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Battle Report: Cygnar (Haley2) v Cygnar (Kraye1) on Recon II.

On Friday, March 9th, I was able to tow my models to my local game store: The Ogre’s Den, for a few games. The Ogre’s Den is an amazing spot with tons of tables for tabletop games (and card games like MTG), and they have a Warmahordes night every Friday. 2,473 more words


Gear Review: Battle Foam Spear Bag

When I attended my first Warmahordes event last October, I carried all my models in a hard-plastic craft organizer-thing from Michael’s. Upon returning home I found that a number of my Stormguard had gotten jostled around and a few had broken halberds. 1,583 more words


Theme force: Band of Heroes

Ok, I am back

after Pruszków Master which was great. I went 4-2 and ended on 12th position of 42. Before Poznań Master I plan to post some basic topics about trollblood faction. 1,120 more words

Warmachine & Hordes

Annyssa Ryvaal and Blighted Nyss Raptors

These guys took my FOREVER to complete.  I started cleaning up the metal back in August, got them primed in Oct/Nov and have been slowly working on them ever since.  74 more words


Farrow Valkyries

Wow, these ladies were fun to paint. The hair in particular was fun. RMS Carrottop Red, Harvest Brown and Blond Shadow, all of them highlighting up to Blond Highlight. 85 more words


Your First Game: Sizing Up The Enemy

You walk through the door of your local game store, models in tow, and approach the table for your first “real” game.  Maybe you’re attending your first Steamroller Event, or maybe this is just a game organized on Facebook – it doesn’t really matter.Hopefully you’ve walked in knowing your army, at least on paper, and maybe a little about the other models in your own faction. 1,835 more words


Grymkin vs The World - Game 5

With my pairing now settled it was time to get some practice in.  This week was playing Jane with her Gators.  Seeing as she’d picked up Barney2 recently and I’d picked up the Dreamer we decided to avoid the standard two lists and just play new stuff!  1,014 more words