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Iran warns U.S. warship to leave area of naval exercise


Iran’s navy on Wednesday warned a U.S. warship to leave an area of the Sea of Oman where the Iranians were holding an exercise, the Tasnim news agency said. 208 more words

Qeshm, the Secret Island of Hormuz Strait

Time doesn’t exactly stand still in this place, but it definitely slows down to a trickle. This is an island of goats and camels feeding unherded by the roadside, of massive handcrafted ships the size of a townhouse (think Game of Thrones) that take seven to ten ​painstaking ​years to build, of pristine mangrove forests populated by well over a hundred ​documented ​species of birds, of men in fishing boats spreading out trailing nets in the soft pink glow of sunset, of dramatic marl sandstone canyons bearing the ridges and scoop marks gently and patiently carved out by centuries of rainfall. 306 more words