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In Memory and Honor

Memorial Day is much more than a long weekend and the kick off for summer. Deeply rooted in the aftermath of the Civil War, it lead to a long lived national holiday that acknowledges so many of the brave souls who gave their lives for the freedoms we have bestowed upon us today. 79 more words

Memorial Day Memories

Today is a day that most people shop sales, hold barbecues, and party. But for some of us Memorial Day memories aren’t as lighthearted. I want to take the time to remind everyone what Memorial Day should really be about.

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Memorial Day 2017, thank you Dad

Memorial Day is a special day for many of us. We all know a loved one that served in the military, we may also know someone that didn’t make it back. 525 more words


Monday: Remember ...

A long time ago, in a jungle far far away, a man perished in the Viet Nam War.

He is a ghost in my life. A man I remember today. 120 more words

New Beginnings

A Memorial Day poem

When I think of you and I cannot call,

a mournfulness envelopes me,

but I don’t feel small.

It’s because of you that I do not hide. 36 more words


Memorial Day 2017

Memorial Day is set aside as a remembrance day for those who have fallen while serving in the Armed Forces. I will take a moment this morning to honor and give thanks for those who paid the price so we can still enjoy the freedoms we have today. 28 more words


Memorial Day

Today let us honor the memories of those who have fought for our way of life.