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Hey, I’m Driving Here!

I recently returned from a trip to Honolulu. I had accompanied my wife who was making a speech at a conference there. Tough duty, but someone had to do it. 1,101 more words

NYC Scene

Welcome to the Dark Side

When you think of naughty and nice novels, I’m 92% sure most people’s minds wander right off the gutter and keep going until they hit sins even demons would blush at. 90 more words

Creative Post

Standing in the way of light

Featuring Plastik Kratus Horns at Whimsical Event & Venge Fantasia Eyeshadow and Morrigan Lashes.

“Round we go in circles, does it have to be this hard? 350 more words

Second Life

Masked Black and White

Miss Angel Inez bravely posing among many, many sharp things…

Horned Melon

These look pretty impressive and challenging to eat. But that’s okay, because I don’t think you eat them. From everything I can find you strain the seeds out and drink it. 29 more words


Grandpa's Horn

Marked “Milan” in tiny letters,

with a trumpet mouthpiece stuck

in its forlorn aperture . . .

–excerpt from “Grandpa’s Horn” in Ghost Garden by Donna Pucciani. First published in Coffee House.