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Kourtney Kardashian and Justin Bieber ... Hooking Up AGAIN?!

Once was absurd enough, but Kourtney Kardashian and Justin Bieber have ignited a second round of rumors after getting cozy earlier this week.

This time, the occasion was Kendall Jenner’s birthday party, where insiders say she may have been using Bieber to get over her ex Scott D… readmore..

Blake Shelton and Gwen Stefani: Spotted Hooking Up on Halloween?!

For months now, we’ve been hearing rumors that Blake Shelton and Gwen Stefani are dating.

We suppose it’s not surprising, as both of their marriages were casualties of the Summer of Splits, Blake and Gwen work together on The Voice, and they seem to have a natural… readmore..

How are your relationships?

How are your relationships?  With your golf swing, that is. 

In golf there are many relationships but at Purestrike Golf Academy we regularly speak of and narrow down to 4.  245 more words

Destin Florida

Creamy Dreamy ? Not so sure

I made this cream scarf last night and I’m just not sure about it and whether I like it or not.

The intended recipient said that she likes neutral colours such as browns. 47 more words


Day 12 - working elsewhere

I’m trying to alternate my chosen ‘medium’ each day, at least a little bit, so I don’t get too focused on a single discipline.

Crochet is my ‘newest’ crafty skill – compared to knitting, and sewing anyway – I’ve only been crocheting for around 2 years. 181 more words


‘Listen to survivors’ and the fetishisation of experience

The debate over Amnesty International’s draft policy supporting the decriminalisation of sex work has been heated. Although the organisation developed the policy following extensive research with sex workers and consultation with key stakeholders, … 941 more words

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I am a "survivor" who had traumatic experiences during my time as a survival sex worker who was also trafficked on more than one occasion by multiple pimps (aka "pimples"). Even so, it is crystal clear that the "Nordic Model" increase of criminalization (and the corresponding unwillingness to allow for the possibility that there might be a proportion of sex workers who are NOT trafficked, along with shutting out THEIR voices in legislation over their bodies and human rights from the debates on this topic) - well I can just walk a few blocks to my old track, talk to any of the women who ARE trafficked, and I can give you MANY clear examples of how the "End Demand" legislation has made their lives A LOT worse, a lot more DANGEROUS, a lot more HARMFUL to what little wellbeing they have left. Trafficking is a form of domestic violence, as trafficking is carried out among the adult women I have seen, which is the majority of sex work that takes place where it is visible. FORCING domestic violence victims to get "help" (as the diversion programs for prostitutes in my state is called) has NEVER helped any domestic violence victim! If legislators REALLY want to help adult trafficking victims and, at the same time, not INCREASE victimization and decimate the basic human rights of non-trafficked CONSENSUAL sex workers, they have to INCLUDE voices of ALL SEX WORKERS, not just cherry-picked survivor stories, but also survivor stories like mine (yes I was a sex trafficking victim, but I still support decriminalization and legalization of consensual sex work), and the stories of the larger percentage of sex workers, who are NOT TRAFFICKED.

My stash got a makeover :)

9.00pm and 11.00pm.

My new crafty corner of paradise.

Happy hooking lovely people