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Here's the Problem With Hooking Up With Your Ex

So, everything is great. You’re hanging out. You’re laughing, you’re talking, you’re both holding smoothies and behaving yourself, with just the appropriate amount of eye contact, everything is perfectly fine… and then he says something sassy that you used to fake-fight over, and you’re laughing in a different way, and you’re making more than the appropriate amount of eye contact, and you’re holding your smoothie too tightly. 122 more words

My Home Town Is A Weird Time Machine

you tell me my laugh has changed,
your hands run up into my hair,
we breathe loudly in the backseat of your car and it blows my mind that last night… 134 more words

People of Grindr and Tinder and their lookalikes

contribute by sending your lookers to wol.twats@outlook.com

Acquaintance Cards Helped Victorians Hook-up

From Mental_floss –

These overtly flirtatious calling cards used in America in the 1870s and 1880s “were handed out by young men who waited outside after church or dances, hoping to escort a certain person home,” according to a… 12 more words

What Your "Boy Meets World" Crush Says About You

Cory Matthews

You like boys the same way you like your coffee: sweet and a bit over-the-top. You’re drawn to people who are goofy and not afraid to be a little ridiculous sometimes. 298 more words