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Decided on a Rolex watch

    Wristwatches can become a pretty expensive hobby. Owning a dozen watches myself and always searching out the next one to complete the collection has always been my never ending struggle.  142 more words


The Real El Primero 410

Here at Mastery In Time we believe in what we do and how it’s made. We previously touched upon the history of time and racing sharing a fine line that is rarely talked about. 154 more words


Birthday wishes

Today marks the two year anniversary of the Urban Gentry channel on YouTube. For those who’ve never heard of the channel, or its host TGV, I’d suggest going ahead over and checking him out here. 81 more words


First post in horology

Hello, welcome to my blog, Track of Time. The purpose of this page is to share my love for watches and the watch community.

What to expect in the future? 87 more words


When did time become so important in Motorsports?

Motorsport and Horology go hand in hand for obvious reasons. How fast was that lap, how many seconds am I behind the car in front? Questions like this would have absolutely no sort of answer if it was not for accurate time keeping. 152 more words


Our Story

Mastery In Time has one focus, to find the best in Motorsport and Horology and report on it. The goal is to provide a passionate prospective on Motorsport builds and the watches that track the time spent doing so. 31 more words


Moon Machine: Talking horology with MB&F

I  ndependent watchmaker MB&F has unveiled its latest, fantastical horological device. The Moon Machine is a collaboration between the company and Finnish watchmaking individualist Stepan Sarpaneva. 934 more words