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Dating and Misplaced Gratitude

Gay dating as never been a strong suit of mine. In fact, dating overall has been awful for me, not because the relationships themselves are inherently bad but because there always seems to be this miscommunication in queer dating. 648 more words

curiouser and curiouser. further down the rabbit hole i went

“Isn’t she married?” Hazel asked me during our conversation yesterday about the woman I’d been talking to who had secretly messaged her.

“Divorced.” I texted back and we went on with our conversation, but that question kept bouncing around in my head. 1,080 more words

High Thoughts 1

“What is the best date you’ve ever been on?” I asked my guy friend as he sat in the passenger seat rolling. I had been lost in my thoughts as usual, but these were high thoughts. 800 more words

2017 here I come!

Since my last entry, quite a few things have happened in my life. First of all and most importantly, I broke up with my English girlfriend, Frankie. 662 more words

Hook Up

The One Guy in a Billion

Hello! It’s been exactly one month since I have posted anything and I am extremely sorry about that. Today’s story is not so unpleasant as the one before. 442 more words

The Power of The DM Slide

DM: A commonly used abbreviation for Direct Message. Dm’s are used to send private messages on social media platforms. “Sliding into” someone’s DM is when you discreetly send them a direct message. 383 more words


So Nice, He Said it Twice

This guy is wasting no time! He hardly waited an hour to send this to me again!