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Frilly Shoumaker

Meet Jason Shoumaker of Texas. While that is indeed Jason’s mugshot above, Jason is no criminal. In fact, he may be the greatest hero in American history. 185 more words


A Middle School English Lesson for “Anonymous”

This is for the sad, miserable soul who commented on my posts with false information about my personal life.

Just in case you missed it before I deleted it, this “Anonymous” person made some interesting claims. 563 more words


Hooters Makes You Happy!: Part 2- Management Anger Issues

Once again, for legal purposes, I’m not going to mention any actual names. The managers I’m referring to here are going to be called “Stan” and “Robby”. 963 more words


Hooters Makes You Happy!: Let Me Explain

I’m sorry to divert from the storytelling for a moment, but after reading some responses to my first two posts, I feel like I need to explain something to those of you who don’t understand my intentions. 392 more words


Hooters Makes You Happy!: Part 1- The Jacket

I’m going to start off with one of the first times I realized that Hooters Managers can be sleazy and corrupt. For legal purposes, I’m going to leave out specific names. 715 more words


Hooters Makes You Happy!: Intro

First of all, I’d like to contend that I have nothing against the Hooters Corporation as a whole. I believe that with proper security and management, Hooters can be empowering for the girls who work there. 374 more words


New Study Confirms: Not Enough Hot and Slutty Girls in Lincoln to Maintain a Breastaurant

Lincoln NE (SN) – The American Journal of Science has released a report confirming what Lincoln residents have known for years: There is not a large enough population of hot and slutty girls to maintain a breastaurant in Lincoln. 358 more words