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The Inevitable

I thought when it occurred, it would be a landslide. Messy and muddy and deadly, but on a small enough scale that seconds after the event, I would be able to clamber over the wreckage, sacrifice the parts of me floundering in the emotional mud, and carry on as parts of me that I once loved fizzled out behind me – more casualties, more parts of me to mourn, with just enough of the rest of me left to function. 895 more words


from the first day

i think this is the first day – the first day of being alone. The first day without my best friend of three years and two months. 550 more words


Healing, oh it is such a strange process. It’s like one step forward and two steps back. I live in the apartment that I was raped in by my former roommate. 39 more words


Pray With Me: May 1

  For those who have died.  May they rest in peace and may their loved ones be comforted in knowing they are at home in heaven.


Operation Fill the World With Positivity poems 185, 72 and 76


Life never gives; life only offers

So make sure you love and live and take only what you truly want

Positive reactions only present themselves when you are open to the blessings flaunted… 235 more words


Reality of Rescue

Let’s just be honest, being a rescue is hard. Looking at it from the outside most folks say things like “it must be so great, knowing you save so many live”.  1,231 more words

I Have A Date With Grace

When the enemy whispers lies in your head – reject him and remind him:

“I have a date with grace.”

When a friend betrays your confidence – forgive them and remind yourself: 119 more words