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No Longer Who I Was

Not lost
Not forgotten
Not rejected
Not detested

Not the ugly one
Not the lonely one
Not the black sheep
Not the abandoned one

Not the fat one… 106 more words

Motivation is within me but I’m just not motivated…

Everyone has experienced a period of time where they are overwhelmed in motivation and then all of a sudden, a day or two later, it’s back to procrastinating. 633 more words


You Shine: An Adoration Song

You shine
On me
Night and day
As if to say,

“You cannot hide
From My love

No matter how dark
No matter the lows… 121 more words


First Day

Today is difficult.

I took a chance and took my first double dose of Venlafaxine (Effexor), which turns out to be slow release.

So far it’s not helping. 154 more words


Getting Some Things Done Today

I feel a little better today. My mood has been all over the place lately. I have been slipping and sliding between a normal mood and an apathetic and depressed mood on a daily basis. 905 more words

On Genius, Part 1

The first task with a subject like genius might be to define it, but I’m going to resist that temptation. I’d rather develop the ideas as we go, so that just about the time we think we’ve put our finger on it, we’ll understand why we can’t. 1,141 more words


The Weight

Come carry my soul

across the sea

to a place I no longer

have to hide from

my idiosyncrasies.

Let me rest my head

and sleep in peace… 69 more words