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Remember Me

“Hey, great news! I’m cancer-free!” A recent acquaintance of mine happily beamed. “I just wanted to thank you for being one of the ones who were there for me, praying for me, making sure my needs were heard up there.” 522 more words


Good Thoughts, Please

Dear Readers,

I may not post on Monday. I am having an unexpected surgery tomorrow–Saturday morning. There is something in my spinal cord that shouldn’t be there. 46 more words

The Power of Affection

Written by Chantel (USA)

Founder of: Raising My Father

My father wouldn’t eat yesterday. He wouldn’t come out of his room. The fact that by noon he hadn’t had coffee, I knew the day was a very bad day for him. 153 more words


June 21st 2016-"You want to do that race for life"

21/06/16: Home-It landed on my doormat, along with a pile of junk mail. I binned the rest but not this one, this one I saved, set it aside at the end of my kitchen table to read later…when I had some time…when I was in the right head space. 891 more words

Breast Cancer

Ever Have You Ever

Depression literally strips you of your Identity. It is lost, whoever you were. Depression-fire and brimstone visiting from Hell. It sears every ounce of you until you are flat, breakable, and dust. 344 more words


The only way to be free is to break your cage open

It’s hard to know who you really are. Down to the very core of yourself, words can’t be of any use. Trying to label or categorise yourself is like trying to squish and elephant into a shoe box – although I’ve never tried it, I can imagine it’s near impossible (never say never). 851 more words