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Nope, no turkey talk here.  I’m talking about dance.


Yup, BASTE, as in elements of dance.


I’ve refrained from posting this blog topic for a while. I’ve been pushing it off. Slightly against it. It’s about how to get over betrayal. When you fail to listen to your instincts, when your psyche1 has been injured, when the animal inside you limps, what are some steps to heal. 671 more words

Missed Hoopiversaries

This summer was a busy one. So busy, I neglected to celebrate my  6th Hoopiversary (which, if you’re a hooper, you know is a big deal) way back in June, and we never celebrated the 5th anniversary of the Twistin Vixen’s in September either! 122 more words


What does Dancing Mean to You?

As a hoop dancer and fancy shawl dancer I often get the question, “What does dancing mean to you?” or “What is the meaning behind it?” and my answers usually vary. 263 more words