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This Is The Cold Hard Truth About Almost Relationships

“We’re dating, but not dating.”

He tells me this one Sunday night, my head resting on the nook of his shoulder, our hands intertwined. We had just come from the Getty, and were crashing after being in the sun all day. 726 more words

Two Guys, a Girl and a Pizza Place (and an Awkward HJ)

No, this story is not about an orgy. So do or do not read on, depending on your reaction to this first sentence. 894 more words


Feminist explains how she chose to drink alcohol before recreational sex

Guess where I’m linking today? To a radical feminist web site named Jezebel, to an article written by a radical feminist who writes for the radically leftist Slate. 1,149 more words


There's a storm you're starting now.

Monday Gavin came to get me around 2:30 to go to the shooting range before he had to go to work. I’ve been meaning to go for weeks because I own a Glock .45 that I hadn’t shot in a while. 874 more words

Dear Snarky - Did I Ruin a Wedding By Not Sharing My Hook Up History With the Bride?

Dear Snarky,

 I have recently been accused of ruining a wedding.  I am/was a friend of both the bride and groom and during the reception the very drunk best man gave a toast where he mentioned that I had slept with the groom. 309 more words

Dear Snarky

I Went On Vacation And Had The Hottest Sex Of My Life (With Another Woman)

I was vacationing in a small seaside town to celebrate my 40th birthday. I was feeling a little blue since I had gone through a breakup about a month back and with the big 4O approaching I was feeling a strange mixture of melancholy and anxiety. 1,326 more words

I’ve Never Been A Casual Sex Kind Of Girl, But You Bring Something Out Of Me

I’ve never been one to go looking for casual sex. It’s not something I think about, not something I’m actively trying to pursue. And it’s not that I have some hard stance on it (not pro or anti), but on the few occasions I’ve rolled around with someone who didn’t give me heart flutters, it always ended the same way. 449 more words