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where there is despair, hope

Attributed to St Francis of Assisi, this phrase came immediately to mind as I wrestled with how I should respond to the three air disasters of recent memory (with the loss of innocent lives of women, men and children – rich and poor, professional and ordinary folk, families and singles); the advance of ISIS/Islamic State/DAESH and its outrageous disregard for human life – with its ongoing murderous crusade within the Cradle of Christianity in the Middle East including Iraq, Syria, Africa and other Places (with its affiliate gangs of bloody minded hoodlums) and its targeting many cultural, historic and archaeological sites;  the wild and destructive weather patterns worldwide;  rising resentment in Europe and elsewhere regarding immigrant refugees; and even here in Australia,  as our politicians turn up the heat on each other as they bicker over the state of the economy …. 233 more words


Is it a pile of rocks, or a road paved with stone? (Perspective is everything.)

By: Vivian Wilson

I know there are at least a few of you out there like me, bless our hearts, who, from time to time feel the weight of our responsibilities and commitments.  565 more words

Vivian Wilson

Faith meets Wisdom

Where do FAITH and WISDOM meet?

I have been wrestling with this question over many years now. Especially now… I have really had to question what I truly believe? 962 more words

Hoping for the impossible

Another wonderful gem from Ann Voskamp: How You Can Keep On Hoping for What Seems Impossible

Never got over this…
So if you turned right after Clappison’s Corner and drove real slow around the potholes, you might see it? 297 more words


The Tinman - A Poem

The Tinman – A Poem

Your beacon blazes with the firestorm
Of a thousand pyres.
In your eyes I find the fires –
Smoke signals that rise to the heavens… 484 more words



“Believe the truth that you are beloved.”

I have that word tattooed on my left wrist.

Reading this admonition stirred my stagnant soul. I have just been existing lately, one day bleeding into the next. 129 more words