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The T-Rex

Last night I punched a t-rex straight in the face….not once, not twice, but repeatedly. Obviously it was a dream, but it was incredibly significant. 797 more words

You are never stuck in a hopeless situation! 

No matter what you have to do, you can CHOOSE your mood and your attitude regarding it and THAT is what makes all the difference! … 44 more words


Encouragement, Dear Momma


Its’s one calling that can cause great guilt and insecurity in one fail swoop. 

The one calling that tests every ounce of grit and determination you possess.  890 more words

Hey, You.

You may be struggling right now, financially, psychologically, or physically.

You may have just lost someone and haven’t really gotten over it, knowing deep down that there’s a part of you that never will. 237 more words


Opinião: Um Caso Perdido

“O céu é sempre bonito. Mesmo quando está escuro, chuvoso ou nublado, é sempre bonito de se ver. É a minha coisa preferida porque sei que, se um dia eu me sentir perdido, sozino ou assustado, é só olhar para ele, pois estará sempre lá, não importa o que acontecer… e sei que sempre estará bonito.” 695 more words



shallow origination mists
beckon twilight
beyond the slip of moonlight
drinking sublimated shadow
in cerulean twist
listing as sea overtakes this engine of edifice
sacrificed altars where sorrow and rust… 35 more words