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On Carl Sagan & Feeling Hopeless About the State of the World

Reflections on the “cosmic perspective” and what to remember when feeling powerless to change the world.

I finally started watching the new Cosmos series the other day. 1,944 more words



My personal struggle at the moment deals with love. My heart aches for a companion. I long for love and commitment but I have had no luck. 515 more words

It Hurts to Feel Good

It hurts to feel good.

One way or another, the goodness dampens, subsides.

The goodness is tough to keep going.

It lessens, it fades.

The false face to hide the hurt, 72 more words

Dying from the inside out.

I color my surroundings with bright bold color. But inside there is a darkness taking over.

I won’t deny the correlation of recent events. I know deep down the scars have been ripped open and the blood pours now. 194 more words

No Matter What...❤

​ “I am excited that finally told you, that I am inevitably in love with you and you don’t seem happy about it. I thought its a nice thing to know if someone loves you! 700 more words


Victims of Choice

“And in life, it is all about choices we make. And how the direction of our lives comes down to the choices we choose.” Catherine Pulsifer…

1,105 more words

When will I ever mean to someone? When will someone stay? When will someone choose me? When will someone fight for me? When will someone be scared to lose me? 19 more words

My Feelings