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Rhino Survives Horrific Attack By Poachers

The rhino’s rescuers gave her a name: Hope.  Poachers in South Africa had darted the rhino with a tranquilizer and hacked off her horns while she was sedated, leaving the animal with a horrific wound covering much of her face. 22 more words


Carnotaurus was a dinosaur that lived 90 million years ago.  Carnotaurus was one of the most bizarre dinosaurs of all time.  It had short, stubby arms (literally, they were shorter than your forearm.  160 more words



The following confession takes place in a rehabilitation group.

Mr.X- Good Evening all, I’m X and I’m addict.

Group- Hello X.

Mr.X – So, I actually  don’t know how to start and my addiction is kind of unheard of specially outside of India. 785 more words

Silk Skull

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