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leadership: honoring the call

my leadership professor is asking us, as a class, to cultivate the discipline of writing. on thursdays, for the sake of that discipline, i will post what i am writing with a quote from the book that is guiding our work. 908 more words

"Wisdom is inseparable from Compassion."

I once asked someone why they believed in the Bible. They told me that they experienced the miracles of which it told. Now, I think Jesus is really groovy and he’s one of my favorite teachers, but the Bible and the Christian church don’t resonate with me. 777 more words


Part II: How I Dedicated My Race to a Stranger

With intention, I carried him on my back. At 4:30am, I wrote his name down. Aware of significance and of sorrow; aware of my anger and my ambition, just hours away. 317 more words