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Let the tears flow,

And blur your vision

Don’t make them wait at the threshold

Of your eyes, for too long, for they

Must live their life too, 29 more words


'today's weirdness is tomorrow's reason why'

I can see why no one writes about this.  Why no one blogs about their transgender transition after the ‘I’m OK’ stage, when they drop off the face of the earth. 249 more words

General Stuff

Faith In Your Art

Art props you up if you remain faithful to it, giving it the attention required.

Stephen King says…you must write and read every day, no exceptions. 235 more words


At the End of Yourself

Via Instagram @Ryan.A.Sturgis

Sometimes you feel like you’ve done all you can do to stand firm. After being abused and abandoned by the ones who were supposed to protect and support you, maligned and slandered by those who promised to honor you – you come to the end of yourself. 99 more words


Sensible Financial Advice Worth More Than A Penny

Money is the root of evil. Well, it is also the root of all comforts and necessities. You cannot imagine life without money in our wallets or our bank accounts. 416 more words

The Trivedi Effect®

Help Me

Today I am lying in bed with tears pricking at my eyes because nobody understands and I can’t do this anymore.

Crisis Center, Round Two

I was escorted into a small, white room by an emotionless face in a white coat. Before I could even turn around, the big, heavy door was closed and, click, locked from the outside. 1,008 more words