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7 Crucial Sex Tips Every Freshman Woman Should Take To College

1. Finding friends is more important than finding people to hook up with.

Way more important. Far too many women squander their first year of school stressing over who they’re gonna hook up with, and when, and how many times, and how popular he is, and how many sport$$$ he plays, etc., because they’re convinced that the point of college is to hook up—it’s not. 657 more words

15 Thoughts Every Girl Has While Using Basically Any Dating App

Because it’s so much more than swipe left, swipe right.

5pm: picks up smart phone. Let me order a double bacon cheeseburger from Seamless tonight, an Uber to pick me up at 8, a pair of Jack Rogers sandals that are ridiculously overpriced, and oh, while I’m at it, let me order, a… 641 more words

I'm seeing more than one person

Obviously a big part of being single is dating and seeing what’s out there so you can meet someone who you can potentially start a real relationship with. 699 more words

24 Things I Learned From Leaving The Casual Hookup Life

Hooking up can go really well — for example leading to more casual hooking up without any strings attached. And let me tell you, I found out why so many people did it after I had my first fuck buddy. 649 more words

When Your Uber Driver Hits On You: Is Uber The New Dating App?

First, let me be clear. I am not a single lady so I am in no way capable of saying if using Lyft or Uber for dating purposes is successful or not. 671 more words

Are Drake & Serena Williams Dating??

Hmm, we are getting kind of suspicious of the two because over the years they have been extremely close, and we don’t mean in the friend zone, we mean in the very personal space zone. 140 more words


Let's Talk About Players And Sluts: 5 Differences Between Men And Women Who Sleep Around

1. Approval from their respective genders.

Women: Women don’t give each other approval for sleeping around with multiple people, they usually judge one another for it. 640 more words