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10 Valuable Lessons Any Girl Can Learn From A Fuck Boy

The Millennial Generation embraces its hook up culture. We don’t date, we f*ck and have absolutely no shame admitting it.

Although, we really should be more selective about the people we f*ck, sometimes decisions are made in a state of a drunken black out. 867 more words

Is Tom Wolfe the most important writer of the 21st century?

Is Tom Wolfe the most important writer of the 21st century? That is what Matthew Continetti says he is.

“Here is where Wolfe finds his material.

96 more words
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"Hooked up" - but what did you really hook?

“Yah, we hooked up.”

“I mean, we didn’t have sex but we hooked up.”

“I hooked up with him. Yah, we went all the way.” 692 more words


This Is The Bad Boy Trying To Disguise Himself As Chivalrous

As a girl that knows how to think like a guy, I can usually pinpoint exactly what a guy wants from a “relationship.” I’m pretty good at being able to tell whether the guy actually likes the girl or if he just wants to have another casual hookup. 438 more words

When You’re The Girl Who Falls In Love With Everyone

The guy at the bar who got your number after 10 minutes of small talk. The Tinder date who looked and seemed great after a first date fueled by nervous rambling and gin and tonics. 475 more words

Why Netflix & Chill is 'Ill' for Relationships

I remember the first time someone attempted to turn me into a booty call. I was 19, home from college for the summer and looking to have a bit of fun. 417 more words


23 Legitimate Reasons Hooking Up Is Easier When Backpacking

As the hookup culture is becoming more and more common in modern society, it’s been around for backpackers for decades. This isn’t an invitation to… 1,228 more words