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Stay Away From The Beaches Because There Is Something In The Water

My sister pranced past in her swimsuit, two triangles at the top with a poodle skirt styled bottom. Red and white polka dots covered both. 2,051 more words

Grandma's Oven

The Gilmore family made their way to grandma’s house. Up through the mountains and into the sleepy town of Grizzly Lake. It was a small town where nothing special ever happened and a lot of the residents where grandpas and grandmas. 377 more words


'Bloodsuckers', a Surreal Horror Short Story

My name is Samir. I am ten years old, and I don’t know how many days it’s been since the last time I ate.

I do remember the bombs, though. 2,231 more words

Horror Fiction

The Plague Diaries Book Three: The Fallout (Day Six, Part One)


by K. R. Cook

© 1998, 2016 Dead Renaissance

“Day Six” (Part One)


I wake up on one side of Mike’s mother’s bed as the sounds of goofy Saturday morning cartoons drift into the room. 11,469 more words

Horror Fiction

I Met A Girl On The Morning Train -- But I Wish She Never Saw Me

I used to read on the subway. Now I can’t think with the hoard of passengers, coming and going. Their movements distract me. Since the… 1,221 more words

The Bat

Have you ever seen the bat in the pale moonlight? Here it comes now. It’s long, dark wings flap in the nighttime wind. It somehow glides through your window and onto your shoulders gripping you tight. 142 more words