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Q&A: Scary

The ninety-ninth question for the Q&A section of this blog is: “Who is the scariest person you’ve ever known?”

This is a really hard question, because there are so many different ways a person can be “scary”, and I’m having a hard time picking between the ones I’ve encountered. 123 more words


Goals in Life -- Life and Times of a Convention Goer

Everyone has a bucket list, right? Well, I don’t really have a bucket list, but I more have a list of things I wish to become, things I want to better myself in. 874 more words


5 horrifying ways your children’s pictures might be used on the internet

I’m going to let the title of this one say it all. It is horrifying what someone could use your child’s photo for. This article was an assignment that I picked from a topic list. 1,288 more words


Obama response to Christian killing fields 'horrifying'

Some Syrian Christians have formed militias to protect their homes. Syrian Christian families are being forced out of their homes by rebel factions operating with the support of the U.S. 18 more words

The Bizarre And Horrifying Autobiography Of A Mass Shooter

“This is the story of how I, Elliot Rodger, came to be. This is the story of my entire life. It is a dark story of sadness, anger, and hatred. 142 more words

AIA President: ATL Could be ‘Amazing, Horrifying, or Both’

Gregory Walker (applicable acronyms: LEED AP, AIA, NCARB) isn’t just any old Atlanta architect with an abundance of letters after his name. He’s a Founding Partner at… 1,039 more words


Narcolepsy Nights, Episode #702: Home Alone.

It’s 1:35 am in the morning and it’s finally time to go to sleep. You’re the only one home. You left a light on because – well – you have narcolepsy, and all the fun-filled vivid hallucinations, night terrors, and other terrifying effects that go with it. 887 more words