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Bleeding Out on the Bed

Hello! I have not posted for a while and I thought it was time I did. This recollection takes place a while back, before Fall quarter started. 356 more words

putting two and two together

and this should absolutely be the last post I make obsessing over this, although it will probably not be.

let’s see: I’ve been ignoring the signs because I wanted him to like my personality, and I wanted to believe that someone like him could be interested in someone like me. 597 more words

Ladies, you are more than your vagina.

So I get comments said about me. Cat calls. I sometimes get looks from men that make me uncomfortable while walking by them.

These things happen because, well, I guess they think its a compliment. 585 more words

Untitled/ Manic Pixie Dream

For my first hook up,
I went out dressed entirely in pastel pink and leaf green,
looking like a peach, but
smooth to the touch, 260 more words


The Cock-Block Retaliation

I did not go to college like all of my friends, I did not have nights in the dorms, or fraternity parties and keg stands. Not on any college campuses anyway! 1,081 more words


The Orgasm Gap. And some ideas about how to maybe close it...(Censored)

Leading on from the previous post; Female Pleasure – or not, this post explores the Orgasm Gap – as it’s something I wrote about having experienced, and then learned there was a name for it. 2,277 more words