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Classy or messy?

Time to say it as it is:

One of the many reasons me and Kalpana can get along so well is: She sees me.
She not only sees me, she acknowledges me. 161 more words

If I lay down

I can’t speak to you from here.

From here where I don’t listen.

But if I stop

circling and

running and




If I lay down armaments… 42 more words


Ukraine’s honoring of war criminals leaves its Jews uneasy — and divided (VERY GOOD!!!)

JTA — When Vladimir Putin grabbed Crimea from Ukraine in 2014, the Russian president claimed it was to protect minorities from anti-Semitic fascists whom Putin  1,221 more words

Daily News



one who entwined fingers with you through the night

departs as


as he arrived,

and kisses left on on the back of your hand… 7 more words


One Week Honoring Frigga


So a week has passed since I started to honor Frigga. And I haven’t done it the way that I did with Odin. Frigga likes things neat and tiny and so I’m working on doing just that. 27 more words

All Things Unspoken

I honor all that is

this moment.

I honor all things


without judgement

or condition.

I honor

without needing

to change or heal.

May what is… 15 more words


Honoring the Past, Present, and Future Generations

Tradition is a great way to celebrate where we have come from and what we have accomplished, but to live in the past, to not grow, to not learn new things, to not change, and to not adapt with the new knowledge available does not honour the hardships and lack of knowledge our predecessors, including our families, had to deal, cope with, and even struggle with when they were parents, teachers, employees, employers, etc, so let’s choose to advance ourselves and those who follow us … to honour those who came before us. 17 more words