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Fear of Failure Vs. Desire to Succeed

This post originally was solely about Hooping, but it is relevant to anything; writing, yoga, or maybe your desire to be the next Michael Jordan. Fear is a disease that creeps into even the most confident of minds. 627 more words


Lightning in a Bottle 2K15


Presented by the DoLab, Lightning in a Bottle took place over this Memorial Day Weekend in Bradley California. San Antonio Recreation area, once a thriving destination for campers and lake lovers, now is bare as the lake has dried up leaving a massive landscape of dry bush and dust. 817 more words


Hooping Video Final

Riley Cook shares her experience and how hooping has taught her many lessons in her two year journey that she plans to continue. Hooping has helped her find herself and allows her to express her true colors through this unique flow art.


Feeling Iso-lated (heh)

I’ve kind of slowed down my hooping this month. You know, sometimes life & stuff just happens…nothing particularly interesting, really. I just got out of my routine a little bit, and I would LOVE to blame THE RAIN. 200 more words

Hoop Look: Siamese Dream

1 Scarf  |  2 Shirt  |  3 Combat Boots  |  4 Hoops For Humanity “Ring of Fire” Collapsible Hoop  |  5 Leggings

I am stuck on a few moves right now (shoulder hooping, legs-to-waist-and-back transition) so I put together a hoop look to keep me motivated. 11 more words


I stopped hooping for 4 days. When I look back on those 4 days, there is a sense of wanting to go back and pick my chin up. 341 more words

Hoop Manipulation & Illusions - Workshop

Learn the magical techniques and different ways to create incredible visual illusions with your hoop in this two hour workshop with Courtney Youphoriafy. Discover the basic tricks and building blocks of hoop manipulation that will allow you to incorporate a sense of magic into your current hoop flow. 130 more words