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D.S. Wrights - Author Spotlight

D.S. Wrights: Author Spotlight

Meet the Author:

D.S. Wrights was born in 1980 to a Dutch mother and a German father and was raised mostly in Germany. 678 more words

Author Spotlight

'The Sacrament' Review

Directed by T.I. West (V/H/S and House of the Devil) and produced by Eli Roth, The Sacrament is a 2013 found-footage film about two journalists from VICE who decide to document the whereabouts of their co-worker’s recovering drug-addicted sister who ran away to join a reclusive religious commune somewhere just outside of the Americas. 161 more words


10 Horrifying Hospitals You Never Want To Stay In

Hospitals are, by and large, pretty creepy. After all, you’re talking about big, sterile, labyrinthine structures where people often go to die. And that’s just actual medical hospitals. 137 more words

No One Prepares You For A Puppy

I begged for a puppy. I loved the idea of a cuddly little ball of fur that was always happy. Play time, dreams during puppy naps and busy walks filled my thoughts. 753 more words


Super Sized vs. Super Silly

I was super excited to see Plus Sized Wars on Channel 4 last night.

I know I wasn’t the only one, the whole online plus-size community was buzzing. 2,257 more words


I guess I was bullied before. But it was never a major event. It were probably silly things, here and there, and I would forget it within hours/ days/ weeks. 319 more words

Baby Shower Cakes To Make You Wonder...WHY!!!!!???

I’m going to insert a warning here now… If you are of a nervous disposition, or don’t like nauseating stuff, you may not wanna look!!!

114 more words