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Review (Fractured Commentary?): "John Dies at the End," by David Wong *Spoilers!*

I can’t write this review, I don’t even know why I’m trying. I guess It’s because I liked the damn thing so much. For the past year or so Joe Lansdale has been my personal Weird-Fiction mascot. 301 more words


Night Shift - Stephen King

Book 5 of the Stephen King Challenge is Night Shift. Night Shift is the first short story collection from Stephen King and it is quite simply the finest group of short stories that I’ve ever read. 912 more words

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I've Been In Captivity For As Long As I Can Remember And I'm Afraid There's No Way Out

I don’t know how many days it’s been, but I do know one thing – it’s been awhile. It feels like I’ve been stuck in this day-to-day routine for months, years, maybe even longer if you knew the truth. 1,474 more words


Variations: Ă-mi’-kuk, Ä-mi’-kuk

Kayakers in the cold seas of the Arctic Circle are the A-mi’-kuk’s favorite prey. The last thing they see are the a-mi’-kuk’s prehensile tentacles exploding from under the surface and wrapping around them, dragging both kayaker and boat under. 207 more words


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Okay, this critter just hits my phobia buttons. It's all too easy for me to imagine paddling along, sitting low in the dark, cold, seemingly bottomless water, and suddenly the tentacles burst up all around me. The story loses a little bit of its punch when it gets to the "swimming through earth" part, at least for me. That just seems like they're embellishing. Of course, that would essentially make the A-Mi'-Kuk a graboid from Tremors, and that would be no joke.

Jessica Wren- An Interview with the Author of "Ice"

Jessica Wren:

Elizabeth, I wanted to thank you for giving me a chance to give a more detailed of explanation of Ice. It’s my first novel, and I’m learning  2,816 more words

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Facing The Music Free Giveaway!

New Year’s Day is about beginnings. After a night spent saying goodbye to the past, you rise to greet the future.

But for Melissa Haskins, there is no future. 109 more words


A review of Frank Tayell's "Surviving the Evacuation: Book One; London."

Bill Wright is the journal keeping narrator of this, the first book in a continuing series (currently reaching Book Seven).

He is trapped in his London apartment with a broken leg.   299 more words

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