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Sleepy Saturday

Sleepy Saturday

I took my meds this morning and I guess the baclofen along with the trileptal kicked my ass. I was knocked out by 1330. 649 more words


Don't go where I've been!

Paint March ominous gray pierced with crimson lightning. Paint me lost: In March I lost my peace of mind, my self-confidence and, I feared, my identity. 537 more words

I'm Not Techno-savvy

hyped up and hypo again

Hyped up and hypo again

So the past week I have been in a hopeless, depressed mood. Now today, I had my coffee, nothing different, and I am feeling hypomanic. 1,061 more words


I met Happiness

We sat across each other
Sipping on a cup of tea I asked
Happiness where it was lost
It forcefully managed a smile
And barely whispered “ 248 more words

Scattered Words

"Depression and Suicide" by mytoecold

Hey y’all!  I’m subscribed to a YouTuber named Drew Monson (mytoecold) who usually posts crazy ranty-comedic-random videos but recently, he posted this moving video.   54 more words


Baking and upsetting things

I have had a painful day. I saw my father after picking up his dry cleaning. My ankle is killing me because I then baked cookies and then cleaned up the mess, washing dishes/pans. 645 more words


One Order of Darkness, Please!

I will let you in on a secret. I will tell you a secret about myself that I don’t talk about, that I don’t think about, but live with. 1,496 more words

The Disease

jtggodqos reblogged this on James the Greatest and commented:

beautiful piece on why sometimes we stay Ill. my two favourite bits are quotes below:

Darkness is, in my attempt to explain, not the lack of light. It is not the lack of love or the lack of compassion but rather the lack of hope. Darkness in my mind is a simple place without much adornment that allows me to feel not just sad, not just depressed, but allows me to fall deep into my own internal soul and put the world far away. It is a place that gives me permission to not have all the answers and it is a place that gives me permission to not have to be what all those I love hope for me to be.
My darkness which makes bottle of pills very attractive also blocks out much of the world. There is no expectations in this darkness but rather the need to be nothing.