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Freewritten prayer

I have renounced my faith in you, and come back so many more times that I know the way with precise perfection. It always happens like this. 524 more words


I read the last comment on my blog. Then I read the post. Then I copied paragraphs of the post and searched them online. My post was the first result. 309 more words

Life Experience


I was her once.

She is young; no more than 25, and she sits across the table from her mate, staring into his eyes.  Her eyes are filled with love and adoration.  829 more words



I’ve always believed in God.  I’ve known since an early age that I would some day go to heaven, but at the time I had no plans on doing so.   524 more words

April Poem 26: NaPoWriMo

Ned heard of pouch.

The rock in the coffee.

Stone differs drastically.

The edge in its simplest.

Subtle form of style.

Feelings of the strings. 72 more words

Abstract Poetry


I consider the size of the universe and see how small and worthless I am. I may hold a pebble in my hand. But I can’t say where the pebble came from or what will come of it when I put it down. 80 more words


Poem: The isolationists nightmare

Walls drenched in the sweat of yesteryear.

I hate many.

I love in particular.

Birds tweet of the consuming doldrums of today.

To be a man. 59 more words