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Sonic the Hedgehog goes to Hooters in Japan to celebrate the release of his new video game

Sega mascot plans to stay at Tokyo branches of the boob-centric restaurant for almost two months. 344 more words


Sonic's Collaboration With Hooters Looks Grim

(Source: kotaku.com)

During last month’s Tokyo Game Show, Sega announced it was doing a Sonic Forces promotion with Hooters for some reason. Today, said collaboration… 189 more words


Sunset Boulevard with Clange

‘Denny was working it real hardDown Sunset Boulevard. Back in 1973. Why would he bother going home. His parents left him on his own. Who knows. 411 more words


Ruse of an Ooze

Has it really been two weeks? It only felt like one. No matter, on with the show. As seems to be the pattern, the first week wasn’t super eventful until the weekend. 328 more words

Coach Q is looking forward to mustache night

Coach Q joins The Steve Cochran Show for the first time since the season started, and he is pretty happy with how the team has played thus far.   48 more words

Steve Cochran

A TNU Adventure: Deep In The Heart Of Texas

whether you are young or old, chances are that at one point or another, you had a bucket list. And no, I’ am not talking about the 2007 movie starring Jack Nicholson and Morgan Freeman. 495 more words

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Working at Hooters is a lot like having blue balls. Cleavage is on the loose at all times and her tease is relentless. I’ve got to give some props to the owner though. 789 more words