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Physics 012 - Hooke's Law

After going over some homework problems and lecturing on work (Ch 13), the students did a lab on Hooke’s Law, which states that the force exerted by a spring is related to the distance it stretches : 474 more words


Extreme Hooke's Law: Free Particle in a Box!

How would an object move in a large one-dimensional box where the walls are free of friction? Well, we would expect it to move with constant velocity within the box, but each time it collides with the walls of the box, it experiences an infinitely large rebound force that causes it to ricochet off the walls of the box.  622 more words


A Diminishing Spring Force

Imagine you applied a force that decreased with time to a moving object – how would the velocity of the object change with time? Of course, you would expect the object’s velocity to increase at a decreasing rate, eventually reaching a constant value when the force vanishes to zero. 522 more words


Day 129: Conservation of Momentum WB and Hooke's Law

Advanced Physics:

Today we finally were able to have the post-lab discussion on the collisions experiment.  It was a bit of a different style of discussion. 258 more words

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Day 128: Back At It

Spring Break in Neenah has come and gone… now it’s the final push to the end of the year.  I always get mixed feelings after spring break.   570 more words

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Day 112: Energy Labs and Another N2L Kinesthetic Experience

Advanced Physics:

Today we did a pre-lab discussion for the two remaining energy assets, kinetic and gravitational.  The discussion centered around how we could use the knowledge we have of elastic energy to study kinetic and gravitational energy.   263 more words

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Measuring a Spring's Constant

As part of a new project I’m working on, I need to replace a spring with other means of force application, for that I need to measure how much force a certain spring applies. 352 more words