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The Day Before

I don’t even know if I can coherently express my feelings over the past few days. But here it goes!

Since coming back from ROTR both Chris and I have been sick. 425 more words


Erythema Nodosum

Its Back!!! ugh .. it has been away for so long… I was hoping to never have a bad outbreak again … But its back.. and I would call this a Medium outbreak … 475 more words



Every month, like clockwork, my body returns to the memory of you. Logically I know it is hormonal. Even though my child bearing days are over, my body is not yet ready to let you go. 131 more words


If We Were Having Coffee - Everything is Irritating, Mad Max was Awesome, and Derby Girls are Tough

If we were having coffee I would apologize for the bad mood I am in right now and assure you that despite the lack of a smile on my face I am very happy to see you. 901 more words

If We Were Having Coffee

Blind Pimples SOS

My period came.

My chin is flooded with Blind Pimples again. Those big and sore, without heads. And they takes me forever to get rid of one. 55 more words

How to survive a baby shower (& other awkward things) when dealing with infertility

so you’re going to a baby shower-or another awkward event-while you’re in the midst of infertility. first of all, i feel for you. going to a baby shower when dealing with this is the equivalent to being the older single family member at a wedding. 286 more words


Emotional Dumping.

I could probably write pages about how horrific miscarriage is physically, but there’s one thing that I think stands out past all of the rest: the emotional diarrhea. 723 more words