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Lets talk about terrain. To many times have I seen players claim they use enough terrain. To many times have I seen players claim their board is even or fair. 730 more words


Hillary Clinton is in Deep Trouble – “Hordes of Wall Street Executives” Descend Upon Philly

Source: Liberty Blitzkrieg blog, by Mike Krieger

Political pundits throughout the land are tripping over each other to compose the latest bland, uninsightful screed proclaiming the death of the Republican Party. 1,781 more words

Propaganda, Fraud, And Outright Lies

Kryssa, Conviction of Everblight

I’ve just finished painting Legion’s newest battlebox caster: Kryssa, Conviction of Everblight.

She had some fiddly mould lines and I filled in the back of the cloak with putty because I didn’t like the gap.

Likes/shares/comments are appreciated!

Skornergy 101 - The Rhinodon

The Rhinodon is not a glamourous beast; it lacks the sheer destructive potential of the Bronzeback Titan, the speed of the Archidon or the general utility of Skorne’s excellent light warbeasts, but that doesn’t mean it doesn’t have a place in the armies of the Empire. 476 more words


Get it Painted! (July, Circle Laser Eyeballs 6/6)

Finished my first black clad! Well, not technically the first since the warlocks are also blackclads, but the first that’s actually wearing a black cloak. This finishes this unit! 98 more words


Midlands Open, now with video! - Day 1

Hey all, so last weekend I took part in a two day event ran by the Warlords of Warsall called the Midlands Open. This is the first event I’ve taken Mk3 Legion too and the first chance to really see if they can hold up in a tournament environment! 3,745 more words

Legion Of Everblight

Mk3 Warlock Study - Kryssa

Coming off the back of my Absylonia2 Warlock study I was intending to talk about Saeryn next as I think she is one of the most interesting warlocks in Mk3. 1,845 more words

Legion Of Everblight