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Wacky Women.

  I am not sure I can stomach one more story on this disturbing topic….Wacky Women.

     And People Magazine on my Facebook news feed seems to find… 543 more words


Pinning Things And P.M.S.

Warning: This blog is written by my alter ego,who shows up

once a month for an unwanted visit…sometimes staying a little longer than we want her too. 457 more words



Last night I tossed and turned, wide awake unable to sleep as I was filled with nerves and anticipation for my first day of work. It must have transferred on to Paul as we both ended up sat up and watching football until 1am. 521 more words


Two Steps Forward and Three Steps Back: Running Progress

I wrote a few weeks ago about my fledging attempts to get back on the road and my desire to run down the country lanes again. 184 more words


Fight for Health !! (Part 3)

Sebelum kontrol gw disuruh ke bagian laboratorium lagi. Hasil PA kemarin ditindaklanjuti dengan test ER/PR (Estrogen Receptor & Progesterone Receptor. Kalo mau tau apa itu ER/PR googling aja yah :D… 574 more words

Breast Cancer

I just need to write today.

I’ve had a rough day. I have used birth control methods since the birth of my younger child (who is 14) that have prevented mgr from having a regular menstrual cycle until the last year. 656 more words

Hormonal Weather

I know many people have much worse weather around the world than I ever get to see, but COME ON! We have had months of gray weather, cloudy, rainy, and freezing rain! 110 more words