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If Only...

If only…
The start of a most tragic thought through all of humankind
To ponder possibilities of what could come behind
Some desired course of action.  281 more words


The Great Depression - In My Heart and Pockets

Something happened yesterday and it blew my world away. In order to better understand this story, it is important to know that even though I am struggling with depression, I am what you call “a functional depressed person”. 555 more words

My Corner

The Grip Of Anxiety

There are no mole hills…there are mountains…impossible to climb…overwhelming. You feel hopeless,helpless,confused,& afraid. 


Feeling hopeless.

Today, I’m back to square one. I recently just had another job interview where I had hope that things would change and I would actually be going back to work again, but it was the opposite. 285 more words


days like this

There was a gust, once
on a dark and lovely day
and I felt like finally, finally it’s over
finally I can rest
finally think… 100 more words


Feeling more than a little hopeless

I wish more than anything to no longer be sick. I wish my body would stop attacking itself. I wish that I could stop suffering. I wish that the efforts I make would yield greater differences. 357 more words


The beginning of the end,Part 2

Day 2,3

The following couple of days were a mixed bag. The food was slowly running out,but it was going according to plan,no unplanned meals. The sleep was not the best as the old lighthouse was leaking and making all kinds of ungodly noises. 534 more words

Short Story