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Liberty or Death: Which Part 91 What We Say How We Act and What We Do Tells Others Who We Are

Want others the see you as a child of God? To see you as a Christian?  What we say how we act and what we do tells others who we are. 141 more words

Walking In Jesus

Liberty or Death: Which Part 90 Due Honor

the 5th-commandment is far more than just telling little children to treat their parents with the proper respect.

it includes our dealings with all mankind. 349 more words

Obedience To God

Liberty or Death: Which Part 89 Honor is More Than Just a Word it Includes Actions

We all love words once in awhile. Words when they are used to life people up, to praise good deeds that they have done, or even if they are used to puff people up are taken in with joy. 408 more words


Dad Brags

I’d like to brag on my Daddy for a bit.

My Daddy (and yes, I still call him “Daddy”), is a man of many talents. I grew up with him leading worship in the church (is it any wonder I ended up marrying a worship leader?). 694 more words

The Ask

Life is about communication, isn’t it?  Whether we are the giver or the receiver OR both how we communicate matters.  I had a recent experience where I really got to see this in action.  502 more words


How Do You Say,"Thank You So Much" to a Whole Town?

Winning an Award Is Not All About The Winners


Award ceremonies honor the organization or community that gives them. If newspapers come to cover the event the organization or city gets some free publicity. 1,184 more words


What to Do

The first thing one needs to do (if one wants to do anything) is to start…

This is me starting…

…yet again.

It’s not a grand plan of attack yet.   191 more words