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Meet THE Business Game-Changer in Haiti

Meemoos is a remarkable young woman, full of joy and creativity. She lives in Haiti, approximately two and a half hours southwest of Port-Au-Prince, and owns a Coca-Cola business. 529 more words

What Am I Doing Here? (Literally)

After a lovely month back in the US, which included a family reunion for Christmas in Hawaii, quality time in the frozen tundra of Minnesota, and a week in Chapel Hill to see college friends, a recurring question I received while I was home was, “So…..what do you actually do?” I realized that even though I send out a (somewhat) monthly newsletter, a lot of my friends and extended family still didn’t really know at all what life was like for me here in Malawi. 959 more words


Homes for Hope Midland Celebration

Last week we celebrated the completion of our Homes for Hope project in Midland! Through this project we will be able to impact thousands of struggling entrepreneurs worldwide. 367 more words

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The Clapham Justice Circle in OKC

Check out the video at the Clapham Justice Circle: I got the honor to talk about my passion and dreams related to serving disenfranchised women in OKC.

Fighting poverty with entrepreneurship

HOPE International isn’t just another nonprofit. Instead of handouts, the organization focuses on encouraging saving and entrepreneurship in countries around the world – helping people build their own success rather than simply trying to give it to them. 640 more words

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We All Want a Sneak "Peak" at Our Future

About two months ago, I had the opportunity to climb Mount Mulanje in the southern region of Malawi. Although I was ill-equipped for this adventure – turns out a pair of jeans, 4 jars of peanut butter, and a giant study Bible are heavy, who knew? 1,574 more words