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Sleep Problems

I’m having a lot of trouble sleeping lately, and apparently it’s not going to get better for a while. At least not until I see the specialist next month! 238 more words

Getting Rid Of Cellulite: Five Myths & Truths You Should Know

It’s spring and many people will be heading back to the gym in the hope of busting cellulite, a seemingly unshakeable curse for many women. However, cellulite, which has both genetic and hormonal causes, can be improved with a comprehensive long-term strategy. 442 more words


The Hormonal Cure in Jupiter Island

Dr. Moricz: Controversy will always follow my name, because as…

Monthly Crisis to prepare the Midlife One

Never-ending vicious cycle:

  • “you’ll be okay, you’ll get over it”
  • tears, hormonal, depressed, anxious, stressed, overwhelmed, binge eating, itchy skin, bad hair, exhaustion, lack of motivation, hopelessness…
  • 127 more words

Androgen Insensitivity Syndrome Hormonal Management & Case Studies

What is Androgen Insensitivity Syndrome? Complete androgen insensitivity syndrome is a major malady that hinders the ideal development of the The post Androgen Insensitivity Syndrome Hormonal Management & Case Studies appeared first on SyndromesPedia – Medical Syndromes Information Portal.

gETTING ABIT jiggled up

Its abit okey dokey ish about things like were the head at does  it,  listen really?

Do you always listen to yourself? or do you get trapped into putting more information on top of what you are supposed to,  like second guessing, Well my hands are up I always do this its like the glass is never full,  with more things to do and my head feels like a chicken on the chicken run going to school to pick up her kids, JOKes aside, 357 more words


Holy crap. I knew going off the pill was going to bad. But this is shithouse. And this is what I wanted answers for when I went to my GP and got nothing. 521 more words