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Tales From The Riverbank*

Water rushes down the stream

Framed with ivy: green.

Watching this, behind the shops:

My hidden wild place.
It’s rained so much this winter

But now the sun breaks through: 202 more words

Red-Letter Day

Yesterday was a memorable day for me.  A day that I will not easily forget but rather will remember for a long time to come and most likely when I am old and retired and missing some teeth I will remember the 18th of January 2017 fondly. 653 more words



Draw in the air
Hold it now
Then slowly let it go
Amazing how
A simple act
Allows the peace to grow
It is as if… 68 more words


Steadily Towards Victory

In 1 Thessalonians 1, there are evidences that God worked in the lives of the people. After hearing the Gospel message, the Thessalonians trusted God day by day to overcome what seemed impossible and head… 235 more words


All We Can Do

Photo by Lee Lindsey McKinney

When the time
for doing ends,
both daily and
at the end-end,

all we can do
is slow down;

slow down and
gaze into the night sky;

gaze into the night sky
and listen to the sound
of silence;

listen to the sound
of silence and wonder;

wonder and hope;
hope and pray;

pray and let go.

© 2017 Todd Jenkins

beloved country roads

beloved country roads
the images that went
past my mind and
to my soul

now old friends

and around the bend
seagulls rise
from corn stubble
winter fields

Images: wpclipart