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Barbells & Boxcars ep 12 who needs sleep

Hello and welcome to Barbells & Boxcars. We talk about Crossfit stuff, some gaming stuff, a short battle report of our warmachine game and our recommendations. 79 more words


Podcast 136 - A Battle Report! Woo! Caine2 vs Horgle2

Hey, did you guys know we do batreps? We do! Used to be almost all we did… but it’s been a few months (at least), and man, did it feel good to get back into the groove of these things… 878 more words


Barbells and Boxcars ep. 11 Letting it rain

Hello everyone!!! We are back recording in the garage after being off for weeks. Today we talk about random stuff while we were away, some crossfit stuff, table top gaming stuff and some bad rainy weather. 103 more words


Master Ascetic Naaresh

I painted this guy for the Privateer Press Forums Secret Santa 2016 exchange.  This is a Christmas themed exchange, so Naaresh here got lots of Christmas colors.  46 more words


Limitless Fails Gaming Group: Otaku Recon 2016 Recap

Otaku Recon 2016 Recap

I had a blast at Otaku Recon 2016 but it almost didn’t happen. A few months ago I contacted the people from Kai Productions but they were not giving out spots for exhibitors. 223 more words


What do I call this one?

This is a long story.

My first painted Pig was a Targ for Dicewraith on a Christmas swap. He requested that it have a pink Mohawk. 441 more words