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Adventure day

Some days, parenting is hand-holding, nose-wiping, and tear-drying. These are boring days. But other days are adventure days. Like just a minute ago when Honu came hobbling over to me with his penis duct taped to his thigh, crying “It’s stuck help me mom help me it’s stuck!!!” Today is an adventure day.


Hello world!

I suppose this is the place where I share a little bit about myself. My name is Hayley. Born and raised in Vienna, Virginia and currently residing in Kailua, Hawaii. 318 more words

Animals | Honu’ea

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Description From Photographer if Any:

Honu enjoying an evening nap in the setting sun. 9 more words


Day 2

Laniakea Beach

This is also known as Sea Turtle Beach because there were a few sea turtles (Honu) that are hanging out by the shore. Some people tried to get really close to the sea turtles (myself included), but there were two nature preserve people watching the tourists to make sure that nobody gets too close. 29 more words


Mermaid Madness

For yesterday’s gradient, I decided to recreate a couple designs for the added nail art. Last year, I was inspired by @narmai on Instagram, to try… 57 more words


Isaac led us!

Today I had a young man from N. Carolina swimming with me.  Of course, until I knew how his swimming was, I was a bit nervous. 286 more words

Sea Life Park and the Mauna Lani Bay Resort celebrate Turtle Independence Day

Since 1989, Sea Life Park has been providing the Mauna Lani Bay Resort with young honu, or Hawaii Green Sea Turtles. Sea Life Park has continued efforts to save these endangered turtles through conservation and education. 181 more words