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Bible Seizure..I don't want to hear about it anymore

Tan Sri Dr James Masing doesn’t want to hear of another Bible-seizing incident.

“I don’t want to see or even hear of another incident involving the seizure of our Bibles. 596 more words


Twitter-"A Good Start..FB & Others Depends.??"


TS DR. ALI HAMSA IS BOLD AND HAS THROWN THE CHALLENGE DOWN TO ALL  Secretary -Generals,Heads and Deputies of Government…to have twitter n FB accounts.. 68 more words


Cybertroopers:-"IT'S THE CONTENT....!!"

Natasha gave Augustine a phonecall eventhough she has not fully recovered. Bro she said” read this and reposts the article and this is where the good is separated from those who dont have passion,commitment and the political will to fight for a good cause. 833 more words

Malaysian Politics

PRU 13..."Kuasa Rakyat..!!"

Parlimen Sarawak 31 kerusi. BN 29 Pakatan 2. Banyak orang analisi bercakap akan ada bumi gempar di Sarawak di PRU13. Ini di sebabkan “Rakyat Sarawak tidak berapa gembira dengan muka lama pemimpin BN. 429 more words


SPDP '5' Will They..??"

A number of questions will be answered today at the SPDP Supreme Council meeting in Sibu. The mosts common and obvious question seems to be, 107 more words


SNAP "Where's my Key..?"

The talk of the town…….ONLY TWO THINGS…. 

1. The beauty of Taibs marriage    2. SNAP the willing partner.

For the last few months the incessant attack has been on Taibs properties abroad and his lavish lifestyle but it seems the “marriage” of Taib at 74 and his wife of 28 has diverted the talk. 707 more words