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Time to Brush Off the Rust

I haven’t been hooping much lately, but as the weather was nice yesterday, I got out over my lunch hour and hooped a little bit.  It felt great. 162 more words


The Circus Needs YOU!

The Circus School of Lancaster just launched their Indiegogo campaign, and the circus needs YOU.  Your help, that is.  A small donation will go a long way in helping getting this great project off the ground. 42 more words


Hula Hooping trend sparks at Central Michigan University.

Since the 1950’s Hula Hooping has been seen as a child’s play toy as well as a circus prop. Although children and acrobats still love playing with them, adults are starting to have more fun with them too. 484 more words


Flow Arts for beginners

If you have attended a music festival or ever been in a public beach on a nice day, chances are you have seen some form of flow art. 928 more words



I know, it’s been a while since I last posted in here.  The truth is, a lot of different factors have gone into the fact that I haven’t been able to hoop very much, and it’s been a tad burdensome to write here when I don’t have the readership I had hoped for.  241 more words


Sunday Confessional: Sometimes I'm perfectly happy to be less-than-perfect

I made a new hoop today, something I’ve been talking about for months. My reasons for not doing it sooner include the usual procastinate-y suspects, but one of the main reasons I put it off was because I was nervous about taping it. 99 more words