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Dear Cupid, You're A Jerk: How DTR Could've Saved The Mess

When you asked me if I wanted to come over, the last thing I expected was meeting your mother.  I sent you an eggplant emoji and you replied with hearts. 870 more words


Will You Be My Valentine?

Executive Branch Liaison, Twilight Force, Alpha Log, Mission Day 42, Feb 11 2776

Mrs. Ichnida enters. I notice a hip-swaggering saunter to her motion. Her eyes seem unusually sincere. 236 more words

Science Fiction

Jilted lovers ~ or Joyous love?

mesa verde national park of southern colorado / march 2008 / bob traupman. 

Dear Sisters and Brothers,

Our society finds it quite acceptable for people to hop into one relationship after another or just satisfy their needs by “hooking up”. 944 more words

What Is Love?

Warning II

My friend warned over cocktails,
You won’t find answers in a random guy’s bed.
But can someone tell me, where’s the hurt in trying?

I know I won’t feel love. 132 more words

The Pitfalls of Binge Drinking

It’s 10:22 pm. You’re at a party with your best girlfriend, dreading the decision to come out tonight despite the fact that it’s New Year’s Eve. 694 more words


Trust when a guy seeks sex.

Ladies, please trust a guy who says he only wants to have a sexual relationship. At least he is being honest about something even though it may persuade you to try to win his heart through sex. 26 more words


5 Things that Tell He's into You

Most single people have sometimes asked themselves if the person they are into feels the same way about them. I’ve come me up with a few points that help me determine if a man is into me or not. 411 more words