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Is Islam a Peaceful Religion?

In this blog I am putting up three videos in order to answer this question. The first video deals with the question: “Should We Fear Islam?” Some people who had lost their loved ones in the 9/11 World Trade Center incident in 2001 respond to this question. 1,335 more words


Honor Killings: a Dishonor to Humanity

By Edysmar Diaz-Cruz

Those of us who’ve seen the show How to Get Away With Murder might enjoy the twists and turns of characters trying desperately to cover tracks that could lead to their place in prison. 388 more words


Ironies of Jihad and Us (3 of 3)

Honor killings are unlawful in modern countries, but still occur, particularly in isolated areas, even when they are imported to the West. Women are also killed in several parts of the world after being accused of witchcraft, not necessarily associated with Islam, although ignorance creates death in both cases.  603 more words

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Ironies of Jihad and Us (2 of 3)

We in the US, like Muslim radicals, also commit violence against innocents, if less organized and less lethal. Armed hotheads and fools among us burn and desecrate Mosques, Synagogues, and black churches, and threaten and sometimes commit violence against ordinary Syrian and other refugees. 716 more words

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Let's Get Men Talking about Gender Equality

Last week was International Women’s Day. The very name is enough, for some men, to get their head raging and their tweeting fingers typing. ‘A day for women?! 360 more words

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