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A Kiss Vs. A Kiss

Loosely (and I mean really loose like… you can finish that comparison) based on real events, this post is best read either sitting on the couch under a blanket and happily in love with your boo, or sitting on your bed with a bag of Hot Cheetos and happily on #hoatus. 1,789 more words

Who They Plan to Be

I met a girl who stole my heart and I wish I could be the one to make her happy but I know it could never be. 1,712 more words


The Virgin

Two weeks back, Christy turned up at our usual joint with the whole crew from her sister’s wedding. Her sister’s hubs, although not that great looking, oozes sex appeal. 1,734 more words

Casual Sex

March 18

She wiped the taste of me off of her lips

and told me I was only something sweet to get her by


The Epic Switch

Friday night was a mess.

After one too many whiskeys, I was incredibly mad at Aaron who bailed on meeting me at our usual joint. 1,206 more words

Casual Sex

A rambly ramble about goals and sexual energy

Well, first weekend in awhile without any dates. I had an unsatisfying hook-up, so the less said about that the better. That’s more on me – I need to learn to channel my sexual energy into fruitful pursuits, rather than wasting it. 815 more words