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Being dragged through life?

All my childhood life I have been anxiously hoping – a very painful experience for the mind to go through.  As much as I had been hoping for physical circumstances to change, what did happen was a blessing of an incredible spiritual journey. 428 more words


I feel like I’m sliding down the rabbit hole again
Slowly slipping, slipping, slipping
I didn’t even realize it was happening
Then BAM!! It hit me I was falling… 301 more words

Mental Illnesses

From the Mind: Poetry and Prose

Taking a Break Behind the Building of My Photo Ops

It’s cold, he shivers, struggling to find warmth in the February air.
Huddled in the corner he looks over his shoulder, 448 more words

Cat Story

Hands Tied.

Hands tied.
Placed high on a pedestal for all to see, I quiver.
The cold wind blows away my dignity
The sun beats down melting away any humility… 126 more words

They are Everywhere

UPDATE: I just reread this post after more than two years. It merits sharing again, especially in this new, frightening climate of political extremism and the threat of diminishing entitlements for…

Source: They are Everywhere


The Invisible

We walk beside you.  Work with you.  Go to the same class you attend.  Watch the same shows.  Cheer for the same teams.  Drive the same roads.  1,090 more words



Oh the outrage.
People are outraged over things. Lots of things everywhere. Outrage is what’s in. Rage is in. Inrage.

There are outraged because a t-shirt could be misconstrued that is promoted by a walking dead star. 541 more words