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This week has been really hectic…and NOW everything is starting to explode out of me. Frustration, excitement, nervousness, anxiety, you name it! There are so many emotions going on that I don’t know what I feel exactly. 272 more words


Viking Hood Part II

So I began working on a Viking hood prior to Pennsic, the assumption being that it would get a bunch of use because everyone was going on the assumption that it was going to be a wet and generally miserable Pennsic in terms of weather. 419 more words


Tim Brannigan: Proof that racism in West Belfast is still ongoing

PEOPLE from outside of West Belfast love to hear about our racism problems. Mainly because we try to give this aura that we’re so open-minded and welcoming of people with different skin colours. 558 more words


Nogales Gangster Crips

The Nogales Gangster Crips (NGC), also known as the Nogales Street Gangster Crips (NSGC) or simply Nogales Crips (NC) are primarily, but not exclusively, an African-American street gang named after a residential street (Nogales St.) between Rio Linda Blvd and Marysville Blvd located in North Sacramento, California. 184 more words


Little Grey Riding Hood

Depression is a big hairy beast and more people are beginning to express what depression, anxiety, and trauma means for them. I really like seeing people fighting the stigma that surrounds mental illness and using their creativity to open up that dialogue. 489 more words

Brothers Grimm

Look Chill And Down AF By Repping The Skateboarding Magazine That Downtown NYC Kids Worship

Skateboarding bros have a proprietary relationship with their dear Thrasher—and with good reason. Since the skateboarding magazine’s inception in 1981, repping it in some form or another has long been de rigeur for devout skateboarders everywhere. 123 more words