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How the social media is designed for addiction by exploiting our psychological vulnerabilities and how we can overcome it!

Are you addicted to your device? Most would say no! Well, nothing could have been further from the truth.

As Facebook’s current head of marketing bragged in this speech, the average millennial checks their phone 157 times daily. 1,399 more words

Under 6 Mins

February Review

February was about on par for what I expect from February. It was very, very slow.

Of course, just because sales were slow doesn’t mean life was! 238 more words


January Review

January was a strange month shop-wise, and personally. I sold quite a few more items than I have been lately, but they were all the same. 203 more words


That 2018 Spirit

2017 was a lot of falling behind, not meeting my goals, and struggling to keep my sanity. I had a whole slew of health issues, to include a surgery, non-related physical therapy, and an entirely separate day spent in the ER getting a CT. 156 more words



Let me start by wishing you all a happy new year. I hope you have not already done something that you regret!! Looking back at 2017 I can see a great year. 356 more words

December Review

December was sort of a hairy month for me. I got a lot done, but I also may have spent $130 on yarn too, so there goes the bust out my stash goals. 255 more words


Hooking Series PART I : Import Address Table Hooking

H3llo ReLearEx-Nation,

A few days ago, I had the idea to write a short series of hooking techniques. In this post, I will demonstrate how the Import Address Table of a running PE module can be hooked successfully. 4,076 more words