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Most intense nuance overwhelms the ashes (of) undeniable regret

This is all there is to know. Those in powerful positions had taken the role of god in my life, and I retaliated fiercely. I took my life into my own hands however destructive the results. 137 more words


Things to Not Say to Someone Who's Depressed

As someone who struggles with depression, I have heard so many insensitive things that have only made me feel worse about myself. Here are a few of them, with a short explanation of why they hurt. 662 more words

Anohni- Hopelessness Album Review

While I have discussed political albums before, none have been as outspoken as this record. Being someone who is incredibly invested in politics in their personal life and would consider themselves well informed on many of the relevant issues for Americans I was very curious about this project. 894 more words


When Pain Hurts Deeply, Tears Speak


Some would say they’re cleansing. Others would say they sting, while others feel they’re a form of expression of the things we struggle with and have no real way of expressing. 376 more words

Thoughts To Ponder

Hello: Take 2

My first post on this blog was a short post called “Hello” (which, if you’re interested, you can find here) that outlined what this blog was going to be about. 214 more words

High School Happened

Before going to high school, I was told over and over again that these would be the best years of my life. I was told that it would be so much fun, that I would make so many friends, and lots of other stuff like that. 233 more words

When Will I Wake Up

I went to sleep.  A long time ago.  And I’ve never been able to wake up.

I went to sleep.  When I was a little girl being abused and rejected by her mother and sexually,  physically abused by her father.  686 more words