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How I View The Sunlight

The Sunlight is God ‘s sign,

The Sunlight is a reminder that we have more time.

The Sunlight is a message that you were brought to a day that is new, 124 more words


Jeanne Brink to be Honored at Middlebury College

From the Feb. 22, 2018 article in VTDigger.org.

Middlebury… will honor four other distinguished men and women with honorary degrees this year:

Jeanne A. Brink is an Abenaki artist and activist. 120 more words


What Depression Eats

There are a few topics in our culture that seem to beg an exorbitant amount of attention for the wrong reasons. One of those topics is diet. 1,481 more words


Using Your Gifts

God didn’t give you, your gifts to keep for yourself,

Using your gifts can positively impact someone else,

God gave it to you to be used, for His Glory, 50 more words


With What You Have Given Me

I will do everything I can,

With what You have given me.

I will be creative and expressive,

With what You have given me.

I will bring glory to Your name, 70 more words


into my roots

It doesn’t matter how many pieces make up my whole; rather, it’s my relationship with those pieces that matters — and that I must maintain. Simply saying “I am this” isn’t enough.

291 more words