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Hooping friend

I’m not 100% positive, but am pretty sure this bunny
enjoys hooping and/or funky hooping music.
This guy/gal sat outside my picture window this morning, 62 more words

Triple Threat

I preparation for the second class in the series of circus style hooping classes that Jenny is teaching and I am attending, I decided to make what I am dubbing the… 220 more words


Inspirational HoopDance Videos

I’m excited to share with you some of my current favourite hoopdance videos – you know, the ones that make me yearn to hop off the computer and start hooping myself! 412 more words


Hoop Trick - The Vortex

This is a pretty standard hoop trick that I’m sure you’ve seen done, even if you don’t know the name.┬áIt’s the one where the hooper reaches down, magically lifts the spinning hoop off their body, and brings it back down, once, or twice, or however many times they want to repeat. 631 more words


My First Hoop Trick

Alright, my month-or-two-ago past self is finally practicing with her hoop, doing pretty well keeping it up on her waist, working out with it…. then comes the time to get fancy! 174 more words


My First Hoop

I was going to forget all about this, but I suppose I should briefly talk about choosing your first hoop! Plus show you a couple pictures of mine. 611 more words