceived to have brought dishonor on the family.

“They have confidence in their murders, that they can kill and society will not be able to do anything to them,” says Muhammad Yasir, his brother murdered in an honor killing. 253 more words


Woman beheaded in Afghanistan for entering a city to go shopping without her husband

The real war on women.

From Daily Mail: A woman has reportedly been beheaded by a group of armed men in Afghanistan after she entered a city without her husband. 329 more words


Jordan: Honour crimes anti-Islamic — fatwa

By Rana Husseini – Dec 01,2016 – JORDAN TIMES

AMMAN — The Iftaa Department on Thursday issued a fatwa prohibiting the murder of women in the name of family honour. 158 more words



Social and cultural norms can either protect women against abuse and violence or they can encourage the use of violence against them. The culture of violence against women persists in Pakistani society because it’s deemed acceptable. 694 more words