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13 Types Of Men You Shouldn't Waste Your Time 'Talking' To

1. The douchebag bartender.

Okay, sure #NotAllBartenders. But the one who routinely texts, “You up? Just finished my shift” at around 4 am is not worthy of your time or energy. 467 more words

Of complex networks, and why we love hook-ups.

This post is about two friends hooking up.

But before getting to that part, it’s a confession of how unstable and unbalanced I have become since I started research. 645 more words


Should You Be A Slut?

I sat cross-legged on an off-white couch, eyeing the clock at my weekly therapy appointment. It’s not that I don’t enjoy therapy. I actually find it very balancing. 567 more words

oh, got a new girlfriend, he feels like he's on top And I don't feel no remorse, and you can't see past my blinders

I moved into a new place recently. I love it. It’s smaller than where I lived with Charli, and outside the city a ways. I’m obsessed with the solitude it offers, the sounds the smells the stars actually appearing at night. 499 more words

Bye bye, Baltimore.

So Kyle came out of the woodwork a few weeks ago. I haven’t seen or heard from him in over two months. It’s the longest he’s disappeared since we started seeing each other. 320 more words