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My Hoop Journey

I took up hula hooping in the middle of January 2016. As I’ve just passed my 1 year “hoopiversary”, I decided to detail my journey from ‘fairly useless individual in a sports bra with a massive hoop’ to ‘actually quite competent’. 1,140 more words


Hopeful Hooping ⭕ 

So, I’m one of those ‘I’ve never been sporty’ kind of people. I occasionally enjoy a long walk or a new-years-resolution-induced stint at the gym, but I’ve never really stuck at a sport. 401 more words

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January 30/30 – Week 4

This week of hooping has been the best by far, considering Kayla, Nikki and Amy visited me in Arizona for a vacation. We brought hoops nearly everywhere we went, and squeezed in as much fun as humanly possible. 111 more words

Hoop Dance

January 30/30 – Week 3

It’s the start of week three and my hoop craze continues. Life has been incredibly busy after starting a new job and hosting visitors already this month, but I am still committed to squeezing in time with my hoop daily. 129 more words

Hoop Dance

Confessions Two: Exposure and Expression (Part 1)

About a year and a half ago, I joined Instagram.  My main motivation was the “Trump your Cat” movement where people were brushing their kitties then putting the loose fur on their heads in a haphazard toupee. 933 more words

Best Hoopers - Jonathan Livingston Baxter

This hoop blog has been a tad bit estrogenic of late so thought I’d add in some of the divine masculine in this edition to mix it up. 300 more words

Best Hoopers

I Rhythm

I Rhythm 🌙

I rhythm
with the very center
of my soulful Self,
to live
from a place of wholeness
and to serve
as guide… 62 more words

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