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Why a personal practice is the most important practice

I dont cry very often. I can count on one hand the amount of times I have really cried in the past year (and believe me I have had a very challenging year). 1,227 more words

Changing Perceptions

Honoring yourself and setting boundaries

Boundaries. That’s a word you will typically hear from a therapist, an article in Psychology Today, or a book on relationships . Boundaries are the limits we put in place that define our relationships to others.

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Being Enough

Cleaning House

A few months ago I started to clean out parts of my life. I have been experiencing a lot of shifting and changing in my world and clearing out and cleaning house has been very cathartic for me. 1,179 more words

Quit Rehearsing for a Story You Don't Want to Live


For years most of us have been memorizing our lines.
In-fact many are embedded deep into our sub-conscious – neatly programmed, yet ready to surface in a heart beat. 232 more words


Self-Love Sunday: Choosing You

“You create your own life. Life becomes more enjoyable when you understand who you are and are certain of the life you wish to create for yourself.” – Self… 717 more words

Self Love

birthdays gone by

As I mark growing another year older, I’ve been thinking about the state of my life now versus two or six or twelve years ago, the things I lived through then and the way I live now. 543 more words


Don't Ever Replace Me

Know your mind. Own it. Protect it.

I can caress you with comforts
Bend everything you see
Into pictures of your choosing
And oh, they are fantastic… 110 more words