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Ever notice how quickly a child’s skin repairs itself after it gets a cut or scratch? A child’s skin metabolism is running full force. In just a few days you might not even find a trace of where that injury was. 1,125 more words


Fact: Not all aging is the same.

There’s only one word to describe what happens over time–age–but there are different reasons and triggers for this process. Let’s look at the three main types of aging. 661 more words

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Laser Meets Freckles, Day 2

I woke up this  morning and ran to the mirror.  Not to see how good I looked, but how bad.  I was happy  that the vivid red spots were practically painless, but  they still looked pretty ceeepy.  180 more words


Botox for Migraine Relief


As a migraine sufferer, I was very interested in hearing more about Botox’s relief for migraines.  I was going to blog about this a week ago and on the front of Yahoo was a story on plastic surgery and Botox.    241 more words

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Youthful, Better Skin Just From Eating

I’ve written before about the benefits stated by many professionals (and non-professionals) on eating the right foods for healthy, youthful looking skin.  I, like others, struggle with what is the latest, greatest and best priced beauty product and wonder if I’d just get my food intake in order, would my skin look better as well as my weight.  776 more words

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Resveratrol and SIRT1: Effects on Aging

After reading a lot of literature and results from clinical trials, which I will add some of that information below, I have come to the conclusion that it’s impossible to find an effective form of resveratrol on the market due to the processing risks, the need for high doses and the quickness in how humans metabolize it.  383 more words

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Healthy, Younger Looking Skin Through Renova

Other than eating healthy and getting proper amounts of exercise and rest, the next step is to use a good anti-wrinkle cream.   It seems many doctors believe the best way to see proven results is through either Retin-A or Renova.  1,233 more words

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