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This Is What The Number Of People You've Slept With Says About You

As I am re-watching Sex and the City episodes for the millionth time, I come upon an episode where Miranda faces chlamydia and is advised by her doctor to contact past partners. 935 more words

Bro Mentality (Segment 1: On Hooking Up)

For most people at one point in life, emotional ties seem kind of whack. In college…balancing 16 units, sports, working out, having a job, going out on weekends, and doing homework hungover, does not leave much time for a significant other. 372 more words

Generation Z

10 Women Confess The Most Embarrassing (But Educational) Thing That's Happened To Them During Sex

“Queafing is a reality, but it’s not a reality people like to acknowledge until they’re well into dating. As a college freshman, during my one-night-stand streak, I was hooking up with this guy from my creative writing workshop—an intellectual type who dressed well and always had insightful feedback—and I queafed in his face while he was eating me out. 1,020 more words

F*#! Buddies and Friends With Benefits: Understanding The BroBabe in the Context of Hook-Up Culture Today


My paper will explore the growing trope of the “BroBabe” (Definition: a whiskey drinking, sport game watching, casual sex having hottie, who can hang with the “bros” but still maintains an appealing allure – i.e. 3,561 more words


What I Learned from a Decade of Failed Relationships: (part 2)

It Will Work or It Won’t

Two possible outcomes exist at the beginning of every relationship – it will result in a lifelong commitment or ultimately end. 901 more words


What Factors Influence Likelihood of College Women's Hookups?

Much has been made of the college hook-up culture over the last decade. Women (and men) seem to be divided over whether college women should, or shouldn’t, be hooking up as much as they do. 212 more words

College Sex

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If you’re looking for a new recipe, this one is effing delicious.

I love Chicago music right now, and I love this band specifically (they don’t know that yet–shhh!).   89 more words