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Look at the hand of the clock
it’s moving and pointing at 12
it’s another tomorrow and there’s no going back
You let go of things you held… 139 more words

King Farouk: Fabulous Wealth, Fabulous Watches

King Farouk, Kingof Egypt and the Sudan, succeeded his father, Fouad I, in 1936 at the tender age of 16. To say that King Farouk was rich would be a grave understatement. 664 more words


Working on a fixed subject like a watch can be a great exercise in lighting, composition and creativiy in general. Using two white papers to create something of a soft box I bounced a flash straight up against the ceiling and had it bounce back again. 66 more words

Greenwich Time: And the Discovery of the Longitude by Derek Howse

Greenwich Time: And the Discovery of the Longitude by Derek Howse lands on the shelves of my shop, where it will be found in my… 327 more words

BookLovers Of Bath: The Shop!

Horological-photoessay: One of your own

Today’s subject is a somewhat unusual one, and an esoteric one even for the horological enthusiasts in the audience. It’s not often that a creative sees the whole product gestation process through form design to photography to consumption; either it happens at the very small and private scale, or you work for Apple (or the like) in in a senior capacity. 256 more words


Be Jelly: Exploring the MB&F HM7 Aquapod and its Particularly Peculiar Sea Creature Features

I remember the pain like it was yesterday.

My parents took me on a rare weekend trip to the Chesapeake Bay area. I was about eight years old and didn’t yet know how to swim, but liked walking along the beach with my legs in the water up to about my knee. 1,439 more words


The 3 Types of People You Meet in Watch Groups & Forums 

While doing some recent research on some watches online I noticed something that all forums & messge boards seem to have in common. I thought it was quite funny so I had to make a quick list. 324 more words