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If ever there was a book which was capable of holding a relentless, vice like grip on you, it is Cujo. Cujo has been turned into a major motion picture but there is one difference between a movie and a book, especially if that book is Cujo. 660 more words

The Spectral Golem

Now available for purchase: “The Spectral Golem,” a horror/science fiction short story in chapbook form. Limited to 50 numbered copies.

As previously mentioned, I initially wrote this in 2012 to submit to a “steampunk Cthulhu”-themed anthology from which it was ultimately rejected. 215 more words



Jessica by Helena Hann-Basquiat

Who is Jessica?
There are rumours that I keep a writer trapped in my basement… but I assure you… Jessica is and always was here of her own free will. 262 more words

The Bazaar of Bad Dreams (Dreamy) Review


But there’s something to be said for a shorter, more intense experience.  It can be invigorating, sometimes even shocking, like a waltz with a stranger you will never see again, or a kiss in the dark, or a beautiful curio for sale laid out on a cheap blanket at a street bazaar. 1,324 more words

Iain Reid's 'I'm Thinking of Ending Things' Is Seriously Creepy [REVIEW]

Have you ever read a book that was brilliantly written, and yet so shocking in its denouement, it left you feeling so ponderous you simply had to talk about it with friends to make sense of it all? 443 more words


A Convicted Murderer Just Sent Me A Link To A Secret Recording, And What's In The Video Is Truly Horrifying

You people…

The preceding ellipses was me silently shaking my head as I pondered the sheer breadth of the madness that you, my readers, feel the need to bombard me with on an almost constant basis. 5,022 more words

If You Knew The Truth About What Has Been Keeping My Sister Alive, You'd Never Step Foot In Our House Ever Again

Part One.
Part Two.
Part Three.

My sister and I lived in uneasy peace for a time. I fulfilled her demands, offering her any customer that caught her eye. 1,638 more words