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प्यार अपना लेता है हर धर्म को

पर धर्म नहीं अपनाता हर प्यार को

कितनी ही साँसें घोटी गई…. कितनी बिखेरी गई

ऐसा करने वाले धार्मिक माने गए ….

The Problem With Modern Feminism.(Part I)

As you have already read it, we are about to talk on modern feminism. This will come as no revelation, considering all we ever hear about feminism are the numerous problems associated with it. 312 more words



POLICE investigating the death of a British woman in an ‘honour killing’ say she was raped before she died in Pakistan.

Samia Shahid, 28, from Bradford, was found dead in July of what were assumed to be natural causes, and buried in a local cemetery in the country’s eastern Punjab province. 198 more words


British-Pak beautician was raped before being strangled by ex-husband

Lahore: In a shocking revelation, the Punjab police has disclosed that the 28-year-old British beautician who was allegedly killed by her ex-husband in an ‘honour killing’ bid in… 284 more words

Muslim migrant DIES AS FLAMES ENGULF him while trying to set fire to his wife in honor killing attempt

A Syrian refugee in Germany who tried to kill his wife by setting her on fire using barbecue lighter fluid ended up dying in the flames. 43 more words


The Queen of Hearts

I don’t remember exactly when I started to learn about Diana but I guess it must of have been in my late teens. I was born in 1995 – she died in 1997 so I wasn’t really exposed to news and speculations about her.  241 more words


Daughter? Yes, Father? I Want to Kill You

I felt anger—a strange amalgam of gloominess and mad fury when I first heard that Qandeel Baloch was found dead in her home. Killed. Murdered for honour. 945 more words