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The Lamp Post

On the ground. Was she?

Deep in the hustle, yet

So very out of reach

From the cracking campfire

It escaped her every​ memory.

She longed, stretched and reached… 32 more words


Richard Gavin & Orrin Grey on CALLS FOR SUBMISSION

THE FINAL COUNTDOWN:  My debut collection, CALLS FOR SUBMISSION, will be released May 15th (but you can pre-order from Pelekinesis now, if you’d like). That isn’t that far away, and to get pumped for the big day, I will be showcasing the awesome blurbs the collection has received. 398 more words


Through the years...

*I recently began to document some of my creative accomplishments. Over the past week, I’ve listed some of my art on Ebay for auction and I wanted collectors to get a sense of the years I’ve spent painting, thinking that perhaps they’d decide that my work has some value. 1,143 more words


Die Gerüchte meines Todes ...

Yet again it has been months since I’ve written anything on here, and even longer since I abandoned the blue time-suck of doom (Faceache) and for that I feel kinda bad. 1,374 more words


Pearls Before Swine--part 1

I woke in the dark to squeals and yells and thumps and bangs. From somewhere inside the house, Daddy rattled off a string of cusswords, then hollered: “Get the shotgun, Lizzy, something’s got in with the hogs!” 1,583 more words

Short Fiction

I Took Screenshots Of The Disturbing Texts That Destroyed My Entire Life

About a month ago, the texts started pouring in, telling me that I had a twin walking around Long Island. A girl that looked just like me, down to the floral tattoos across my arms. 599 more words

Indie Horror Review #4

Anywhere But Here: A Short Horror Story

Sent  to me for an advanced review by a fellow horror author Jordon Greene on Goodreads, Anywhere But Here (more novella than short story) explores the intriguing (and certainly ripe for horror exploitation) concept of sleep paralysis. 297 more words