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Episode 4: Interview with Suraksha Shetty Shah, A dietitian, and nutritionist.

Part 2 : Suraksha Shetty Shah discussing thyroid, PCOD and PCOS and other hormonal issues.
Plus important tips for a diet.


Anti Aging - Reno NV -Effects of Exercise on Muscular Strength, Mass, Mobility and Hormonal Levels in Older Women - Dr Ken Romeo

OPINION: Dr Ken Romeo   775-870-6942

Exercise studies are lacking in populations of older women. For some reason, scientists seem fixated on conducting exercise studies in young and older men. 268 more words


10 Weeks down. 30 to go

I am the biggest emotional WRECK today and  it’s only Monday! First I come to find out, I am RH negative, and I’m over here thinking like this is the end of the world.. 352 more words

First Time Mom

PMS: Men's Worst Nightmare

Contributed by: Dr. DominatRhix

“A powerful spell that women are put under about once every month, which gives them the strength of an ox, the stability of a Window’s OS, and the scream of a banshee. 285 more words


I Used To Be Too Poor To Vote Republican; Now I Hope Loss Aversion Will Save Hillary

For a long while I used to feel I didn’t have enough money that voting Republican could possibly make any sense. Now, though not much wealthier or poorer, I feel I have just enough to lose that the very idea of voting Republican makes zero sense. 221 more words

Is There A Designated Towel For Your Menstrual Days.?

All of us women have them, menstrual days every month. I hate getting mine, I mean why can’t mother nature send me a text saying her girl i’m just letting you know you are not pregnant.?! 296 more words

New Blogger

What is the opposite of romance?

I’m super bitter right now. This whole thing is going to be ranty. You’ve been warned.

First of all, my town’s post office is total bullshit. 527 more words