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Did you know that a lot of your seemingly innocent habits are actually wreaking havoc on your body? Your hormones regulate everything from digestion to weight, mood to sleep and so much more. 1,009 more words

The weekend that was. That wasn't.

I wanted you guys to be the first to know: I’m not engaged.

It was my birthday last week.  I turned 32.  I tried not to remind myself that I always thought I would well and truly have my shit together at 32.  1,318 more words

Hazel's House Blog

When the rage monster comes out.

why are you being such an idiot.

don’t try with her.

is this a relative to distance thing?

because I don’t understand her.

you could do so much better. 123 more words


Days like these

Do you ever have those days where it takes all your strength, willpower, and patience not to tell people what you really think of them? Come on now, it can’t just be me surely? 237 more words

Left alone to my own devices

It’s a rare day I’m home alone for the weekend without obligations or Cheyenne. In fact, this is the first time I’ve been home for a couple of days since being locked up.   592 more words

The first 3 months

Sickness, tiredness and everything like a fog. I am never sick but oh boy do I feel rough. Some days I think I have a hangover until I realise I’m pregnant and choose not to drink in my pregnancy. 241 more words



Today was ridiculous.


told my mom and sister i’m pregnant. sam was excited but mom didn’t seem phased at all.

told my grandma. i started crying and said how scared i am but she comforted me perfectly. 246 more words