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Horrifying Secret Of The Number 11:11 Was Revealed! Must Watch!

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At a young age, many people are being taught how to follow the superstitions and certain beliefs of the old people. 23 more words

Seriously? This Spider Ends The Life Of A Snake! Horrifying!

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Snakes and spiders are considered as the enemies of the mankind because of the terrifying appearance that they have and also the fact that these animals could be dangerous to the health of a person. 7 more words

A Tiny Dot Appeared On Her Nose, But It Was Not Just A Simple Pimple It Was Something Dangerous! Horrifying!

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They say that you will never know the danger of a simple thing not unless it shows terrifying effects on the body. 23 more words

Mooch - Dan Fante

Nobody writes better about the horrifying slave-master that alcohol makes than Dan Fante.

Man Tried To Suplex His Friend, What Happened To Him At The Pool Party Was Horrifying!

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Once you have seen this video, you will surely feel the pain that this guy felt despite the fact that it was only him who was physically hurt. 21 more words

Mysterious Mobile Application "Demon" Strange Attacks Video Happening Worldwide Goes Viral! Horrifying!

A series of bizarre attacks were compiled together by a Youtube User named Jason A.

Most of the videos that were put together includes a video or a story of a man who is undressed and causing trouble to the neighborhood. 16 more words