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What is the opposite of romance?

I’m super bitter right now. This whole thing is going to be ranty. You’ve been warned.

First of all, my town’s post office is total bullshit. 527 more words

A Period Drama

No, I’m not talking about Pride and Prejudice. I’m talking menstrual. You know how it is…one minute you’re fine, the next you are finding that a tv advert for toilet roll turns you into an emotional wreck. 298 more words


How to get (almost) flawless skin

Me and my skin are mortal enemies (no, really). Since about cringe worthy middle school days I have battled with hormonal acne. Throughout my adolescence I have struggled with every kind of skin care problem imaginable. 515 more words

6/10 to 7/10 : So tired..

First off, today was so full on that I completely forgot what happened yesterday. Woohoo for a crappy memory.

So yeah as I said today was full on. 376 more words


Podcast: My Journey with Acne Part 1

In this podcast I talk about my personal acne journey. It was at times painful, exhausting, and very very difficult. I remember hurtful things that were said to me, and how embarrassing it can be to have your acne brought up by strangers!


Baby Brain

So first off let me start by saying this, “Whoever said Baby Brain isn’t real can kiss my bare big toe!” (I’ll explain why my toe and not my ass below.) 1,560 more words


Pregnant with baby number two! 

10 weeks ago I found out I was pregnant again! I had some cramping and thought my period was finally coming back as it hadn’t returned since having Teddy. 1,139 more words