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Hooke's Law

Hooke’s law is basically a rule that shows the relationship between the Force of a spring and the extension of a spring. All springs have a spring constant (measure in Newtons per Metre or N/M) which tells us how many Newtons (or how much force) is needed to extend that spring ( or whatever material it is) by 1 Metre. 212 more words


Hooke’s Law and the Simple Harmonic Oscillator

A mass m is attached to a spring S and oscillates with a period T.
(a) What would be the period of the oscillations on a planet with surface gravity 3g? 253 more words


Physics 012 - Hooke's Law

After going over some homework problems and lecturing on work (Ch 13), the students did a lab on Hooke’s Law, which states that the force exerted by a spring is related to the distance it stretches : 474 more words


Physics and Chemistry in Respiratory Care

Respiratory care involves as much physics and chemistry as it does anatomy and physiology. Ventilators are not just some kind of “lucky” investments; they are designed based on laws of matter and energy. 596 more words

Respiratory Care

Extreme Hooke's Law: Free Particle in a Box!

How would an object move in a large one-dimensional box where the walls are free of friction? Well, we would expect it to move with constant velocity within the box, but each time it collides with the walls of the box, it experiences an infinitely large rebound force that causes it to ricochet off the walls of the box.  622 more words