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Acts of Hope

The other day I was kneeling on our curb endlessly digging holes for a bunch of bulbs a friend had given me. They were bulbs she’d bought me to commemorate… 366 more words



The title sums it up. I have hope that my son that has all his developmental challenges will overcome and progress to a point where he can function without me worrying all the time. 147 more words



This week has been horrible to say the least. Very horrible.

Beside the joy associated with finally being able to write to you guys every day for the past few days, nothing else has worked or gone my way. 1,128 more words

How does one express pain...?

(NB: Warning. This post may be difficult to read for some who have found themselves dealing with a very difficult year. Nothing explicit or violent. Just very real, raw and honest thoughts on what this year has brought.) 1,334 more words


It’s a spooky night

Tomorrow is Halloween!

My dad can home early. So we watched a Halloween movie on Netflix called Hubie Halloween . Adam Sandler is in it. It was a very funny movie. 36 more words


Blue Moon

A full blue moon

Hangs just outside

The starts near by

All will hide

Behind the blue moon…

Gratefulness Project: Log 19

Level 23 unlocked 😂

Today, my heart is full of gratitude for another year added in my life.

Time flies and here I am, 23 years of existence in this lifetime. 169 more words