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*Flash Fiction Friday* Midnight Change


By Kevin Lewis

It was midnight when the man entered the rest stop bathroom. The man clutched his face with his hands and screamed in agony. 133 more words


The Vampire

Transcending time and place, the figure of the vampire—in one form or another— has been present in the mythology and folklore of cultures the world over. 1,343 more words

Take The Long Way Home - Brian Keene

During rush hour traffic, a loud trumpet sound blats across the landscape with ear-deafening volume. Auto accidents, plane crashes, and fires ensue. For a carpooling foursome, they end up as one of the casualties and after the dust settles, they find their driver with half his head missing due to a length of pipe from the truck ahead of them poking through the windshield and shearing off his cranium. 182 more words

Horror Review


“But what doesn’t make any sense to me,” Dad began, “is what’s causing it!”

Thus began a long search through the house. They dug up the pipes, but they were in good condition, not leeching copper or lead, or letting some outside pollutant in. 2,384 more words


I Found Something Strange In My Car And I Think I Should Call The Cops

The white font of my phone read 5:00, a full four hours before I had to be awake, but the damn thing kept singing. Playing… 1,189 more words

Blue Demon - David Bernstein

The Blue Demon is a cartoon character that Dan used to watch when he was a child. The cartoon only lasted three years, but when he stumbled upon the series many years later, he immediately wanted to share it with his son, Cal. 208 more words

Horror Fiction

Anxiety Evolves Into Something Else

This is part of an ongoing series exclusive to my Patreon: A Huntress of Beasts.
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971 more words