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You Deserve Someone Who Will Give You More Than A 'You Up?' Text

2 am.

Your phone beeps. Or vibrates. Or maybe even just silently lights up in a room full of darkness. I guess you’ve been waiting for this. 353 more words

Mr. Clean vs The Succubus

I got all dolled up tonight (RE: hair and makeup, literally nothing else because I dress like a bag lady,) and my lady-date cancelled on me last minute. 1,982 more words

Hooking Up

Baby, Tell Me What You Want To Do To Me While Showing Me Who You Are

Don’t just talk dirty to me, tell me about your passions. What makes you want to get up in the morning? What makes you tick? Don’t just try to stimulate my body, try to stimulate my mind. 623 more words

Only Insecure Dudes Make Women Feel Bad About Being Sexual Beings

I’ve always been the guy who has a lot of girl friends.

Growing up with a single mom and three sisters, I felt I understood and… 544 more words

Animalistic Punishment In The Chateau's Stable (NSFW)

Maxim walked briskly to the stable situated at the side of The Chateau’s Main Building. It was 5 PM and the sun was lowering in the sky casting cool shadows around the grounds, heralding the approach of early evening. 4,458 more words

The Double Standards Of Modern Day Dating

In an era of ‘fuckboys’ and ‘bad bitches’, nice girls and guys are finishing last. Modern dating has polarized men and women into two extreme categories of good and bad. 672 more words