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The Lexicon #1

With the series “Tales of the Shattered World” I’ve been embarking on, I thought I’d introduce a side series that clarifies some of the things I talk about in this new world, as some of the terms, names, slang, and locations I use are a bit confusing. 1,325 more words

Podcast 142 - Theme List Discussion!

Privateer Press announced a bunch of new Theme Lists! Huzzah! We spend almost an hour discussing those Themes, and talk a little bit about some New Years Resolutions for WarMachine… 920 more words


Strider Scouts (including Officer and Musician)

First minis completed in 2017!

I started these guys during Christmas vacation.  Batch painted them, but ran out of steam about 3/4 of the way through, and had to grind out that last 25% over the course of the last few weeks.  19 more words


Strider Deathstalker (#2)

I batch-painted a bunch of Legion of Everblight striders, including my second deathstalker.  They are FA:2, so that is the full allowance.  Also included is the one I painted about a year ago.


Current WIPs

I haven’t been good about posting WIPs, but I have been good about getting a least a little painting done almost every day.  Here’s what’s currently on the table. 65 more words


Let's Rumble!

Apparently I’m rather fond of starting post titles with “Let’s…”. Anyways, Privateer Press put out variant rules for playing small games of Warmahordes in the 2016 Steamroller document ( 295 more words


Barbells and Boxcars ep15 Back from the Holidays

Hello and welcome to another episode of Barbells and Boxcars. In this episode we talk about our holiday fun, some Crossfit stuff, random video games stuff, table top stuff and end it with recommendations. 96 more words

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