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How to Honor Stepmoms on Mother's Day

Mother’s Day is just around the corner. For stepmoms and their husbands this can be a tricky day to navigate. Emotions can run high. Anxiety can brew. 505 more words


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This is a very common feeling for stepmoms on Mother's Day. Stepmomincognito is right, we just want to feel loved and supported ❤

Happy Administrative Day!!

Today we salute the people that make it happen behind the scenes everyday!  From getting the coffee, escorting guests, answering phones, to pushing paperwork!!  We love and appreciate you!   6 more words


Goodnight Sweet Prince

How many of you remember these things, 45’s?  And how many of you remember these wooden crates sold by a long defunct record store that many of us used to house our vinyl music collections?  778 more words


I bow

Molting is awkward.
And completely amazing.

When stumbling in awkwardness, I am being asked to understand.
I bow to the learning.
When hiding from my own ugliness, I am being called to love what has been unacceptable. 23 more words


Plip plip

Towhee hops

plip plip

in mown field.

Coumarin scent flagging.

If I could be that plump brown bird,

just this one morning,

I’d sigh in deep relief.



Content below is extracted from the posting of Stephanne Foong (with permission)…

I must say that Malaysia is not very service-pro and not exactly a tipping culture. 577 more words


We Really Are Worthless...But...

We really are worthless, you and I.

Recently, my family spent two weeks in an all Hindu culture. We were there for a bit of rest and family time, it just happened that the culture was Hindu. 1,060 more words