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Trollblood 75pt List Project: Week 1

So we mapped everything out in the first post. The only complication was my local store had to order almost the entire list. I just picked up Mulg, the second batch of Whelps and the Runebearer today. 57 more words



What a weird tentacle monster.  Purple ink -> Entrail Pink -> Bubblegum pink skin.  Alien flesh head and spine.  Entrail Pink tentacles.


Welsh Masters

Event: Welsh Masters held a thrilling tournament on the 19th and 20th of May 2018 which was overflowing with marvellous prizes. The event ran smoothly with plenty of hilarious games and fun, including someone doing characetures! 58 more words


Current WIPs

Proteus is starting to look good.  I particularly like how the tentacles came out, plus it was a rare opportunity to use my pinks.  Bubblegum Pink made a nice mix with Drow Nipple Pink for the veins, as well as a good highlight for the Entrail Pink around the eyes and on the tentacles.  71 more words


The Troll Must Go On

Wait, that sounds terrible. Oh well, on with it.

So for the 75pt list I am going to go with a Power of Dhunia buid, this one was designed by one of the more accomplished players out there and has a lot of character filled models to get on the table. 499 more words


From Box to Battle Day 6

So this is the end and I did it my way, well sort of. So I missed a lot of progress pictures on the day but Most of the work today was details so I will do my best to walk through the steps. 524 more words


Box to Battle Day 5

Leather, so today’s write up is just picking out all the different pieces of leather. Basically pick a bunch of browns and tans and paint the straps, belts, pouches, Ragnor’s gloves and anything else one of the colors. 61 more words