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i committed a murder tonight, but don’t call the cops
i am telling you this because you should be concerned
dead is the person you used to know, the hopelessly hopeful little girl… 347 more words



I have not had the best of days, my mood has been faltering now for some time and despite the advice I am given that I should try to distract myself I have not been able to.  261 more words


Confidence level - 0%

If you are having gpa under 3.00 then you’ve got a serious problem.

Problem 1: Your parents are gonna be crazy and they will be freaking out all the time and all they can think of how you are not capable of doing anything, you messed up everything, you are never gonna get any job because all job requirements are having only 3.00 up gpa so you are out of everything basically. 334 more words



It’s the little things in life-
The blessings,
The hardships,
The act to be still.
How it can shape you,
Into the being that you are. 60 more words


A Sneak Peak through a day of depression

A few weeks ago, I was diagnosed with a severe depression and was sent off to a clinic as soon as possible.

After a long time I got to a point, where I couldn’t see me going anywhere. 1,333 more words

What does it matter. Writing in this blog doesn’t help.

I need something different in my life. I need to drink heavily. My tolerance. I have to overcome it. Four glasses of wine doesn’t get me buzzed. 104 more words