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Love Beyond Letdown

“I told Him I love Him anyway”

These were the precious words spoken by our new friend after he had his tumor surgically removed.  This statement came in response to him needing surgery instead of the tumor being supernaturally healed by Jesus. 

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One Little Piece

He doesn’t want all of you

Only that one little piece

That he can suckle

Or cuddle with

That makes him feel Just a little more of a man… 366 more words


I Never Saw It Coming...

I mentioned before, in a previous post, that I had recently started a new job. In total now I have worked at least 8-9 hours, composed of a very quick tutorial on how to work a Mac (still hate Mac) and one almost full day of being unable to do anything besides working on two computers and do a bit of dusting. 1,201 more words

My Life


Having spat out the last stone, I sit in an

oyster, I nearly called it empty,

pearl-less, but it is forever full of me

eventually, I hooked onto my everlasting… 36 more words


For they are like the angels

We know full well there’s just time
So is it wrong to toss this line?
If your heart was full of love
Could you give it up?

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A Year In My Life.

Today I Am Lost

The principal said I could not go back to work until I got a release from the doctor. I can’t get a release because it was emergency care. 232 more words



how do i explain that heartbreak
is not in bitter whisky on a november night
how do i explain that heartbreak
is not in blood on glass or that haunting piano waltz 108 more words