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True to Myself while Honoring Others

As I am absorbing and receptive to teachers and guides who have more experience than me, I realize that one of the characteristics (for better or worse) of me is my ability to adopt others’ mannerisms, habits, speech, parenting, etc.   1,076 more words

Foster Cline

Mommy Dearest

I’ve shared with you all that I would like to practice the art of speaking life. One of the ways I hope to do that is by using this blog to honor various individuals who have had a positive impact in my life. 541 more words

leadership: honoring the call

my leadership professor is asking us, as a class, to cultivate the discipline of writing. on thursdays, for the sake of that discipline, i will post what i am writing with a quote from the book that is guiding our work. 908 more words

"Wisdom is inseparable from Compassion."

I once asked someone why they believed in the Bible. They told me that they experienced the miracles of which it told. Now, I think Jesus is really groovy and he’s one of my favorite teachers, but the Bible and the Christian church don’t resonate with me. 777 more words