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Maximizing Literacy Skills with the OUT

At the Northern Nevada Council for Social Studies, I presented on using the 4th grade OUTs to maximize literacy skills with intermediate students. The 4th grade OUTs—Opening Up the Textbook—is a curricular resource matched to Nevada’s state history. 66 more words

That Dam Bridge

Three years ago, I attempted to walk over this dam bridge over the Colorado River, the second highest bridge in the United States.

The bridge was built in 2010 and connects Nevada and Arizona to bypass the Hoover Dam. 441 more words

My Gephyrophobia

Vegas Baby!

IAEP had a little holiday last week! A 1000+ mile roadtrip through America. After a brief look at the Pacific coast at Santa Monica, we drove through miles and miles of desert, had a great experience with off-road driving to an abandoned mine in Death Valley, had a couple of nights in the fun-but-crazy world of Las Vegas, saw the Hoover Dam, marveled at the wonder of the Grand Canyon (in both the sun and the snow), and enjoyed the beautiful red rocks of Sedona, Arizona. 219 more words


Flying in a storm over the Grand Canyon

We have both flown over the Grand Canyon in a commercial airline flight, but to travel over this magnificent spectacle at 13000ft was nothing but awesome. 252 more words

Two Year old bulls for Sale in WA

BK Hoover Dam 507 is by Hoover Dam.

BK Predominant 457 is by SAV 004 Predominant 4438 and is by an EXAR Expand 1241 daughter. … 11 more words

USA Rad-venture: Timeshare & the Canyon

This blog has been a long time coming (at least 6 months now) and I know that my mum of all people will be glad to see that I am finishing my USA travel blog. 486 more words

Around The World

On nerds, and dams, and good writing

It is a very pleasing thing to find that a great writer is a bit of a nerd.

On second thoughts, maybe it’s not at all surprising that a great writer is a bit of a nerd. 1,562 more words