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Being Momma Is Enough

Wake up, make breakfast, clean up children after breakfast, clean up kitchen, stop a fight, make kids share, replay favorite tv show, make lunch, clean up lunch, force children to take a nap, hear how awful you are for making them nap, do laundry/dishes/clean/nap while children nap, children wake up, play on the floor with kids for awhile, make sure house is somewhat tidy for when Daddy comes home, cook dinner, Dad’s home, everyone eats, bath time, book time, bed, and then just a tiny bit of you time or you and husband time before you turn in for the night to do it all again tomorrow. 339 more words


Short entry #12

This is kind of a bland story, and by bland I mean too ordinary, too plain. I hope to get the thrill out of life soon.

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Kenyan Superstar

This is Irene! Because of your support for JamQuest, Irene has been able to go to school and has been first in her class the past two years! 42 more words

Grief is not War, nor is it Peace

When you are ready, your pain at your loss and at the loss another has felt in their own selves, will change.

When you are ready, the fury and anger you inflicted on yourself will cool, and the steam will rise to an empty space, where you will never have to fear its wrath again. 459 more words

Not So Different

“Steve is about the same age as me, 20 years old, and has many of the same interests. It was crazy talking to him and finding how much we have in common even though our lifestyles are so different. 267 more words

He's still here.

We both slammed the doors shut one after the other. I put on my seat-belt. My ears were still painfully ringing with my step-mother’s shrill words – ‘You are not going to step out of the house unless you finish your bowl!’, ‘Enough is enough! 738 more words