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I have hope for Paradise.

I’m reading Paradise Lost. Let me share Milton with you. His Eve is innocently submissive, his Adam chiefly wise. Eve speaks here in praise of her lover; she is sweetly tranquil. 1,023 more words

Sowing Beauty

Conflicted wisdom: Hope

Theognis of Megara (translated by John Hookham Frere)


For human nature Hope remains alone
Of all the deities; the rest are flown.
Faith is departed; Truth and Honour dead; 343 more words


Boy, do I feel dumb.

Yesterday was a really. bad. day.  I’ve been sick for two weeks and seemed to be getting worse, I was super busy all week at work, and my chronic health problem has been rearing its ugly head lately.   636 more words

Relationship With God

14 Days - Back On Track

Well, over two weeks, I gained 4.8 pounds.  Eek!  I’m not too freaked out because I know a couple of those pounds are water weight and will come off quickly.   123 more words

Weight Watchers


How do we Find Joy in a Broken World?

Females are raving about a new fad… joy. Being a joyful person, feeling joy, being around others who are joyful, spreading joy; you name it, they’re obsessing about it. 527 more words


Storm Cloudz Be Rizin

By Young Soulja

Well, It has been quiet around here. I have been dealing with depression, as well enduring some storms that shook me to the core. 426 more words



Feet feel light on fresh soil, tilled and tangible;
trees wave with snapped twigs, broken, like us.

Tread gently and kiss this sacred air;
scent of wildflowers wafts lovingly past… 150 more words