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What is honourable about murder?

In 2010, the UK police reported that around 2800 honour based crimes occurred. Of that, 11 were attempted and 18 were actual murders. Honour based violence or killings are defined simply as crimes committed in order to protect or defend the honour of a family or community. 969 more words


Horrific! Community burns 16yr old Girl alive for helping her Friend elope

A 16-year-old girl in rural Pakistan was drugged, strangled and burned alive on the orders of village elders for helping a couple elope. 334 more words

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Dear Mrs/Miss Stevens,

The past 18 months particularly has seen much progress towards a society that upholds gender equality as a social norm rather than something only a privileged few are allowed to enjoy, however, this growing attitude is juxtaposed by a significant movement also of increasing popularity in this same time period; Islamic fundamentalism. 207 more words


Bending Towards Justice

By Sonya Rehman

Having won an Oscar this year for her documentary, A Girl in the River: The Price of Forgiveness, Sharmeen Obaid-Chinoy’s production follows the story of Saba Qaiser, a young woman who survives a brutal honour killing attempt by her very own kin. 1,853 more words


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Why is this feature relevant today?

Islam is typically viewed as an oppressive religion to women, so with the rising significance for considerations of gender equality in contemporary society and a growing interest in the details of a faith constantly interrogated in the media today it would be relevant to publish an article that explores a particularly worrying issue often (rightly or wrongly) associated Islam; honour killings and honour based violence against women. 251 more words


Special cells to protect inter caste couples- TN

Special cells to protect inter caste couples- TN

With the increased incidents of honour killings across the state, the Tamilnadu High court has yesterday suggested various measures to be taken to prevent such occurrences. 31 more words

Honour killing

There was once a boy and girl who fell in love. There was nothing in common between them except their love for each other. They decided to get married despite their differences. 315 more words