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The Chest

I think I must have been 9 or 10 years old when I first used the chest. The chest was a relatively large storage unit that I would put my toys in. 413 more words



12/7/2016. Untitled. 1:37 a.m.



12/16/2016. Untitled. 11:07 p.m.



To gaze a star,

is to see you smile

To touch the clouds,

is to hold your hands

I never imagined myself

falling in love… 7 more words


Today, I am not okay.

I cannot express the depth of my sorrow

except in poetry

which is the only way I can get to those parts of me

that no one can see… 131 more words

neither do I

“I feel like you’re making up reasons to feel bad,” a dear friend suggested late one night. “Nobody is upset with you. You’re forgiven.” Seeing on my face that I didn’t feel convinced, my friend patted my shoulder and smiled. 405 more words


So where do I go now?

I keep asking myself how I overcome certain obstacles and the truth is… there are patterns in my life that will keep repeating unless I change how I interact with others. 67 more words

I Am A Monster