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Hordes Minions Gatormen Jaga-Jaga Warlock...

Hello all! It’s been some time since I’ve done any work on my Gatormen, but alas I was fully painted with no new models I wanted until I saw Jaga-Jaga. 195 more words


Project - I want a new HAT!!! - Update #3 - Is it really Spring?

I sit here with the windows opened and a nice breeze. I am walking with the dog every day. She seems to like it, but I am over a mile and a half (not bad for an old fart), but Muffin might not make it as I push on to two miles or more. 761 more words

Podcast 074 - Mercs Vs Convergence - For Glory and CoC

This week I was matched up against Aaron and his slowly expanding Convergence army.  Aaron has few enough models for CoC that his army lists were virtually the same but with 2 different casters. 871 more words


Privateer Press Circle of Orboros Warpwolf Stalker

This was another recent commission to go along with the Riphorn Satyr. I’m glad to have been able to paint this model and the Satyr so I have some idea about what they are like while I make plans for my own Circle of Orboros army as I’ll probably include both models in my list options.

Miniature Painting

Throw Momma from the Terrain 02 - Snow Job

Wow, you’re actually back to read another one of these tasty little terrain write ups.  Or maybe you didn’t catch the other one? A beautiful expose on how to make autumn terrain come to life.  710 more words


Spotlight - Iron Lich Overseer (Part 1)


Ah the Iron Lich Overseer. Definitely the ugly duck of the Cryx family, the Iron Lich Overseer (ILO) brings a lot of unique abilities to the table, and yet, is chronically maligned pretty much across the board. 7,437 more words


Podcast 073 - Cygnar (Siege) vs Skorne (pXerxis): Derp-dah-dee-doo-dah...

So despite the fact that I’ve done the last 2 podcast games in a row, it didn’t occur to Nick that *maybe* he should take pictures and notes for his game this week… and so our good listeners get to learn EVEN MORE about how much I suck with Siege! 2,023 more words