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Nothing is Free in a False Economy

Cash-poor and time-rich are not mutually inclusive parts of the life of the disorganised organism. One can certainly be cash-poor and time-poor too, or conversely, you may think, time-rich and cash-rich; I would posit from experience and a long jobless time mulling over this position, that the two are actually, theoretically interchangeable states. 1,285 more words


[The Audiofiles] Party With a Purpose as Daybreaker Teams Up With Generation Philanthropy

What started out as a dream and a whisper, has catapulted into an international dance craze that’s waking and shaking conscious party people from San Francisco to Los Angeles and New York City to London. 358 more words


Good Readings: The Hornblower Books

Due to my busy schedule at school, I do not find much time for free reading, much less fiction or novels. Now that I am at home, I decided to take some time to reread a book that I have not touched since my junior year oh high school. 171 more words


The Price of Fame

In 1996, a song was released that propelled a lowly band called “The Verve Pipe” into being one of the great one-hit wonders of the 90’s: … 424 more words


Give me a Break

The first question a person has to ask themselves as they consider pursuing a career as a singer songwriter is β€œIs it worth all the shit I am going to have to go through?”. 1,251 more words


Originality is Never Necessary

The problem of creativity and originality in music has been an issue ever since skiffle started ripping off rock β€˜n’ roll which ripped off The Blues which ripped off native African tribal rhythms colliding with traditional English folk ballads. 504 more words