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¿Qué no puedo...?

Un padre entra al cuarto de su hija y encuentra sobre la cama un vibrador, angustiado el padre decide, después de mucho pensarlo, enfrentar directamente el tema con su hija. 191 more words


An emotional week!

So this week has been rather emotional to put it nicely. This is because another big change occurred. Now before I start I will say that I do believe it will do her amazing in the long term. 567 more words



I haven’t written about my hormonal condition in some time and it may be time to do so again. I am officially pre-menopausal and have been for a few years now (yikes, a few years?! 587 more words


Tonton "Akibat Testosterone rendah pada pria" di YouTube

Laki-laki memiliki hormon yang berbeda dibandingkan wanita, dikarenakan fungsi dan tujuan dibentuknya hormon tersebut juga berbeda.  Pada pria hormon yang berperan menentukan fungsi maskulin adalah testosteron yang dihasilkan oleh testes atau buah zakar.     271 more words


the blues are here. again

Who would have thought coming home after such a beautiful and relaxing ‘babymoon’ I would lapse into such a bleak mood. Why am I in such a mood, well it could be a combination of some things that have genuinely upsetted me, feeling achy all over, a stuffed nose (doesn’t seem to be going away) and perhaps the usual culprit for pregnancy blues, hormones. 473 more words

She Really Ruined My Birthday This Year!

06/17/99: Well, I still have my period, if you wanted to know. Today I woke up, took a shower, and got ready. Then I rode my bike down to Dollar General and met Cara there. 853 more words


FET#1 Day 1 - Estrogen

Estrogen is not joke. For real. When I was younger and my mom was going through menopause and she was on estrogen patches, she would sometimes act crazy and I didn’t believe it was because of the hormones. 446 more words