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Addicted To It.

This New Age love means,
Finding small streets,
To delight in the misery,
Of the night,
To be remembered,
Only by the love-bites.

When the sun hits, 47 more words


They Come In Threes

The most disturbing thing I’ve heard

was a man saying,

when describing a woman hit by a train;

“she popped, it was hectic.”

I churned like the harbour… 80 more words


How Soon Is Now?

There’s only one thing in life that I look forward to: death. I’m sure this isn’t going to be my only life, but if it is, then I’d still rather be dead, as an eternity of nothingness would be a vast improvement. 569 more words

Transgender & Mental Health Issues

Any Imaginable Hunger

Any Imaginable Hunger

They drifted into a conversation,

That she immediately felt

Would be pivotal for her mainly.

He never had a clear understanding… 191 more words


i'll keep looking and asking

They were only about 5 blocks away from one another. Just a short walk, really. But they were worlds apart.

I left a local homeless shelter where men, women, and children were seeking relief from a situation I can’t even imagine, and I drove the 5 or so blocks over to the fairgrounds where an arts and craft festival was going on. 652 more words


Four Poems

There Goes Youth

There goes youth.

There goes novelty, firm beliefs, and recklessness.

There goes young love that will never be mine.

There goes immaturity, excuses, and stupid thrills. 176 more words

I am feeble and sore broken

How do you say succinctly that you are in such excruciating pain that it is making you desperate and panicked?  That you can’t stand it for one more minute?  430 more words

Observations On Life