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Hello!  I hope you’ve all been well since last we met.

The dog days of summer are upon us, so what better way to cool off than by actually getting hotter: courtesy of horror fiction, that is.  724 more words


This Is The Gruesome Story Of What Happened To The Creepy Cult Who Insisted I Was Their ‘Savior'

I reclined in my chair, enjoying the hot sun on my face. The waves before me crashed with rhythmic purpose and I felt myself growing sleepy. 6,522 more words

My Family Holds A Traditional Irish Wake Every Time Someone Dies And Now I Know The Horrible Reason Why

Death is nothing at all.
It does not count.
I have only slipped away into the next room.

— from An Irish Funeral Prayer

______… 2,452 more words

We Are Fashion Meat: A Disquieting Pause


In his famous song, not even David Bowie could forsee the newest trend in high-end coverings: Using somebody else!

A fashion student plans to culture skin cells donated by designer Alexander McQueen and sell it as couture. 473 more words

DEAD AIR, short story by Orlando SC/Hell's Reject

Okay guys, thought you were getting tired of my old shit so i am giving yo something new;  I created a short story once again in based on true story format, like you would see on Reddit’s NoSleep page.  3,989 more words

The Plague Diaries Book Two: Ground Zero (Day Three)


by K. R. Cook

© 1998, 2016 Dead Renaissance

“Day Three” (Part I)

“This is Radio Nowhere…

Is there anybody alive out there?” 15,210 more words

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