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Man Finds Something Horrifying In His Cheeseburger After He Bit It

We have found some pretty gross things in our food before, but this one might take the cake. We have all found a hair here and there, but have you found a bug in your food before. 18 more words


"Sympathy For A Psycho"

There was this infamous mass murderer in Massachusetts that everyone knew about. Even more alarming, the residents of my town were warned that he had been spotted in our proximity. 443 more words



I’m in the bathroom brushing my teeth as hard as I can, because I can feel that thin film of plaque that is currently residing on them. 159 more words

Bleeding is hard... especially when you're bleeding alone.

I find myself in a strange position now days.

It’s this odd state between many opposites that shouldn’t have the ability to coexist…

Sick, but well… 339 more words

where to start my story from?

where to start my story from?

that’s not a question, that is the quickest span of time where you see all the topping events of your entire life revolving in your head.

307 more words


Mir walked slowly, every step sending a strained message to his brain. To stop. To lie down. To give it a rest. It had been a long day, like every other. 803 more words