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The Hooded Man

There have been a lot of videos on youtube lately about people seeing things out of the corner of their eyes.  There are thousands of reports worldwide of sightings of shadows in the dark, the “hat man”, the “hooded figure”.  951 more words


Ceros Created

Ceros Created

A small piece of bark was buried deep in the  meadow of ceros, and from it grew a forest of willow and oak.  Pine and sycamore cultivated throughout, and ivy wrapped around their strong barks like wind. 249 more words


“The story, well it goes long ago that there was this man who stole the power of the A’kar, using Wave as he saw fit to bring about ruin and decay. 244 more words


foggy morning

Hello! This morning was a little bit foggy. I awoke to the sounds of crows, sparrows ans doves echoing in the fog out the open window. 216 more words