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Battle Report: Saeryn & Rhyas unit vs eLylyth [5 Oct 2015]

This game was played after a battle with Testament.
Same 35pts scenario, Incoming.

I chose the objective Fuel Cache. It allows me to charge and run without being forced if my models are within 4″ of the objective. 294 more words


Battle Report: Testament vs eLylyth [6 Oct 2015] 

35pts scenario versus Testament.

List will be updated here soon!

35pts with SR2015, Incoming Scenario

Testament: Bunker Objective

Lylyth: Arcane Wonder Objective

Sherman went first. First turn, pretty standard. 694 more words


Battle Report 094 - Cygnar (Haley3) vs Menoth (eSeverius) - High DEF Ain't So Bad.

Finally an opportunity to get Haley3 on the podcast! Sweet! I love Haley3!

And Darrell has a chance to try out his eSevy list… who is way better than I gave him credit for back when I was playing Menoth last year. 1,536 more words


Battle Report: eLylyth vs Kallus 

First 35pts game with scenario! It’s was so different from regular game. It was Jono vs me. Legion and legion again.  

I decided to go second because of terrain, and I only just realized during this game that my Striders were AD! 328 more words


Battle report: Kallus vs Lylyth2 @35 pts

So yesterday’s game was against my blight sister, Sonja. She used to have this rule where she said she would never play against fellow legion players, but with the influx of so many new players in our local new blood tourney, it was bound to happen eventually. 679 more words


On the road to the WTC 2016 Part 1 - The pre-ramble

The World Team Championships for Warmachine and Hordes 2015 has come and gone… Now the build up for 2016 has begun. The WTC 2016 is to be held in the Netherlands, with a preliminary date of September 24th to the 25th. 282 more words