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Right now I am feeling very hurt. It is not even anything that is very serious it is just the principal of things.

Everything is a huge ball of jumbled up sadness, hurt and frustration. 1,106 more words

Dear Universe: Release me

Under the sky that covered the infinite, lay a heart so different and unlike it.

My heart barely supports living, and I barely live.

What’s worse than death, you ask? 27 more words


knowledge doesn’t always lead to action or movement forward. sometimes it takes faith. eventually you must close your eyes and jump.



But how can one be so fond of a person they barely know?

It baffles, and yet is the current predicament.

Tunnel vision, with a destination seemingly feasible, but reach is in question. 146 more words


Who are you remembering this memorial day?

On October 25 1968 army surgeon, Dr Blanchard, arrived in DaNang, Vietnam and received his first case: a 18-year-old soldier who had been found in the morgue still alive. 327 more words


this ain't disney world

i wake up to my bones feeling like they are crushing

pain that makes me feel like i am going into pukefest

my body turned against me, my body turned against you… 178 more words