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Crush (R18+)

​“Come here…” he said quietly.

My heart was beating almost painfully against my chest. My mouth had gone dry and my legs were shaking. How did he expect me to move? 1,022 more words


Half of my wardrobe is on your bedroom.

Sparks flew from across the room, jet lights of green, red and blue when our eyes got locked in the midst of people giggling, fooling around, dancing, whispering and moving.  545 more words

Nobody Listens to Techno (pt 2)

I’m honestly writing this post because part 1 was sitting in my drafts for so long that when I actually posted it, it didn’t pop up as the first story. 1,598 more words


Terrible Decisions After A Break Up 

Stalking them on social media:

Do not stalk them on social media. This is a terrible decisions. Whatever you see will make you unhappy. If they are seemingly having a good time (which a clever ex will do), you will feel awful, if they are posting lyrics of an old Blink 182 song, you will feel awful that they are struggling. 690 more words

Interesting Choices

substituting quantity for quality in intimacy

Quantity is a poor substitute for quality.  Numerous superficial and shallow encounters with different sexual partners do not satisfy a person’s deeper needs.

What can be said of today’s “hook-up culture” where individuals fall into bed with each other not even knowing the other person? 973 more words


Who gets to stick their tongue down his throat?

Well first off, I like to think of myself as someone who does not “trash-talk”. I wouldn’t consider what I’m about to say as rude- I’m simply writing my thoughts down and stating facts. 1,292 more words