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A sad day...

Today, February 6th 2016 will go down in history as a sad day. Today, we mourn the passing of a faithful companion. No, not a family pet, or old school friend. 434 more words


News and Announcement! Combo Smite at CaptainCon

Just a head’s up to our fine friends south of the border (or to those fellow Canucks braving the atrocious Canadian dollar to head to the USA): Many of the Combo Smite crew are attending CaptainCon this weekend! 171 more words


The World Team Championships! Little fish in an Ocean…

With the official announcement made a few days ago I am proud to confirm now that I will be taking part of the Warmachine World Team Championships later this year with one of the England teams! 2,056 more words

Legion Of Everblight

Gaming weekend!

We had a good weekend! Started off with a Friday night game of the Battle of Britain – did a little bit of rules tinkering and development and then the raf got comprehensively shot out of the sky, with only the last two heros of ‘the few’ diving into the fray making a dint in the german squadron! 197 more words


Sketchbook: Wold

I’ve started bringing my sketchbook with me when I go out for coffee with my fellow maniacs on the weekends. We were talking yesterday and something said reminded me of the days when I used to play hordes. 19 more words

Podcast 107 - Ontario Team Championship Analysis: Studying Is Fun!

Combo Smite has 2 full teams attending the Ontario Team Championships, a local version of the World Team Championships. This year, 24 teams from Ontario, Quebec, and the Northeastern United States will be attending the event, and the hosts have collected and tabulated the lists. 619 more words