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Tweetdeck Vs HootSuite

Nowadays everyone uses Social Media to grab your attention and promote their business. A website can attract a few views, but post something on Social Media and the potential is endless once it’s re-tweeted or shared or liked.¬† 795 more words

#1 Rule for Using Social Media for Your Business

After earning my Inbound Methodology Certificate from Hubspot Academy and working with a few clients to build their social media presence, I found 1 rule to be important for social media. 218 more words

Social Media Management

What is Hootsuite?

Hootsuite is a social media management platform. You can stream different feeds from your social accounts, like, comment, share, or save posts from people, keywords, or locations you follow. 370 more words


Hootsuite is STILL FAIL

It irks me that the image posts put up an “owly” URL instead of just posting the picture. :-/

I’m still going to keep trying over the next couple of days to get the posts to show how they are supposed to. 8 more words

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Hootsuite Hiccup

When you’ve been using an app regularly, and for a long time, you don’t so much get complacent with using it, rather, you get used to its quirks, finding a way around these quirks to a point that it becomes part of your day-to-day routine. 597 more words

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150 Web Marketing Tools For Your Business #1

Engaging your audience on the web is a great way to build that community of fans for your brand. Nowadays, digital management is considered as one of the most efficient ways to build audience and possible customers who will become more interested with your product on the internet. 817 more words


If you were wondering what was up with the odd posts recently, I decided to experiment with Hootsuite.

I feel that the experiment so far is FAIL. 48 more words

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