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Gun Laws are Overdue for an Overhaul

When will congress take some common sense steps that would stem the tide of gun violence? Every time you turn around you hear of these horrific crimes. 30 more words


JailInmates.us.org Horrified By New Details In Toddler Car Death Case

It takes a lot to truly horrify us at JailInmates.us.org. We’ve read and reported to JailInmate.us.org customers tons of information about grisly crimes. But the new details that have been coming out about the now-infamous toddler car death are turning our stomachs at JailInmates.us.org. 308 more words


A Real Life Horror - Totoro Story Reflects the Shadows of Sayama Incident

Labor day Weekend!  The unofficial beginning of autumn, my favorite time of year.  Not too hot, or too cold, but just right.  Now it’s time to think about Halloween, which is just around the corner. 498 more words


Where's the Outrage, America!

I cannot match how Glenn Beck presents the latest outrage within the American society; other than the media has not pounced upon this like the Zimmerman-Martin story. 69 more words


Hear our Prayer - Save Our Children

Lord – we call upon you today to ask for protection of our youth.  We ask that you open our eyes, and make us aware of the dangers that present themselves to our children.  338 more words


Corporate Mainstream Media: No Outrage About Abortion Clinic vs. Sandy Hook Tragedy

Murdered children does not qualify for big news and extensive coverage for corporate mainstream media, unless it is caused by a mentally disturbed person using firearms. 612 more words

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Rule of Law Applies to ALL Citizens in EVERY State of the Union - even Illinois

Cinemark Theater, the place where Jesse Holmes killed and wounded people attending a showing of the latest Batman movie is being sued by the victims and families because they failed to provide security for its patrons after posting that the theater was a Gun Free Zone. 468 more words

Constitutional Crisis