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Sharī'ah Violence

An issue that most Muslims will one day have to address is that of Shari’ah violence. Specifically I will be addressing the issue of honor killings, a topic that is brought up repeatedly in western media .Although we all know there have been unjustified and unreasonable claims made about Sharia’ah many of us are unable to respond to these  claims. 739 more words

British Law

Honor Killings Are Lawful in Islamic Sharia

Understanding the Threat, by John Guandolo, Aug. 18, 2016:

While Muslim leaders and apologists continue to publicly tell the media and others Islam does not sanction honor killings, the truth is, Islam does. 472 more words

Counter Jihad Report

Ex-husband admits honour killing of British woman in Pakistan

From MSN.com: The ex-husband of a British woman who was the victim of an alleged honour killing in Pakistan has admitted strangling her to death… 215 more words


Global Perspective

As I was thinking about the topic of retaliation against women trying to achieve equality in the workplace, several stories appeared in the news from other places in the world.  272 more words

Overcoming Challenges

Two sisters shot dead on the eve of their wedding in latest Pakistan 'honour' killing


A man killed his two sisters on the eve of their weddings in Pakistan’s central Punjab province

Image Credit: AFP

Pakistani activists carry placards during a protest against the murder of social media celebrity Qandeel Baloch by her own brother in this file photo. 286 more words


John 8:1-11: Throwing Stones – Part II

John 8:1-11: Throwing Stones – Part II

Thursday, July 28, 2016

What tax or tithe do we surrender when we give in to the temptation to throw stones?  338 more words

Social Justice

Pakistan bars family of honor killing victim from officially forgiving her killer

Following the gruesome “honor killing” of 26-year-old social media star and “modern-day feminist” Qandeel Baloch by her own brother on Friday in Pakistan, the government of Punjab province has banned Baloch’s family from officially forgiving their son for the murder. 271 more words