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Side effects!

I’m on my last week of birth control (last day on Sunday! EEEEPS!), and while I don’t have side effects like nausea, headaches etc., I think I do have one rather important one that effects people around me. 429 more words


Happy feels good

things that make me happier:

good hair days
banana chocolate chip muffins
kisses/lovey hellos&goodbyes from Janny Boy
pants that aren’t too tight/too loose
starting a new journal (so crisp~)

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(Espero que no) FOREVER XXI

Mi mamá salió embarazada 3 años después de haberse casado, me dijo que en ese tiempo decidió que iba a tener un bebé hasta que mi papá se lo propusiera y no salir embarazada recién casada, así que eso hizo. 643 more words

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An rather public hormonal blip...

Soooo.  Just as I thought I had it all under control, Progynova happened.  Those pesky little blue pills put my hormonal mind through some craziness yesterday.   239 more words

Acne Update 10/2/2015

Crazy outbreaks on my right side of the chin.

Super bumpy. And I am getting annoyed.

As for the rest of my face, it’s getting clearer and better. 38 more words

The first step to getting back on the bike!

I have had so many ask me what surgery I had.  People with NO business asking, some were kind, some were curious, some just were nosy.  318 more words


How Pregnancy REALLY Feels

Pregnancy FUCKING Sucks. All of those pregnant assholes who just LOVE to tell you how AMAZING & MAGICAL it really is are dishing you a big fucking pile of BULLSHIT. 399 more words