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Shakespeare and the first Gothic novel

I’m a big fan of Gothic novels, much to the amusement of my friend Michelle who patiently waits as I scour bookstore shelves in search of a good Gothic read. 1,393 more words


24th September 1717. 'Gothick Dilettantism'.

‘The world is a tragedy to those who feel, but a comedy to those who think’: Horace Walpole.

Today Horace Walpole contemporary of Hogarth and Gibbon, and inventor of the word ’Serendipidy’, was born in 1717.(1) 425 more words


Gay Georgian London: Horace Walpole Amongst the 'Finger-Twirlers'

On the 24th of September 1717, Horatio Walpole, 4th Earl of Orford, art historian, man of letters, antiquarian and Whig politician, was born in London. 1,087 more words


Seminar in the History of Collecting, 26 September 2016, The Wallace Collection (London)

SEMINAR: Researching the Strawberry Hill Sale of 1842: a real Baedeker’s guide of taste, Lecture by Dr. Silvia Davoli, Paul Mellon Centre Research Curator, Strawberry Hill House, The Horace Walpole Collection… 21 more words

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A Time Traveller’s Adventure: As a Guest at the Opening of Norfolk House

Today we welcome the lovely historian, writer and blogger, Anna Thane to our blog. Anna is the host of the blog ‘Regency Explorer‘ so if you haven’t taken a look at it, then we would highly recommend you take a peek at it, she has some fascinating information on there. 1,059 more words

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'Twas on a lofty vase's side

As I mentioned in class yesterday, while we were discussing Walpole’s Strawberry Hill, located to the right of the main entrance of the castle is the Little Cloyster, where Walpole kept a large vase filled with goldfish (right). 164 more words

Extra Credit

Anyone fancy a field trip?

Well, I suppose we have neither the time nor the budget to make a trip to Twickenham, but we can explore Strawberry Hill online. What do you think of Walpole’s “little Gothic castle”? 10 more words

Extra Credit