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Del Monte Crips

The Del Monte Crips, widely known as the Del Monte Blocc Crips (DBC) or Del Monte Blocc Gangster Crips (DBGC), due to their affiliation with Gangster Crips 3x. 578 more words


Diary (76) August 10th - adding hoods

Wednesday night we began to enhance the slaves’ midsummer outfit by adding a hood. So step by step we will fit hoods on the heads of our slaves. 114 more words

Diomita Maurer

Easy Riders Gang

The Easy Riders (ERS), also known as the EZ Riders are a Mexican-American Sureño criminal street gang established in the 1970s, with geographical cliques located throughout the city of Los Angeles, California. 574 more words


Ghetto Boyz Gang

The Ghetto Boyz Gang (GBZ), also known as the Ghetto Boyz (GBZ) or Ghetto Lifers are predominantly, but not exclusively, a Mexican-American criminal street gang, located on the East Side in South Central Los Angeles, California.  482 more words


36th Street Gangsters

The 36th Street Gangsters (36ST), better known as the 36th Street Gang or the East Side 36th Street (Tres-Seis) are a Mexican-American street gang located in South Central, recently changed to South Los Angeles, California.  436 more words


Mid City Stoners

The Mid City Stoners (MCS), also known as the Mid-City Stoners 13 are a Mexican-American criminal street gang located in the City of Los Angeles and Long Beach, California. 550 more words