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I Thought My Hometown Was Boring -- Before I Discovered The Black Tree In The Woods

When Jimmy, Satch and I were nine years old, two sixth-grade boys walked into the school bathroom and turned off the lights. The three of us, along with what seemed to be half the school, waited outside with baited breath. 6,430 more words

6 Students At My School Died In A Shooting. Now They Won't Leave Me Alone.

On October 16th, 2009, a boy by the name of Finn Carlton walked into the band room of my high school and closed the door behind him. 3,557 more words

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When I was little, the only books I read were mysteries. Nancy Drew. Wishbone. The Adventures Of Mary-Kate and Ashley. I even had monthly detective kits delivered to the house, filled with fingerprint dust and invisible ink. 1,434 more words

Fear Street #23 - Double Date

The Cover

The cover (pulled from Goodreads) is kind of meh. Bobby looks like a mannequin, and the girls are just kind of doing nothing. 2,432 more words

Fear Street

Unexpected Delivery

Happy Friday the 13th, my deadicated readers. Looks like today’s your lucky day—I’ve got a brand new story, and it’s addressed to you. Here it is, your “Unexpected Delivery”. 1,438 more words

Horror Fiction

The Mandela Effect

“Tell me then, Mr. Grosby. How do you remember it?” Dr. Shelley asked.

The question was ridiculous. The murders were in all of the papers. All of the news sites. 4,157 more words

Horror Fiction

The Storm Within -- Part Four

In case you missed it (shame on you):

Part One

Part Two

Part Three

Karen’s Explorer inched to a stop in front of the Parish home. 1,881 more words