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Commitment issues x87,000...

Plaid Hipster supposedly (in his words, at least) broke up with me because his life was a mess and he needed some time to focus on him, and that he hoped that I’d find the person I was looking for. 499 more words


PDA Duality: A Tale of Numbness and Phobia

When I imagined life in college, I dreamed of lounging on a sprawling green lawn laughing with incredibly diverse friends and watching other incredibly diverse people play Frisbee. 271 more words

25 Dirty Things You Can Say To Make Anyone Want To Have Sex With You

1. Listen, anyone can say something like, “Oh, I’m so wet right now.” That’s for amateurs! Instead, lean in and whisper seductively, “Is this Sea World?” 552 more words

A Second Ride on the Crazy Train

A couple of days later (literally two – first time we met up was Monday, and he came over again on Wednesday afternoon), my awkward pillow talker graced me with his presence again. 444 more words


{ Skeevy Bros and Self-Respect }

We all know a boy or fifteen that will only be nice to you when they want to get in your pants. It’s a constant cycle, they’re nice and suck up, and then self-respect and dignity go flying hand-in-hand out of the window, things happen, and the next day at another party you are invisible and he’s got his hands all over a girl with shitty make-up and a mom body. 240 more words

Not My Mr. Right But My Mr. Right Now

I’m a routine person. Every date is properly recorded into my monogrammed planner in the corresponding color for the category it belongs, I keep exactly $100.00 in my checking account at all times, all excess is moved directly over into savings, and my binder from school contained every syllabus, notes from classes as well as a calendar with a compilation of due dates. 645 more words

What A Catch: The Reel Truth About Hooking Up

Welcome to the Hook-Up culture of 2015. It’s called the hook up culture because you’ve been baited like a fish. You’re hooked up because you hooked up. 563 more words