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Are You Keeping a Crawling Eye on the Print Industry? A Bookseller's Lament

Complacency. This is what – if anything – will kill print.

People who leave it up to other people to purchase books in hard copy, to frequent brick and mortar stores… 2,358 more words

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Just Because

And a belated Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays to All!

Special thanks to the discovery by  https://rearwindowethx.wordpress.com/tag/cthulhu/

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Attack of the 151-Foot and One Inch Woman: What Real Horror Looks Like

 Okay. I’m going to break an unwritten rule of my own blog. I’m going to comment on an American Presidential election. Why? Because I don’t believe silence is right. 2,045 more words

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Twisted Volume One REVIEW

Twisted Volume One
Published by Create50
Published 20 October 2016
329 pages
Review copy

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I voluntarily reviewed this book after being given a copy Lucy V… 337 more words


Grandma Drove a Hearse (or, Why I Write Horror)

A lot of folks don’t “get” Horror writers. But they especially can’t understand what would make an otherwise respectable girl turn to Horror when they would much prefer to have raised a nice poet, or Nobel Prize winner. 2,038 more words

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Minding the Store: a Tribute to a Bookstore Manager

This week our store manager unexpectedly died.

It came as a shock, because our SM was a private man, and never let us know how very sick he was. 2,376 more words

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Dead Fish Swimming: a Horror Story for Creators of Intellectual Property

I recently visited a product development and turnkey services blog right here on WordPress that contained a post about Apple and its “accidental” confiscation of original music. 1,153 more words

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