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Did You Hook Up At Your Holiday Party?!

89% of companies are having holiday parties this year and I must be too busy drinking to realize how much people are hooking up! I realized that people hooked up but I was surprised to see 39% of people say they have made out with a co-worker at a holiday party! 81 more words



It was incredibly hot the day we decided to go to the park. The sons of the kiosk owners discarded their kaftans and wore tank tops and basketball shorts, the waistbands of which had been reworked with elastic to fit around their tiny frames, but the lengths still stopped at their ankles. 320 more words


But Did You Get it in?

This past summer I was given the opportunity of a lifetime and traveled a large part of the United States. Because I really like sex and tinder is always one of my first sources of entertainment I decided to give myself a challenge: have sex in every state you visit. 468 more words

Our Casual Hookup Was Not So Casual For Me (But Now I Know I'm Better Off Without You)

I broke the first rule.

I couldn’t help smiling to myself whenever I was on my way to see you. Everyone on the train must have thought I had lost my mind. 884 more words

Tinder Pickup Lines: Part Six

Some more time has passed, and for those of you who were worried my open relationship would lead to my tinder ending can worry no more. 488 more words

We Don't Stalk Anymore

Sometimes your ex just pops up out of nowhere and ruins your day for no damn reason. For example, this morning I was making coffee and I hadn’t even put the grounds in the filter yet and I pulled the sugar out so I thought… 1,045 more words


11 People Spill The Most Cringeworthy Thing A Random Has Done During A One-Night Stand

1. “This girl I meet while traveling told me that she could show me a good time so after some drinks we went to the bathroom of the hostel to have sex. 376 more words