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There's No Knowing Whom We are Even Talking About

‘There was formerly a king who had three daughters – that is, he would have had three, if he had one more, but some how or other the eldest never was born. 233 more words

A trip to Strawberry Hill House

The other week my friend Susan was down from Cumbria, and we spent a happy few days in London – as someone who’s lived in the capital for seventeen years now, I never usually have the time or energy to just be a tourist in my home town, and it’s always good to have an excuse. 542 more words


the fleshless jaws

And then the figure, turning slowly round, discovered to Frederic the fleshless jaws and empty sockets of a skeleton, wrapt in a hermit’s cowl.

Horace Walpole, The Castle of Otranto


nothing but incoherent sentences

Manfred angrily reprimanded them for their intrusion, and would have forced them back from the chamber; but Jerome was too much agitated to be repulsed. He declared aloud the flight of Isabella, with protestations of his own innocence. 64 more words


more of the game

“A bystander often sees more of the game than those that play,” answered Bianca.

Horace Walpole, The Castle of Otranto


how little you know

“Lord! madam, how little you know of love!” replied Bianca: “why, lovers have no pleasure equal to talking of their mistress.”

Horace Walpole, The Castle of Otranto


Strawberry Hill House - where the Gothic Revival began

An icing sugar house in a leafy London suburb with turrets and crenellations like a gothic castle. Even today it’s like something out of a fairytale, but back when it was built, in the mid eighteenth century, hundreds of years after gothic architecture fell out of fashion, it must have been quite mind-boggling. 437 more words