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     I like to move from one thing to another fairly quickly. It’s been a bit of a struggle of mine. It’s easy for me to live in the future. 773 more words



Those things
that stand
in your heart
as of true prime importance

let them not slip
as hourglass sand
through your sly, practiced art
of lame, feigned ignore-ance. 46 more words


Release and Merge

I want to walk naked in the presence of those who think they know me,
to let them decipher the scars and judge the tone of my superficial strength. 166 more words


In The Foxhole

“If you were trapped in a foxhole and could only have one person in it with you to help you get out, who would you want that to be?” 484 more words

Everyday Life

Where the air is thin...

I’ve been pretty blessed in my life. Blessings can come in the form of things we would not associate with “good” feelings and they can come in the form of things we would. 829 more words


Honoring The Past

Honoring the Dead
Is honoring the Living
Light outlines shadow

Drawing: S. Ross-Craig
Color: The Healing Garden gardener


     Iris and I have been married for over 13 years now. No this isn’t an anniversary post (though that may have to come). In those 13 years we have had three awesomely unique and creative kids. 544 more words