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Starting Out

This is my VERY first post. I can hardly believe it. It’s almost a surreal moment, since I’ve been constantly looking for the motivation to finally start this blog. 142 more words


The Hopeless Apple

Each day since the pours of the winter storm, I stroll along the red brick alley. The walls painted in red, carved bricks, coated with lavish ivy strings. 360 more words

My Life

The Sea Chews Things Up

When I woke, the waves had gone black,
turning over the macerated
curd of the ocean bottom, heaving its sludge
onto the beach. Some storm far out, I thought, 100 more words


A trail of nothing

And she walked away leaving behind a trail of thoughts that would lose all essence if I tried to capture them in words. And yet, their imprint was left in the tears that stained my pillow, the smell on the threads that embrace my body, the breath that shudders out of my soul. 43 more words


Peace on Earth

Peace on earth, goodwill to men.

What does that mean?

It means there is hope. There is a reason to believe everything will work out. There is belief that everything happens for a reason. 48 more words


Requiem of the Silenced

In a world of noise, can you hear the silence?

In school we studied various kinds of discrimination. The list is non-exhaustible. Discrimination of the poor, the disabled, the weak, the young, the old, the short, the tall, the mentally-unsound etc. 191 more words



Everyday I ache in ways that are unfathomable to the people around me. While most are complaining about their mediocre jobs or their tedious school work, I spend the majority of my existence waiting for my days to end as if I were a desert hopelessly waiting for a hurricane during a drought. 229 more words