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DTF? - A. Stafford

I hit the curb pulling up to his house. I shouldn’t be driving.

“Hey, how was your night?” he greets me from his porch as I struggle with the gate handle. 223 more words

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The Chess Player

You know sometimes on a Friday all you want to do is crawl in bed. As you’re settling in for the afternoon thinking about what you’ll do for dinner one of your friends calls and convinces you to go out for a drink.  1,102 more words

Good Times

The Last One Night Stand - L. Seymour

The sweet scent of flesh. A loving touch. The alluring heat between two warm bodies. Heavy, intoxicating breaths. Passionate scratches on my back. I just can’t have enough. 256 more words

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The Rules of a One Night Stand Revisited

Jumping back into the dating pool has been far more fun than I had anticipated.  Had you asked me 2 months ago what would have happened, I would have probably grumbled and expressed big doubts.  845 more words

Hook Up

Mr. Clean

When I was in college I had a friend who looked exactly like Mr. Clean – including the gold hoop earrings.  He was a nice guy, the kind of guy you could date long term, but not the kind that you want for a quick romp.  590 more words

Hook Up

This could take all night

Next time I invite a hot almost stranger to get naked in my bed, please remind me to kick them out by midnight.

Sweet Jesus am I tired.  315 more words

Hook Up