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Horrifying footage shows hundreds of Indians attacking African migrants in 'revenge' for teenager's overdose

Hundreds of Indian residents have attacked migrants with sticks and metal chairs in ‘revenge’ for a teenager’s overdose which they blamed on ‘foreign’ drug dealers. 248 more words

Video/Photos: Horrifying moment villagers cut open a giant python and discover their missing friend inside

Horrified villagers searching for their missing pal were shocked when they found him in the stomach of a 7m-long python who had swallowed him whole. Akbar Salubiro was still wearing his boots, short and t-shirt when he was cut from the belly of the beast. 117 more words

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Spring Break

Spring break was a very horrifying  week. Because I went to San Antonio with my family and we went to a hunted house. It was so scary their was an lady who was locked in a cage and she was calling for her mom an my mom answered her then she started to chase us down a bridge that looked like it was turning upside down. 55 more words


Horrifying MLB The Show Glitch Is Not Okay

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There’s a lot of stuff you can do in MLB The Show 17. You can throw balls, swing bats, and up until recently, create unholy baseball abominations like the above. 196 more words


Is this a robot trying to kill me? Yes/no?

Here are a series of texts with humorous confessions, and a poll at the end.

Is this a robot person?

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it's not fat, it's weight

Funny story for today. A coworker, whose first language is not English, commented that I’d lost my baby fat quickly and then asked if I was exercising. 287 more words