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An unwanted existence, stuck in limbo

I feel like shit . Add “internet access at home” to to list of things I can’t get or can’t do, unless I can get a court order to force Social Security to change my name to what it should be. 378 more words

Transgender & Mental Health Issues

depression's extent

i’ve been reading about others’ experiences with depression online, in an attempt to try to explain my own symptoms better.
this was an anonymous comment on a website (and i hope it’s ok to share) from a guy who has really been crushed by his illness. 434 more words


I haven’t written in a minute, not because I don’t want to, but I haven’t had the mental and a lot of the time, physical energy to do so. 1,175 more words

A Strange Mixture

Today has been a strange day, emotionally. Ups and downs – I have been all over the place. From super-motivated, to hopeless, to excited and bustling, back to down…it has been an exceptionally rough day. 502 more words


Fantasies, Feels, And Friends...

Hey Wonderful Listeners…

Can I be honest with you all for a second? I mean, really honest. I’ve run into so many people who I’ve begun to like in ways of infatuation, and it’s kind of killing me on the inside. 2,000 more words

The Pineapple's Diary

ANOHNI Uses The Power Of Music To Slam Ecocide And Sexism, Urging Us To Take Action

Written by Jourdan-Reiss Russell

Antony Hegarty, better known for her project ANOHNI, has returned with a new single, “Paradise”, accompanying a new EP of the same name. 190 more words


170319 - Nighttime after Olympia

One thing has become abundantly clear this weekend. I need to get away from politics. I have been so immersed in it for so long. I went from a fucking commie to (almost) a fucking nazi, I’ve been in every fractal of the political spectrum, always with everything I had, burning and fighting for what I believed in. 747 more words