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Mechanics of Solids (SM) - Lecture 2

This lecture contains theoretical & mathematical discussions on Thin Walled Pressure Vessels (Cylindrical & Spherical), Simple Strain, Hooke’s Law, Poisson’s Ratio, Bi-axial & Tri-axial Deformations, Statically Indeterminate Members & Thermal Stresses. 65 more words


Day 129: Conservation of Momentum WB and Hooke's Law

Advanced Physics:

Today we finally were able to have the post-lab discussion on the collisions experiment.  It was a bit of a different style of discussion. 258 more words

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Day 128: Back At It

Spring Break in Neenah has come and gone… now it’s the final push to the end of the year.  I always get mixed feelings after spring break.   570 more words

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Day 112: Energy Labs and Another N2L Kinesthetic Experience

Advanced Physics:

Today we did a pre-lab discussion for the two remaining energy assets, kinetic and gravitational.  The discussion centered around how we could use the knowledge we have of elastic energy to study kinetic and gravitational energy.   263 more words

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Measuring a Spring's Constant

As part of a new project I’m working on, I need to replace a spring with other means of force application, for that I need to measure how much force a certain spring applies. 352 more words


Day 110: Hooke's Law Research and Developing Elastic Energy

Advanced Physics:

Over the last 3.5 days of class (yes, another 1/2 in there), the students completed and independent research experiment related to Hooke’s Law.  Essentially they came up with one change they wanted to make to a spring/spring system, made a hypothesis about how the change would affect the spring constant, then gathered and analyzed the data to verify the hypothesis.   361 more words

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Mechanics- Simple Harmonic Motion

Finally! I’ve promised to do a post on this and the time has come to finally complete that promise!

Lets talk about Simple Harmonic Motion (SHM), the motion in which the acceleration of a particle is always towards a fixed point, O, on the line of motion P. 506 more words