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Best Best Class Ever—when I leave the room

My Honors Physics class continues to blow my mind. Today I had to leave class early to go to a meeting, so I told them I wanted them to work on this very challenging problem, and record themselves discussing the problem. 299 more words

Day 18: Free Body Diagram Gallery Walk

In the past, BFPM has been a bit of a morass for us—we’ve sometimes spent 4 weeks on all the stuff in this unit. This year, our goal is to clear it in less than 3 weeks, and hopefully closer to two. 286 more words

Day 17: Best class ever

I wrote about it a ton on my main blog, but today was a pretty special day in my honors physics class. My students blew me away with their ability to run a physics discussion and think deeply about some difficult problems. 77 more words

Day 16: Agreeing on FBDs

This has never happened before, but when working on Matt Greenwolfe’s box pushing activity, students started drawing Free Body Diagrams and then they just got into a spontaneous conversation about the best way to represent forces in the diagram (I had introduced them only very quickly the day before). 90 more words

Day 12: A good sign

A student came into the lab on a Saturday and put together this video of her CVPM practicum. Anytime a student comes into the lab to work on a Saturday afternoon is a pretty good sign to me:

Day 11: Differentiating with Robots

This year we’re replacing the old buggy collision CVPM practicum with one that uses robots. Students have to program a robot, with a fixed starting location so that it hits another robot right when it reaches the origin. 39 more words

Day 8: Metacognition lesson 1

This year, I’m very interested in making metacognition a substantial part of the curriculum I’m teaching in physics and computer science. I haven’t found a great way to do this—I have a huge collection of articles in Diigo that I’ve tagged… 97 more words