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When Honoring is Hard

For many, it is the most ‘sentimental’ day of the year.  It can be a day of joy or a day of despair or even resentment.  682 more words

Writing - Devotion

Ancient and known

What name can be given

to soul hunger for nature,

for bodily starvation of slow rhythms ancient

and known?

Waking, sleeping, sunrise, moonset,


even in the most stricken times we can find ourselves there… 60 more words


Light, Words, and Gathering

The only event on my calendar yesterday was a Luminary ceremony hosted by the loss support group of which I am a member.  My nanny’s exclamation of “Cinco de Mayo!” and various photos I saw of the Kentucky Derby reminded me that many people had very different celebrations yesterday.  851 more words

Release. What I Need.



Have your eyes open.

Have your mind open.

Have your spirit open.


Arise, Awake and Be Aware.


Recognize, Appreciate, Partake.


Welcome, Engage, and Be Present. 29 more words


A Tree for All Seasons

A month after losing Nelle, we scattered her ashes to the coulee where I grew up.  I was still in a dense fog of grief.  It was Ger’s suggestion to bring her to the tree where my grandfather’s ashes had been scattered in 2011.  461 more words

Release. What I Need.


Acknowledging  that You bring me through the tough situations.

Recognizing that You have been with me in my lowest  valley experiences.

Aware of Your Mercy, Grace, Forgiveness and Love. 144 more words


A Blessing

A Blessing to have been touched,

A Blessed to have experienced,

A Blessing to have been impacted and inspired,

A Blessing to have been connected, 154 more words