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On Her New LP, ANOHNI Explores The Depths of Our 'Hopelessness'

Hopelessness. If you’re awake, how do you not wrestle with it? Even from the relative safety enjoyed by Americans, the more you read, the more you see, the more you live… it can seem almost impossible to remain optimistic for the future of your country, your world. 797 more words


No long goodbyes

you became so heavy
that the weight of you
broke my wings.
Never again
will you take up space
in my heart.

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Listen To Anohni's 'HOPELESSNESS'

Yes, a LOT of new music lately. But it happens to be that three of the most important releases in years are being crumbled into less than one week. 43 more words

New Music


I don’t know why I’ve been thinking about diversity so much lately.  It may be because the State Diversity Conference I attended several weeks ago was such a disastrous, discouraging and disappointing experience.  503 more words


Empty words are the enemies of hope

This one’s a no-brainer, right? “Hope,” I mean as the Daily Prompt, and this blog, called Finding Hope Ness.

How many times have I said I’m “surrounded by hope,” as in Hope Bay, the Hope Bay Nature Reserve, Hope Bay Forest, and Hope Ness itself? 308 more words

Hope Ness

Three Words (1/3)

He died in a car, but not in a car accident, and he made amends soon before it. Not many people ask more about it. 152 more words

What Does Hope Mean to Someone With Depression? 

As a small break from talking about my journey through seeking help for my mental health issues, I wanted take just a moment to talk about hope, as it is something that has come up over and over in discussions of my depression; family, friends, counsellors, doctors, they all talk about having it, but what is it really? 460 more words