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Things to Avoid from the Hook Up Playbook

Modern dating is changing fast from the workplace to the internet. Conventional dating has taken a backseat to give way to no-strings-attached hook-ups. Does this signal sexual empowerment or moral decay? 633 more words

The Black Rhino

This Is How Men Really Feel About The Size Of Their Penis

I told him he had a tiny penis.

Well, if you’re looking for accuracy, I actually told him that his junk probably couldn’t hit my… 809 more words

SORRY NOT SORRY: 9 Strategically Planned Excuses Women Use To Avoid Hooking Up

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Newsflash guys: sometimes we lie to you.

Particularly if we are not at all interested in hooking up with you. It’s just what we do. 756 more words


AH | Sexual Encounters [pt. I]

Heads up: I have had a lot of sex. I know. Call me a whore its cool.

So AH and I have had a long history. 418 more words

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Sex Dating! Spicing up Your Dating Life

Yes, sex dating is actually a thing. The whole concept of love and sex has changed over the years. Sites like Tinder (the hook-up place) has proven that. 217 more words


You Are The Worst Hangover I Have Ever Had

It is the pounding of my head that first awakens me. An attempt to open my eyes proves totally useless; not solely because of the pounding, but because there is also what appears to be a crusty layer of last night’s mascara keeping them sealed. 1,033 more words

5 facts about flirting

Flirting can be fun and innocent but can also be uncomfortable and hazardous when done in the wrong space or by the wrong people.

Maybe the starting point should be describing the meaning of the term. 296 more words