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this hopelessness

stops me from being

who I want to be;

nothingness strangles

me until I pass out-

obstacles I’m determined

to fight through.


My Writings

Even Angels Suffer

You’ve castrated me,
Revealed me for my impotence;
I am unable to save you
From the demons that tear at your mind
And gnash at your soul. 120 more words


When Hopelessness Hits

I’ve spiraled down
and now I fear
what’s on my plate
is a fate
I did not anticipate.

I thought I had
an excellent plan… 94 more words


Hanging on in the Hard

A Hard Season

I am just now coming out of a period of darkness. A darkness incomparable to anything I’ve ever known. Crippling depression. Debilitating fatigue. 1,187 more words


not in the mood for this

I’m feeling very bad today, on edge, angry, getting frustrated at everything. I’m in pain, physically, mentally, emotionally, everything.  I’m doing my best to “self care”, but really those words mean nothing to me. 200 more words

Self Care

George Orwell's 1984 and Perfect Hoplessness

I believe that George Orwell’s 1984 is one of the most important pieces of social commentary of the 20th Century.  Unlike other dystopian novels, 1984… 562 more words

Literary Analysis & Critique

Paper Aeroplanes

Dreams are just as useless as paper aeroplanes:
they can’t get wind under their wings for long enough,
but will always crash down by malicious gravity.


© L. M. Rantala / Daghrgenzeen, July 15, 2015.