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Obamacare’s newest fans: Oink, oink

A recent news account in USA Today headlining, “Obamacare’s popularity at its highest level in nearly seven years” piqued our interest. We tracked down the survey and found it was conducted by the Kaiser Family Foundation (KFF)  — hardly a passive player in the healthcare industry. 614 more words

Those Dems

Stand with Pres. Trump: Elect Kelli Ward AZ US Senator

Deceptive Jeff Flake falling in recent poll

Kelli Ward has an important message for Arizona conservatives. This newly released Political Marketing International poll shows Jeff Flake in a freefall as Kelli Ward continues to pick up support.  468 more words

Arizona Politics

Score: Pres. Trump: 72 -- 9th Circuit Court of Appeals: 0

President’s moratorium on non-vetted “refugees” places national security above political naïveté

Jessica Vaughan, Director of Policy Studies for the Center for Immigration Studies (CIS), has… 222 more words

Hope And Change

McCain’s latest "bipartisan" effort to hamstring Pres. Trump

Still hallucinating that he’s president, John McCain is working feverishly –with a contingent of Democrats and a couple of Republicrats — in an effort to pull the rug out from the man who actually… 333 more words

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McCain and Flake deserve Senate phony’s award

AZ U.S. Senators hypocritically praise Pres. Trump’s SCOTUS pick, though if they got their way during election, we’d be faced with a permanently leftist skewed high court… 428 more words

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Pres. Trump’s travel ban protects Americans

America hating George Soros revs up mobs

President Donald Trump is not letting any grass grow under his feet as he takes his job seriously and fulfills promises he made as the Republican nominee.  387 more words

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