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WarmaZone #3: Wolfbane Commandos

What’s this, a two-for-one special on WarmaZone? What’s the world coming to?!? Sorry, I was just feeling extra-inspired today, and thought I’d share even more of my work with you. 1,873 more words

Lord Tyrant Zaadesh

A friend of mine asked me to paint a recent model that he had picked up. ¬†Unfortunately, I think he asked me to do this about 3 months ago… and I just finished it. ¬† 748 more words


Barbells & Boxcars ep 19 Open adventures

Hello and welcome to ep 19 of barbells and boxcars. Today we discuss our experience in the Crossfit Open 2017, some video game stuff, table top gaming stuff and we end the cast with our recommendations. 82 more words


Warmachine Army: Learning to Base Effectively

Recently, I have begun the hobby of painiting miniatures for the purpose of playing wargames. I pretty quickly picked up on the painting portion, mainly because I can call on my background in art classes, but basing was a different beast. 334 more words


WarmaZone #1: Trenchers

Hello hello! You are all probably wondering where I’ve been, and in truth, between school, home, and my job, I haven’t had a great deal of time for hobby stuff or working on the blog. 781 more words