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Doug Talks Weird

This looks like it has the potential to turn into a great web series. In this first instalment Doug Bolden talks about one of Laird Barron’s short stories; 2005’s Proboscis.

The Weird

Writing "The Other". Then Driving "The Other" Mad. Then Eating "The Other's" Cat

As a thinking human, I reserve the right to change my mind.

There are concerns in the genre communities about cultural appropriation and writing The Other, meaning a character who lives beyond the experience of its author. 789 more words

Speculative Fiction

The Book of Frights Volume One is here!

The Book of Frights Volume One is now available on Amazon.

You can check it out here: Book of Frights Volume One.

A Go Fund Me page has also been activated to help the mysterious one promote the book, as well as to begin working on The Book of Frights Volume Two. 10 more words

Mysterious Mccrone

There Are No Jump Scares In Horror Novels - A Ramble

A while after I’d miserably failed to write what was originally going to be today’s article, a totally random thought popped into my mind: “ 645 more words


March is a great month for a horror tour

March is a great month for a horror tour!

Please join me as I stop by a number of blogs throughout the month to discuss The Runes Trilogy as well as future projects. 82 more words


Mayhem Monday: Supernatural Survival Skills Test Question 1

It’s #MayhemMonday, and, it’s up to you to survive!

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A book to scare the living daylights out of you

OK, I know monsters don’t exist. There are no vampires, bogey men or Frankenstein’s creatures. These are monsters of fiction, and are not real.
There is no space monster as depicted in the films… 653 more words