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One night stands for nothing left standing

What does it really mean to be true to oneself?
We need others. The triumph of a lucky nightlife
changes one into a pack-less, sadly lonely wolf. 50 more words


Why "modern dating" is BULLSHIT

Let’s be real here, if you’ve been single at any point in the last 3-4 years you know exactly what I’m talking about.

Modern dating is so convoluted and it’s our own faults; Someone ghosted me so it’s okay to ghost someone else, he double texted – fuck that he’s too keen, she’s always free to hang out when I call – she’s so needy, WHAT THE ACTUAL FUCK?! 407 more words


my latest hookup

ya’ll really wanted to hear about my latest hookup that you really clicked on this post to read? really?

*impressed sigh*

well, i’m not just going to tell you about my latest hookup; i’m going to tell you about all of them. 786 more words


Let's talk about modern dating

Let’s cut to the chase. It sucks. Honestly, I wish I could just remove myself from it all sometimes, but unfortunately, there’s a small part of me that feels like *maybe* there are a few good people left. 526 more words


Sex before tying the knot? KNOT B4 SEX!!

Oh, good. You showed back up. Thank God! After the depths into darkness and bitter whining of my last post, I was, kinda, afraid that you might not. 1,814 more words

What a Pile of Clothes after Sex Tells about Him

I was cleaning up after sex when I realised there was an interesting difference in the way my sex partner and I had taken our clothes off. 356 more words