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5 Step Guide to Converting a Straight Guy

Listen, I love me a straight guy. I won’t even put straight in quotes, because the type of guy I like to go after genuinely doesn’t even know they are gay until it happens. 601 more words

Please Stop Seriously

May 13, 2004

Jack and I have been hooking up on the regular ever since that first night after I left Travis.  He’s fun, and I guess nice, but something is missing.   185 more words


The 8 Ridiculous (But Very, Very Real) Stages Women Go Through Before A First Date

I’m not sure how dudes prepare for dates. I imagine it’s something like, “brush teeth, look in the mirror once (MAYBE twice), and make sure there’s a condom in wallet.” But also, I’m not a dude, so I might be completely wrong in my assumption. 480 more words

This Pizza Has Been Provided By The Dentist

“When he fuck me good I take his ass to Red Lobster…” or in this case “When I fuck him good he orders me Pizza Hut” Yup, I just quoted Beyoncé and changed it to fit me.   1,343 more words


We need to set the record straight

Ok, so I’m pretty sure I’ve talked about this befor, but unfortunately it’s not going away. The dreaded dick pic. I would like to first say a F you to the first guy to send a photo of his penis on a camera phone. 246 more words


Farm Boy

So here is the story of the farmer.  Shortly after I moved to the area, I started back on the dating sites.  I started talking to this guy, on tinder, and yes – I am a bit embarrassed to admit that, but it is what it is. 783 more words


A Cautionary Tale

When an athlete fails a drug test it isn’t newsworthy anymore. It happens so frequently to professionals and amateurs alike. No-one really pays attention.

The process has become ritual, a dance we all know so well. 513 more words