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Special legislature for Honour Killing is the need of the hour: U. Vasuki

Chennai: There have been 42 honour killings in the state of Tamil Nadu in the last two years, revealed a recent survey done by a Madurai based NGO, Evidence. 362 more words

All India Democratc Women's Association

"The Rebels of Amman": An insight into being gay in Jordan's capital

Last week I sat opposite Lena, a young Jordanian woman, in a cafe in downtown Amman. Almost casually, she took a sip of her coffee, placed the mug back on the table, looked me in the eye and said “Yes. 1,821 more words

For what it's worth

Dear parents,

The following is Just read the damn thing.

Firstly, this world is not ideal. Your child will have to grow up in this world bordering on dystopia and searching for a utopia beyond reach. 934 more words


All Because She Once Loved

There is Shazia*. Shazia with her big green eyes, long brown hair and fidgety hands. She keeps looking out the window. The window is framed with blue curtains. 1,682 more words


Living For Honour: I am taking this journey

I am in my third year of university at the Centre for Journalism at Kent. For our final year, we are required to produce a lengthy piece of original journalism. 772 more words


خطر تهدید آمیز مرگ خاموش یا قتل ناموسی

قتل ناموسی به ارتکاب خشونت و اغلب قتل زنان یک خانواده به دست مردان خویشاوند خود گفته می‌شود. این زنان به علت «ننگین کردن شرافت خانواده خود» مجازات می‌شوند.


There Is No Honour in Honour Killing......

Well I admit I’m doing a detour, this was not supposed to be the subject for this week’s blog, so I guess there may be two this week…. 1,108 more words