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FET#1 Day 1 - Estrogen

Estrogen is not joke. For real. When I was younger and my mom was going through menopause and she was on estrogen patches, she would sometimes act crazy and I didn’t believe it was because of the hormones. 446 more words



I know I’ve banged on about hormones before but I need to again in the hopes the very act of banging on again might get me through this month’s barrage of harrumph. 778 more words


Spiritually connecting to heal the female body

Spiritually Connecting to heal the female body

Cyclical ailments have always run on a predicted path for me in my body.  It is the single most confusing and gripping area of strife in my life, one that is familiar and daunting.  6,170 more words


My skincare routine

Let me start by saying I am NOT a doctor.  Please check with your doctor before taking vitamins and supplements

  SInce I recently changed my skincare routine I will talk a bit about what I was doing and what I’m currently doing. 1,108 more words

Adult Acne

Acne at 35....

I’ve been at war with adult acne off and on for 13 years.  Some days I feel like I’m winning…other days I feel like the war will never end. 1,221 more words

Adult Acne


Bagi sebagian besar pria ukuran penis merupakan kebanggaan atau momok tersendiri, tetapi dari sisi medis memiliki makna tentang kesehatan seksual dan reproduksi pada pria. Ukuran penis yang kecil bahkan sampai mikro bisa menjadi masalah yang sensitif bagi seorang pria. 243 more words



Payudara yang besar mungkin menjadi daya tarik seksual tersendiri bagi kaum wanita. Bagaimana kalau hal tersebut terjadi pada pria?

Pembesara payudara pada pria disebut dengan ginekomasti, dimana terjadi pembentukan kelenjar payudara mirip wanita pada dada pria. 267 more words