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An honest bang

Enough of the nausea inducing articles entitled; “Surviving New Years Single!” They’re enough to make anyone a nervous wreck. If you are single, enjoy and relish it! 504 more words

The Best of Tinder Bios: Part Four

If you haven’t noticed I spend a lot of time on Tinder. As a result I have seen some pretty awesome bios. Here are 20 I felt needed to be shared with the world. 509 more words

Party of One and SSB

As many of you may know I have recently been consciously uncoupled (thanks Gwyneth!). However, my case is pretty rare in the fact that there is no bitterness and we are still great friends. 1,471 more words


Encounters with Creeps

Hey guys it’s Remy here, the other half of the crazy duo. So before I begin I just want to make it clear that we aren’t actually complete idiots, although you may think so after reading this.. 580 more words


Livia's First Post

Hola, so it’s 1/2 of the “two crazy girls,” Livia. No, I’m not gonna go into some background about the type of person that I am and all that, because I honestly believe if for some bizzare reason you guys continue to read my blog posts, the type of person I am will become apparent. 698 more words


Sup Bitches

Hey y’all. There’s probably only going to be one person reading this, and I’m willing to bet five bucks it’s one of our moms… oops. So who the fuck are we, and why are you losers reading about our shitty lives? 337 more words


Leaving Alcohol on the Table at Last Call

If you know me well you know there are three things I never do on the rare occasion I go to a bar.

  1. Leave alcohol on the table…
  2. 580 more words