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10 Things You Might Not Know About Me

I’m a pretty guarded person, but yet for some reason I think people know a lot about me. But I may be wrong. In fact, I know I’m wrong. 1,286 more words


Cat's Morning Bits for February 9, 2018

Cat’s Morning Bits for February 9, 2018


Good Morning!

Grab a cup of your favorite morning brew and start things off with “Today’s Inspirations”


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Are You Using Your Voice?

A few days ago I wrote a post called “The Truth About Speaking the Truth” (If you have not read it already, please give it a read). 304 more words

Spiritual Support

Motivational Monday - How I couldn't run away from myself - Motivational Post

Tuesday Talks – How I couldn’t run away from my problems – Motivational Post

Hi Guys

I know quite a few of you have hit me up saying, I haven’t been as active, this month and the main reason for that is I was dealing with some personal issues and had to face that first, before moving on to anything else and I thought to touch on the importance of facing your problems head on, and dealing with them away from the world. 906 more words

Do You Truly Honor Yourself? 10 Ways To Be Accountable For Your Self-Care

We all have different definitions of self-care, and we all have different definitions of self-care at different times in our lives. In our 20’s it might have a very different meaning from when we’re in our 40’s, just as in our 40’s to our 70’s. 2,505 more words

Create Healthy Boundaries So You Can Soar

Like that single drop of water on the delicate petal of that flower… the drop has a boundary that defines it as a drop – the form it has taken – yet its boundary does not keep the petal from experiencing its quality, its moisture; and its boundary does not keep us from witnessing its beauty, the delicate nature of its being and its transparency. 771 more words

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