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Completeness in Courage


I have never been one to just throw in the towel and give up. I went through a period after the surgery in April of 2013 where I just wanted to go “home.” I was tired, wore out and just plain had enough with the battles of this life, but I hung on, hung in there and through that it has made me a stronger person. 673 more words


Stop Fighting The Flesh

Start Soaking In The Spirit

Upon awakening this morning I just felt so wore out and I said, Lord, “I can’t keep doing this! It’s wearing me out to keep fighting this war, flesh, spirit, flesh, spirit. 814 more words


Scrub and Sing

Here’s a happy follow-up to yesterday’s post. I’m guessing Amy Carmichael and I are not of similar temperaments when it comes to heavy daily burdens. 581 more words

Spiritual Formation

Becoming The Overcomer {1}


The enemy has no more control over us than the authority we give him. In the beginning when Cain murdered Abel the Lord says, Genesis 4: “6 So the Lord said to Cain, “Why are you angry? 860 more words


Strength Hope Love Faith Survivor


As my mind struggles in penning this blog, Abba, Father has been tugging at the core of my heart for me to tell my story so in keeping with obedience, I’ll pen on.  1,305 more words

June 2015

The Luxury In Love

Feasting In Freedom

There is an unexplained luxury when we see, feel, taste and touch love. About four years ago I was sitting in my study room, just letting go of the day to the Lord. 863 more words

June 2015

Simple Reminders

Dwelling With Sweet Harmony In My Heart

Today….I Remind Myself

I will bind the enemy before he binds me. I will do all my work unto the Lord and not men.  230 more words

June 2015