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Long Live the Queen of Chaos

By Rob Urie | CounterPunch | July 29, 2016

For those to whom this hasn’t yet occurred, if Hillary Clinton is elected President she will be President.

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President al-Assad: US administration’s policies go against interests of US people

SANA – July 26, 2016

Damascus – President Bashar al-Assad said the policy of the US administration in the region goes against the interests and values of the American people, adding that they are getting increasingly violent at the expense of logic and common sense.

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AZ Republic endorses McCain in deceitful editorial

Truth takes a hike as open border stance gets front and center treatment

The fact that the open border crew at the Arizona Republic endorsed amnesty advocate John McCain comes as no surprise. 580 more words

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Will the 9/11 Defendants Ever Get a Fair Trial?

By Sarah Mehta | ACLU | July 26, 2016

I spent last week in Guantánamo Bay, where I was supposed to be observing four days of pre-trial hearings in the military commission prosecution of the 9/11 defendants.

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Washington to fight cyber-attacks with sanctions

RT | July 26, 2016

Saying that the US is “in the midst of a revolution of the cyber threat,” the White House has issued a directive establishing new guidelines for the government in case of “significant cyber incidents,” stressing that “no tool is off the table.”

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Religion of peace update: French priest beheaded celebrating mass

Siege comes amid shouts of “Allah Akbar”

ISIS savages stormed a Catholic Church in Normandy France during morning mass, beheading 84-year-old  priest Jacques Hamel. Several worshippers, including two nuns, were taken hostage in the gruesome, bloody attack. 108 more words

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No wonder John Kerry doesn’t visit AZ in July

On a trip to Vienna this past weekend, Secretary of State John Kerry — a global warming devotee — said the threats posed by air conditioners and refrigerators are on par with Islamic terrorism.  191 more words