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Those fists are made for boxing...a Megalith Conversion

Just a quick one update for you guys today! The shop was having a Black Friday sale, so I decided top pick up Megalith. One thing that’s always bugged me about Megalith is the pose and the weight of the model.  51 more words


Current Commission

Here is a late update as to my current WIP project – a collection of Warmachine/Hordes miniatures.

The project includes the following:

Podcast 100 - Combo Smite Ask Us Anything!

Alrighty folks, you’ve been mighty patient and helpful… we sent out requests for questions, and we got over 50 questions in return! Only had the chance to get through a dozen or so of them on the podcast, but still… we appreciate! 118 more words


Secret Santa

Project I am working on to give to a forum SS


Quick and easy Trollkin Fennblades

Just a quick Warmachine/Hordes project, a unit of Trollblood Fennblades. Nothing special here, just standard and ready for the tabletop!

Spotlight - eZaal


With the release of Skorne’s new caster, eZaal, most people in Skorne clearly went through the 5 stages of grief in a very vocal and very chaotic manner after the initial spoilers of his rules. 6,299 more words


Podcast 100 - Delays (AGAIN)... Sorry Folks!

Hey guys and gals. This week’s podcast was *supposed* to be our big 100! The ol’ one-oh-oh! But t’was not to be.

Nick got all caught up with the WMW stuff, and Marc was distracted by the horrifying events of Friday, and our noble cohosts were off nobly cohosting other things… end result is that this week’s podcast will have to wait awhile. 58 more words