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Wth Am I doing? — 😨

Most people write on these blogs for attention. I’m coming here to express how I feel so i don’t keep it bottled up. But I’ll be honest I’m at that point, i can’t handle this. 471 more words

Loneliest Day — 😰

There’s a knot in my throat that won’t go away. There’s a pain in my heart that seems to be sewed in. The more I speak to his best friend the more I realize that I love my boyfriend. 77 more words

Barely — 😔

Barely woke up this morning

Barely gave a damn

Barely alive

Barely awake,

My head is pounding.

My heart is dying.

Woke up to his best friends text, 199 more words

I'm Hurtful — 💔

Trying to breathe through your mouth while you feel like you’re choking is horrible. I can’t sleep im throwing up. I feel like like my life is spiraling out of control. 181 more words

Bright darkness

Sometimes we cover and clothe ourselves in darkness so that we feel comfortable, so that we have something to blame when stuff goes wrong. Constantly seeing darkness warps the mind and invites more monsters to stand and surround you. 56 more words

Priceless Moments — 💥😘

You ever listened to a song & things start running through your mind? Things that haven’t happened, or should I say, have yet to happen? It gives you tingles and you can’t stop smiling and all these random cool thoughts process your mind and you’re like “shit I can’t wait to do that.” 358 more words



Today was his day off and I LOVE those days because he takes me to work & reminds me of when we first started dating. It makes me sensitmental in a good kind of way, in ways I feel like I can’t tell him sometimes because he doesn’t seem to understand. 345 more words