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My muse .... nature

I gather nature – preserving the pieces for a while longer.
I use nature as the skeleton for my work.
I am nature and my actions reflect its energy. 192 more words

Susan L. Feller

Happy October!-New Rug Projects-Sunnie/rug hooking/hooked rugs

Hooray!!!   I do love the cooler Autumn weather…and I love decorating for fall…!   My tree is glowing with colour just outside my front windows!

I have been taking a rest after my large rug project…just steaming the rug and getting it ready to finish the edges takes a Lot of time!   261 more words

Rug Hooking

Mystery Rug Aug/Sept-"Encounter or Rendezvous?"-Sunnie/rug hooking/hooked rugs-Day 26 Finished!

Hooray…the rug is finished…!   :)

   This piece started out simply but seemed to take on other stories as I hooked…weaving themselves in and out of the wool.  609 more words

Rug Hooking

New Mystery Rug-"E or R"-Aug/Sept-Sunnie/rug hooking/hooked rugs-Day 25

Almost there…here is Progress on Day 25.   I was able to finish all the background in the rug center and all the motifs.   Now to finish the last section of border and the rug will be finished…Hooray!!! 293 more words

Rug Hooking

Caswell Impressions coming in; Right side up & Upside down.

When I unpacked Mary Watson’s package and saw her beautiful rug; I thought… how wonderful; hanging flowers!

Then I realized that the rug was upside down, but her initials work both ways. 302 more words

Fiber Art

New Mystery Rug-"E or R"-Aug/Sept 2016-Sunnie/rug hooking/hooked rugs-Day 24

“We wondered if the darkness had a message for us.   So we waited…but we only heard the sigh of the wind.”


Here we go on Day 24… 209 more words

Rug Hooking

New Mystery Rug 2016- "E or R"-Aug Sept/Sunnie/rug hooking/hooked rugs-Day 23

Here we go on Day 23…!

“It was a time when we thought light had flown away to another world…never to return.   And we saw the edges of our world soften as we looked into the darkness.” 240 more words

Rug Hooking