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Struggles of being a hopeless romantic

We all want love. We dream of it. We are always in search for love. That’s great. It’s in our nature, but what if you’re a hopeless romantic? 1,440 more words

One More Night

Remember when we were so much in love and then we let it go?

Remember how we shot down the sun and then we let it snow? 436 more words

Fighting the demons

I haven’t been diagnosed officially with post natal depression but I know I have it. Actually,it’s just depression that happened to rear its ugly head following the birth of my baby. 732 more words

Depression Post Natal Depression PND Demons

The Forgotten Name

I’ve lied to time

and I’m engaged to eternity.

I’m unfaithful to fate

and selfish to my own cause.

I’ve lost my mind

and my heart shattered long before. 74 more words


Lost Among Stars

There was no light like her own

I thought I could find a star or sun

or trust a moon or meteor

but nothing in the universe… 55 more words


Silenced Dreams

Dust scrapes the winds

and the whispering fire

that burns the horizon

falls before the echoes

of a lost and weary wind.

The dreamer calls to the skies… 21 more words