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Journal of Hormonal Disorders and Endocrine Research

Journal of Hormonal Disorders & Endocrine Research (JHDER) is an open access journal, covering all aspects of studies in relation to Hormonal Disorders and Endocrine Research. 18 more words


Poor #2 is going to be bossed to bits...

Have any of you ever experienced a lot of impatience during pregnancy?  Zero tolerance, imminent explosion type impatience?  Google and mummy threads reckon it’s very normal for our hormones to go slightly (or a lot) out of whack and cause these feelings of impatience, anger and even rage!   300 more words


The Ordinary charm! 

It’s been a while since I posted anything but I’ve been proper out of energy this past month and I apologise for being so absent to those who care. 407 more words

The Hormonal Cure in Jupiter Island

Dr. Moricz: Controversy will always follow my name, because as…

My hair ain't curlin'!

Haha, I thought the cowboy twang in the title sounded fitting… or have I just lost it?  School holidays have begun, a needy child coupled with screaming pets have caused a few screws to come loose, or I’m just, hmm I hate to say it… hormonal! 559 more words