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what am i doing

I fucked up. I think. Maybe. I mean, I am probably just over thinking it.

I hooked up with trey last night. I’ve hung out with him several times since the break up. 306 more words


Trending Chinese detergent ad on the Internet

Love isn’t colorblind and this ad is from a country where racial issues are not sensitive and PC. I was actually expecting a white European man to come out of there, which would  actually made more sense. 19 more words


Man Passes Out During Drunken Hook Up & Does Know If The Baby Is His [EXCLUSIVE AUDIO]

In the latest installment of Paternity Test TuesdayThe Rickey Smiley Morning Show helps out a couple who is a little unsure whether the baby that came out of a drunken hook up really belongs to both of them. 202 more words


15 Men Share The Most Common Thing They Lie To Their Girlfriends About


“How attractive I find her friends. It’s not as if I’d ever cheat on her. I love my girlfriend. I can’t help it if her best friend is a total babe.

644 more words

I Have No Idea How To Flirt...

Okay, so I made a sad attempt at flirting tonight.

I went to a place to get a bite to eat tonight, and ordered a beer… 413 more words

Bi The Way

Things Guys do wrong when trying to get the woman of their dreams

So you have been trying to get her but haven’t? Yet you still like her. Fear not for these tips would help you get her with ease. 311 more words


7 Signs your boyfriend is not serious with you

It happens.People fall out of love and become disinterested. But how do you tell when your boyfriend isn’t into you anymore or isn’t taking the relationship seriously? 539 more words