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This is better than nothing.

She dumbs it down but explains to me what Cognitive Behavioral Therapy is. How it works well for people with depression and anxiety. How promising a therapy she thinks it is for me. 261 more words


The pessimist- a poem

They, they are back
The monsters riding on beasts
With swords and chains

I don’t care if they rip me off
And threw me somewhere far… 271 more words


I’m not afraid to

Go on vacation from myself without leaving my body.



I wonder if you’ll still look to me in your time of need.

I wonder why you even choose to be a part of my life when I so clearly don’t deserve it. 615 more words


The night is drawing near to end

Thank You Lord. This night shift is almost over and I can go home and sleep. Nights are hard. Hospitals are hard. I am a wimp. 58 more words


Uh oh not again..

Ever have a TV show that you loved and look forward to watching everyday? Or a video game that would make you play for hours at a time? 373 more words

Why I Dissappeared....

I havent been here for a long time…

I’ve been living in my own world for the last few months and its been hell.

I continue to fight on a daily basis but my demons seem to be more in control of my life than ever before. 677 more words