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What is Hooke's Law?

A historical reconstruction of what Robert Hooke looked like, painted in 2004 by Rita Greer. Credit: Wikipedia/Rita Greer/FAL

The spring is a marvel of human engineering and creativity. 962 more words


Behavioural interpretations due to Hooke's Law

‘I am aware of the requirements of good academic practice and the potential penalties for any breaches’
Experiment conducted by Steven Nolan at the University of Southampton. 1,784 more words

R2 Physics 09 - Hooke's Law

Students were asked to read 3.1 Spring Scales in How Things Work, the Physics of Everyday Life and watch the following videos before class.

And the first 8 minutes of Doc Schuster’s video on simple harmonic motion: 65 more words


Hooke's Law and the Missing Energy of Gravity.

Recently I’ve been going back and forth with various folks in the twitter realm about the fundamentals of physics.  The biggest stumbling block is the issue of forces and how to define them.  1,513 more words

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