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Hope :: Dealing With Difficult People/Situations

Goober and Kota – friends who sometimes get on each other’s nerves

We’ve talked before about the people who just rub us the wrong way on a whole. 662 more words

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Hope :: What if I Do Something Bad?

Photo by Cherry Laithang on Unsplash

What if I’ve:

  • smoked
  • gotten drunk
  • done drugs
  • had sex
  • done sexual activities
  • attempted suicide

What if I struggle with: 289 more words

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Hope :: How to Be There for Others

I’ve traveled about 1200 miles over the past two days (well, Saturday and Sunday because I’ll be driving when this post goes live!) As I started out my second day of the journey, my cat Kota – pictured above – was not listening and I had to shut him in his carrier because he kept trying to climb at my feet. 428 more words

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Hope :: Why Bother?

Have you ever reached the point where you take a look at everything that’s happening (or not happening) in your life and wondered, “Why am I even trying? 517 more words

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Hope :: Why Do Things Have to Change

Change is hard. Oftentimes, even if it’s a good thing, it’s hard and it most definitely hurts. It doesn’t necessarily physically hurt; that’s not what I’m talking about. 874 more words

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Hope :: The Silent Self

Photo: Trevor Gerzen

If you struggle with anxiety or depression, you know with full confidence that they are anything but silent. You know that often you are internally screaming and shouting for someone to notice… to say something… but they never do. 393 more words

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Hope :: It Starts With One

One thought. One choice. One step.

That’s all it takes to send your life soaring into the future or crashing down to the ground. Just one thought… choice… step… 207 more words

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