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Laters babe...

Babe, hun, sweetie, princess…all the pet names a guy will call you because they think we think it’s cute. And to some people it is, and at a certain point in the relationship it is. 181 more words


Water Horse

This story was the kind of night that if I hadn’t been the one getting awesomely laid, I wouldn’t believe the story from another person. No way. 2,835 more words

Hooking Up

I was told not to have sex on the first date

One of the many lessons I learned was to never have Sex on the first date. I was told men would not respect you and would leave you for doing it , this is not to say I never did it , but something I learned. 319 more words


#24. The Thief of Bagdad (1924)

The Thief of Bagdad
is a beautiful movie but, alas, it was made in the 1920s and is therefore probably rife with offensive stuff that, given my near-total ignorance of Eastern culture, I didn’t pick up on. 1,129 more words

14 Men Reveal Their Thoughts On Women Who Sleep With Them On The First Date

1. “To me, it is all about the motivation behind why. If we are connecting and it feels organic, by all means. If I can tell it is just because she is looking for a hook up, I will pass. 790 more words