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Château d'If

Château d’If is a famous castle in southern France. It stands atop a small limestone island opposite the harbor of Marseille. The “château” is a square, three-story building 28m (92ft) long on each side, flanked by three towers with large gunembrasures on 3 hectars of land. 442 more words


Past Hula Hoop Videos

Since this is a new blog, I need to get it up to date before I get too carried away.  So as well as a traveler, I am also a hula hoop enthusiast and I do my best to attend hula hoop festivals in the country I am in.  192 more words


Hooping at the AZ Reggae Music Festival in Lake Havasu

This year was the first time I’ve ever had the opportunity to actually take a spring break vacation that didn’t involve visiting family. I collapsed and bound up three hula hoops and flew south with my husband. 120 more words


Coming Home Embodying Flow/Love

A week later and I’m still smiling after another amazing Hoop Path weekend with Jonathan Livingston Baxter, or Baxter (or Bax) as we know him in the hooping world. 648 more words


This girl's hula hoop skills are on point

Katie Sunshine shows off her hula hoop skills in this burlesque hoop dance.


Hula Hooping: Amazing Benefits of Exercising With a Hula Hoop!

Have you been trying to lose weight for years? Do you hate all those exhausting fitness classes and weight lifting exercises? Have you ever considered… 379 more words

Hoop Hula Weight Loss