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Black Bandit Crips (Long Beach)

The Black Bandit Crips (BBC) or Eastside Black Bandit Crips (ESBBC) commonly spelled “Blacc” (without the K) are an African-American criminal street gang located on the East Side in Long beach, California. 99 more words


Victoria Park Crips

The Victoria Park Crips (VPC) also known as Victoria Park Carson Crips (VPCC) are predominantly, but not exclusively, an African-American street gang located on the Eastside in Carson, California. 130 more words


SixOn Clothing Fashion Showcase

SixOn Clothing recently held a fashion show for their new clothing line-up of hoodies at Desu Nation in Temple City, CA.  Inspiration for these new hoodie designs came from the anime Macross and video games like Zelda and Final Fantasy.  46 more words


Marianna Maravilla (East Los Angeles)

The Marianna Maravilla (MMV), are a Mexican-American subset of the larger Barrio Maravilla Gang, which consist several of smaller criminal street gangs operating in the same barrio in East Los Angeles, California. 201 more words


Verdugo Gangsters (San Bernardino)

The Verdugo Gangsters consists of three Latino subsets Called the WestSide Verdugo, EastSide Verdugo, and the Southside Verdugo, operating in different regions of San Bernardino, California. 1,107 more words


Lens Hoods

Check out this useful video on Lens Hoods from Steele Training…

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Spring Has Sprung

My long-term weather forecast from six months ago turned out to be remarkably accurate. (I know – it’s six months since I last wrote anything here. 1,022 more words