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I Don't Want You To Make Love To Me

When people say making love, it really freaks me out. It’s like the way some people feel about the word moist. It’s uncomfortable, doesn’t sit well on my tongue. 522 more words

I Wanted To Dominate My Stepmom In A Way My Father Couldn't

I found my stepmother curled up asleep on the sofa. She’d been crying again by the tell-tale signs of running mascara. He’d done this. I wanted to touch her. 3,947 more words

If She Doesn't Want To Fuck You, Don't Cry About The 'Friend Zone'

Somewhere (probably in his mother’s basement) a man is sitting in front of his laptop leaving angry internet comments, whining about some woman because she wouldn’t let him put his penis inside her. 159 more words

Interlude: ASSembling a Universe

I wanted to call this entry “Building a Universe” but I kept singing “Building a Mystery” by Canadian treasure Sarah McLachlan and chose to use the word “assemble” instead for the pun about getting some ass and also throwing a nod to The Avengers and the successful cinematic universe that Disney and Marvel have created. 1,822 more words


5 Ways 'Linguistic Precision' (The Art Of Saying EXACTLY What You Mean) Will Make Your Life Awesomer

The folks in my life know that I’m a little obsessed with “linguistic precision” – the art of finding the most accurate words to describe the thing you want to say. 922 more words

99 Telltale Signs You're Dealing With A Grade-A Fuckboy

1. No job. His fuck-around lifestyle is mysteriously funded.

2. No car. TLC laid it down for us years ago ladies… “hanging out your best friends ride in the passenger side trying to holler at me.” 1,835 more words

Here’s What You're Like In Bed Based On Your Drink Of Choice


You’re either a super average dude or a girl who tries a little too hard to prove how ~*~chill~*~ she is. If you’re the former, you think there are only four positions, but at least you’ve mastered them. 273 more words