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Night Terrors. 

Laying on a big empty bed, it is not so fun, I am constantly reaching over to find you there. To comfort my fears, my nightmares…but most of the nightmares are about you.. 264 more words


The Need for Hope...

Read Nahum 3
Focus on verse 1

I recently read that the city of Chicago had recorded 300 murders for the year by Father’s Day weekend. 484 more words

Daily Devotional

amor prohibido, a freewrite

while I’m outside of me

can you meet me at the boundary

between you and I, and we

my heart has a secret my eyes can’t keep… 188 more words


"Watching the seasons fade"

In dedication to Bryant. He is someone very special to me that has been apart of my life for ten years now. The bond that we have is hard to understand, but I love him with all of my heart and then some…

175 more words


When it comes to being a lost person, you tend to wake with the day and have limited hope for the moments that follow.

As my mother once said, “Be careful with holding such high expectations of people and things, most of the time they’ll let u down.” 1,024 more words

Trusting God's Plan For You

I have to get this off my chest ASAP! LOL.

I’ve noticed that the devil tries to take some things out of your life so that you will stop trusting God. 925 more words

Suppressed Human

Well some things in life just happen … even if however badly you wished otherwise.. . how much ever you have actually put up to see the other way . 85 more words

Routine Life