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Awesome Stories 361

This week Awesome Stories brings you DIY homes, hopelessness, and courage.

DIY Homes

I’ve always loved the flowing lines of dome homes and these DIY ones from DomeGaia look beautiful. 488 more words

Awesome Stories

I picked this song today because of how I am feeling.
I love the band super chick. I love this song in particular.
It gives me hope that things wont always be this bad, that I wont always feel so depressed and hopeless.

Mental Illness

The Monster (A Tale From The Glass Prison....)

Monsters are peculiar creatures that take a myriad of different forms depending on the context. Some take the form of terrible hairy beasts, some take the form of really terrible people out to do others harm, and then there are those that take the form of our own thoughts; that voice in your head that decides to break you when you’ve begun to hit a stride. 1,615 more words

Autism Awareness

When the Light is Fading and the Darkness Will Not Lift

Sometimes the darkness seems to be winning – and you wonder if there is light to be found.

Sometimes it is a chore just to lift your head and trudge through the day and you wonder if there is any meaning to be had. 143 more words


When hope has sunk

Tender shoots of green are breaking through the beds surrounding my house. Lush green grass has replaced the brown patches shedding winter’s dreary cloak. Birds serenade me through my bedroom window. 716 more words

Following Jesus

Chicken or the Egg?

When I was in the third grade a teacher told me that I’m lucky I wasn’t born in China or they would have killed me at birth. 916 more words


Adrift At Sea

I am adrift.  Floating upon an empty sea.  Beneath my head, a pillow of silence cradles my weary brain.  I lay still, covered by a thick blanket of darkness. 303 more words