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To Bring a Smile...the 100 Day Challenge

It’s the end of February 2014.

You would think being in the hospital for 100 days would be as exciting as it sounds, right?  Like, hey, you accomplished something big by being here for so long, here are the fireworks and confetti bombs.   630 more words

Immune Deficiency

I wish, I hope, maybe someday

I wish I hope and with someday, my life will be the way I would like to see it. But I sit here and wonder if it would ever happen. 298 more words

Crying Out for my Country

Great and most gracious God, our heavenly Father,

I praise You for Your greatness, majesty, and holiness; and I thank You for Your continual goodness to me and to those whom I hold so dear to my heart. 467 more words


Genesis 22

Abraham and Isaac. We’ve heard the story a thousand times. This story has become very personal to me over the past year.
Put yourself in Abraham’s shoes. 172 more words

1 am

I write this as I lay next to my gorgeous Mrs. I should be drifting off into slumber. I should feel content. But all I feel is a desire to move, to get up, to do anything but lay here. 100 more words


My challenge to all those who are insecure

My insecurity has been helped by changing my perspective. I have been looking at every person, including myself, and finding something I like in everything. When I am silly, I can find something I like when I act silly. 297 more words

Worm Mystery

A dozen, or twenty,
earthworms wriggled
from the loam and mulch
onto the sidewalk,
became confused and lost
and perished, some
desperately flipping in search…
73 more words