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A Horrifying Way To Serve Pikachu Cake

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If you ever have a Pikachu cake, please do not slice it like this.

Recently Twitter user Manami1030 showed off her Pikachu wedding cake, and the way it was cut up and served to guests. 35 more words


Here's The Reason Why You Should Never Allow Your Dogs To Lick You! Truly Horrifying!

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There was once a myth saying that dogs’ mouths are actually cleaner than the human’s mouth. But then, experts quickly clarified that this is not true and was just nothing but a myth. 8 more words

The Last Of Us Has The Most Horrifying Death Scenes

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I am an intermediate player; it takes practice and time for me to complete a single player campaign, and inevitably, I die a lot during that journey. 770 more words


A 'Ghost' Was Terrifyingly Caught On Camera Wandering Near The Lake! This Is Horrifying!

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Ghost videos are being uploaded online with the purpose of sharing it to the online community and make them believe that there are really other entities in this world. 13 more words

Squirrel Seeks Chipmunk

Squirrel Seeks Chipmunk
by David Sedaris
Illustrations by Ian Falconer
In one way, I loved this book. And in another, I have probably never been as shocked and appalled by anything I’ve ever read. 523 more words

Book Review

HORRIFYING: 17-Year-Old Finnish Girl Raped, Burned Alive By Illegal Migrant From Afghanistan

Multiculturalism in Europe: 17 year old Finnish girl, kidnapped, raped and burned alive by her new boyfriend, Afghan asylum-seeker. 94 more words

Daily News

I Cannot Stand Bullying.

At the end of May an eighth grade boy at my sister’s school attempted to commit suicide.

I don’t know this boy personally, and neither does my sister, but upon hearing the news I immediately broke down in tears. 240 more words