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Hot Jaded Mess

Diane was nervous, but her boring life made her venture out for something exciting. Chatting online with hotnjaded0412 helped her realize she had fantasies she wanted to fulfill. 208 more words

Feature Story

Old letter to myself

I always do this and end up feeling incredibly shitty on so many different levels. It’s as if I come out of a trance and I think, God, who was that? 314 more words


A Stranger Wanted To Hook Me Up In Church

Hey fellow single sisters… (even if you are in a relationship, you are single, engaged? single… so far he hasn’t taken you down the aisle to the altar…. 675 more words


[Prose] "last time"

A short story of sorts, I guess you could say. 162 more words


3 Things The Media Gets Wrong About The Secret Sex Lives Of Millennials

Our generationsees itself largely through the looking glass of sensationalized media. Weshouldnt. We started to believe what was being said about us. We believed we were hooking up all the time, relationships were impossible to keep and we werent worth the love that would make us happy. We

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The evolution of dating and hook-up culture

Remember the days when people actually asked other people out on dates….in person?

Whether it be for coffee or to the movies or to the park, or to a disco, chivalry was still alive and well. 756 more words


Close to Normal: My Journey Through Sexuality

*For the purposes of this essay the word “queer” will be used synonymously with “non-straight”*

I strive for normalcy.

Growing up queer is hard no matter where you are from. 1,302 more words

Coming Out