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Video: Painting Collaboration - Lanyssa Ryssyl

I’ve just recently reached 500 subscribers on my YouTube channel. To celebrate this milestone I wanted to try something different. This video features a collaborative project by myself and my husband, Phil O’Connor, painting two versions of the same model. 8 more words

Old Witch of Khador (Warmachine - Khador) 2014

“Zevanna Agha has been around for hundreds of years, working from the shadows to enact her plans for Khador. With her companion Scrapjack she can overturn many a strategy and dictate the flow of battle to her every whim” … 155 more words


Video Battle Report with "House of Dice": Cygnar vs Circle, Jakes2 vs Kaya2

Hey folks! About a week ago, I got an invitation from Ryan from “House of Dice” battle reports to join him for a quick 10 point game that he recorded. 83 more words


Warmachine: Who would you choose?

Justin and I were out for a walk and he asked me a question. “If you could pick spells, abilities, of warcasters to have in the real world, what would you choose?” Picking and choosing from my Faction seemed easy enough, so much awesome. 684 more words


Riding out the Storm.

This weekend my chunk of the world was supposed to get hit by some of the worst wind and rain in over 30 years. My hope was that as long as the power didn’t go out the whole time, I could use the excuse to stay indoors to get work done on my Cygnar. 278 more words


The World Team Championships - Part 1

Hello all, this is the first part of the WTC write up from 2016 and its been a long road to get here. Over the year we have seen an edition change, a complete shake up of the meta and even some doubts that Legion would even have what it takes to make it in competitive play! 3,046 more words

Legion Of Everblight

Happy Turkey Day!

As many of you know, the Combo Smite team is Canadian. Proudly so.
That means we celebrate Thanksgiving this weekend (instead of November, like the United States), and that means that both Nick and I are in turkey-induced comas (I assume Darrell, Todd, and Kassem are as well, but to be honest they weren’t going to be on the next episode, so that’s okay). 53 more words