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Hoover Dam

Hoover Dam on my Birthday February 25, 2015

My son’s first helicopter ride great experience!

My father imparting his words of wisdom and engineering to grandson. Priceless.

LAKE MEAD—Big, Blue and Beautiful

Our desert days were over it seemed, as we turned our course to the east. Next on our list promised to offer more than dry, empty land. 2,008 more words

Hoover Dam

Where ever I go

I notice people that they want attention no matter where they go. And that isn’t bad, friends know me when I say things like.
People want things to be real, so let me give it to them. 37 more words


Hoover Dam

Not a vacuum in sight.  Easy to get to.  More interesting than I’d thought.  The Art Deco carpark was even worth looking at.  There’s even a gift shop.


Nevada, Utah and Arizona in One Day

Even though we went to bed at about 2am, I woke up at 7am feeling pretty refreshed, despite the odd dream I’d had. I’d dreamt that I was looking after Robin Williams’ father, who was convinced aliens or demons were trying to kill him. 1,962 more words


Las Vegas


  I’m okay with Vegas.

My mother and step father absolutely adored it there. As I was contemplating what trip to write about today, an old photo of my passed and happy go lucky step parent fell  to the floor. 1,686 more words