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Barbells & Boxcars ep. 26 Sound quality is Meh

Hello everyone and welcome another episode of Barbells and Boxcars. So this episode we are playing with a new mixer and working on some kinks. Please bear with us on the sound quality of this episode as we figure things out. 107 more words

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Grymkin: A day of updates and "education."

Today was a good day. Axe to face was dealt to the child from Butcher3 moments after he removed two fresh Skin & Moans and an unscathed Cage Rager. 838 more words


6 Months in Review

First of all I apologize for not finishing my Journeyman League review.  I will summarize to the best of my ability as it’s been quite some time since it ended.   522 more words


Grymkin: Advice on what to buy to get started, from a novice painter..

Hey there! Newbie painter here! You might be wondering about the variety of tools, paints, and such…but with most things this day and age, I like to do a bit of research…and go a little “all-in.” 708 more words


Throne of Everblight

Behold, the Throne of Everblight!

Behold his fearsome maw, which has consumed everything but the skulls of his enemies!

And the absurd amount of silver filigree I had to paint! 20 more words


Barbells & Boxcars ep. 25 how do you grip the bar

We are back. its been a busy month for us so we are happy to finally record an episode. This episode we talk about our usual Crossfit adventures and getting excited for the 2017 Crossfit games. 99 more words

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