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My view on relationships these days

Being the hopeless romantic that I am, I hate to say this, but it truly seems like romantic relationships are coming to an end and hook up culture is taking over. 1,733 more words

Silence of Self-Doubt

I have been silent for more than two weeks now, which really isn’t a good sign. A lot of factors play into it, the biggest of which is the assisting work I had to do. 401 more words

35 Signs You’ve Been Sleeping With Your Soulmate

1. They say, “I love you” in the middle of sex. And still mean it once the sex is over.

2. You have an assigned side of the bed that you roll onto once you’re finished. 471 more words

4 Brutally Honest Truths That Every Girl In The Modern Dating Game Needs To Hear

In a world where swiping right takes precedence over real life interaction, dating can often be a whirlwind of confusion. However, while some aspects aren’t exactly as black and white as they used to be, it is important to remember that some things still are. 919 more words

Match me if you can . . .

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Letters & Stories . . .


Dear Izabelle:

To the extent that you “don’t like talking about yourself,” I love talking about myself. 127 more words

Human World

24: 'The Bad Touch' by Bloodhound Gang

I can’t do this song justice in a non-explicit post, so I’m placing it after ‘continue reading’.

Here’s a non-explicit sum up: Harmony and Ink continued meeting in the manner at which they met. 270 more words


This Is How You Drunk Text A Girl So That She'll Never Want To Talk To You Again

Nights are the worst. They are the worst because the humming of the fan, in an otherwise quiet room is not enough of a distraction. The dark is no longer dark once your eyes are adjusted. 1,051 more words