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Discerning the Bridge Run

It took me months to decide.  Could I really participate in Charleston’s Cooper River Bridge Run?

This 10K run, a major event held annually in Charleston, draws thousands of runners every year from Charleston and beyond. 969 more words

The Journey of Grief

Once in a while I read a book that’s more than good or even great.  Over the course of years I’ve read a few books that seemed to have deep personal significance and whose impact usually took me by surprise. 305 more words

The Journey toward Home

Seven months ago Rick and I moved from our home of many years in Minneapolis to a new home in Charleston.  This passage from one home to another was an enormous undertaking, overwhelming at times, but it was also a journey of joy, anticipation, and excitement.  351 more words

The Fault Line

Water levels rise
And start to overspill
Calling me to plunge within
To find the centre
The heart
The place that will unlock
A new channel of release… 61 more words


Ode to the Live Oak

Is it not a paradox?

How does this tree,

this Live Oak,

with its thick dense trunk of hard wood

anchored securely in the earth, 154 more words


I can’t see you
But like lovers in a long-distance relationship
I feel you more than words could tell
You’re in me
You feel off me. 180 more words


Storm Warnings and PTSD

sky darkens
clouds thicken
squirrels panic
birds gorge
breath freezes
cold bites
wind gusts
grocery shelves empty

Storm warnings. Do you know the signs of what’s coming when the storm is called PTSD?  675 more words

Spiritual Formation