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UnWritten Letters

There have been countless times I have written letters to quiet the unfinished business of relationships and life.  To friends, to family, to my abusers, to my boss, to the people who opted to purposefully cause harm to me with no regrets, to the animals I miss, to all the anger, disappointment, shame, guilt and last but not least, all the gratitude surrounding this journey we call life. 711 more words

Walking Away

When is it time to move on? When is it time to leave? Well if you heart is calling you to right now, then now is the time. 495 more words

Heart Wisdom/Channeled Messages

The Courage To Forgive

I’m writing a book for my daughters with my thoughts on certain things in life they will deal with before it’s all said and done. Some of those things will be amazing, fun, and exciting. 1,308 more words

Conscious Living