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"Do not be afraid- God is with us"

In the sixth month, God sent a named angel to unremarkable small town to speak a virgin named Mary.  Mary’s family had signed the arranged marriage contract with Joseph, but the wedding was months away.   1,668 more words

Maybe We'll Register Your Marriage After You Walk the Bomb-Sniffing Dog

At Harper’s, Mansi Choksi tells the story of Neetu and Dawinder, a young couple from rural India who flee to a safe house run by the Love Commandos. 528 more words


Domestic Violence in Pakistan

According to Dawn newspaper almost half of the women in Pakistan have suffered from some form of domestic violence. Most women suffer from domestic violence either by their spouse or her in laws. 393 more words

Honor killing in Pakistan: 19-year-old kills sister, brother-in-law


Honor killing in Pakistan: 19-year-old kills sister, brother-in-law in Rawalpindi

Activists say around a thousand Pakistani women fall victims to so-called honour killings every year.

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Just Another Girl in Pakistan

I slide the blue plastic bag across the counter toward the cashier. He picks it up, wraps it in a brown paper, and drops it in an opaque shopping bag. 1,014 more words

Jihadi brides, dating and identity: British Muslim women speak out

Adela Suliman | Thomson Reuters Foundation | Published — Tuesday 10 October 2017

LONDON: From a jaded TV chat show host to a Middle Eastern actress who longs to be cast as a ghostbuster, not endless jihadi brides, the stories in Sabrina Mahfouz’s anthology of British Muslim women all do one thing: challenge stereotypes. 508 more words


Sweden's unholy alliance : Feminism and Islam

I commented on the relationship between third wave feminism and Islam. They have an unholy alliance. You can watch my comment here:

This video can also be viewed here:  34 more words