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Why The Series Finale of Glee Is Secretly Horrifying

Before you go any further, be aware that there are many, many spoilers in this post. In fact, it’s pretty much all spoilers. I can only assume as the episode aired a couple of days ago that you will already have watched it any way. 1,345 more words


Facebook ad targeting: the desolation of Janie

According to five minutes of internet research (actually it was twenty because I got distracted when I found that there was such a thing as an… 141 more words


December 2, 2014. 2:54 AM.

It is nights like these that I don’t know what to make of myself. It is nights like these that I can feel the volcanoes in my chest erupt and the burning lava harden around me. 76 more words


New Word(s)

White Space:


1. The moment between finding your mom’s dildo and hysterically screaming.


2. The moment between walking in on your dad jerking off and going blind.


Man Finds Something Horrifying In His Cheeseburger After He Bit It

We have found some pretty gross things in our food before, but this one might take the cake. We have all found a hair here and there, but have you found a bug in your food before. 18 more words


"Sympathy For A Psycho"

There was this infamous mass murderer in Massachusetts that everyone knew about. Even more alarming, the residents of my town were warned that he had been spotted in our proximity. 443 more words