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The Memory

“Emery, Emery come here.” The soft voice of Elizabeth, almost in a whisper, reaches out to her daughter.

The sounds of fast falling water hitting the top of the still water beneath it fill the setting.  449 more words

Hoover Dam

Exploring Hoover Dam

Originally known as Boulder Dam, this manmade barrier stands at a whopping 726ft tall. Separating the largest reservoir in the United States, Lake Mead, from the crystal-clear Colorado River. 399 more words


America Day 17: Vacuum Cleaner?

By eleven o’clock this morning, we’d got our car for the next twenty days from Avis (would you believe the same car we drove up in?!), checked out of the Luxor Hotel, done a wee circle just to get a photo of the “Welcome to Las Vegas” sign which we missed on the way in then headed off south on Interstate 40. 848 more words

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Las Vegas Trip

Written By Galen White

To date, I’ve reached Tucumcari, New Mexico on my trip to Las Vegas, Nevada. The wind was blowing quite a bit as we left Tucumcari and headed for the eastern border of Arizona. 711 more words

Galen White

SUP Camping the Black Canyon beneath Hoover Dam

We paddled the Black Canyon section of the Colorado River this past weekend, just beneath the Hoover Dam and Lake Mead.  It was an incredible way to kick off the 2018 season.  1,500 more words

Vegas, Baby!

People ask me….. ‘Why do you go to Vegas?  You don’t drink or gamble.’

I go because it’s a fun city to see and it’s close to so many other attractions. 671 more words

Las Vegas

We're on the Dam Tour

Hoover Dam is a must see.  It’s not what I would call a ‘Fun’ tour, but it was educational and very interesting.  I think it could have been a lot more fun if we had run into Clark W Griswold or cousin Eddie. 253 more words

Las Vegas