Tags » Hopeless

Just Once

What your eyes see,

I’ve always wondered.

Where your heart goes,

I’ve always feared.

Why I even care,

bothers me the most.

Show me a dream, 61 more words


Still Fighting

The future is vague,

as silent as the first wind of morning.

The past is blinding,

as obscure as the night’s polish.

I don’t know where to rest, 42 more words


The Lonely Musician

The sounds came ringing,

homeless and lost.

The musician picked them off the winds

and bathed them with tune and key.

They became alive, glorious, and carefree… 21 more words


3:36 am

I don’t even know who I am. Or who I want to be. If someone asked me to define myself, I couldn’t. I am sad and happy. 132 more words

Breathless Hope

I forfeit my breath

to join the sea,

to find my sunken ship,

and reverse my fate.

I see others who’ve drowned,

ancestors and angels, 36 more words


Mad Royalty

A lunatic on the throne
executed his queen
for wearing jewels and gems
that he charged her of stealing.
The kingdom knew,
it was he, who had given them to her. 19 more words


I'm On a Thin Piece of Plastic

Yes Dad, I know I’m just torturing you guys and this is all my fault.
Yes Mom, I know you’re the victim and I’m the murderer. 110 more words