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"Spiral" in Lovecraft eZine Issue #34

In a cave up past Kegan’s Bluff, Malcom Roberts and his friend Steve find a strange staircase that spirals deep into the earth … and into the dark recesses of the human mind. 65 more words


Horror Challenge: Update 1

How have we got so far through the year already? I can’t believe that we are nearly in April and at the Easter holidays! Crazy! Anyway, being a third (!?!?!) of the way through the year means it is time to update on some of the challenges that I have been taking part in. 268 more words


In The Sprawl Of The Outer City The Stench Became Narcotic (China Miéville, ‘Looking For Jake and Other Stories)

In China Miéville’s London there are shadows, and there are shadows. There are the shadows thrown by what we see and what we assume, and what we’re familiar with enough to no longer notice. 1,232 more words

Supernatural Fiction

I Used To Think I Was A Real-Life Hero. Now, I Am Afraid Of What I Am Becoming.

There is a question that every teenager is faced with, but no one can answer. Most grow out of trying, but I never did. No matter how old I get, how many responsibilities occupy me, nor how inconsequential the answer may be, I find myself constantly faced with the question: Who am I? 1,315 more words

April Horror Book Club -- Evil Creeps into Town

Writer Ben Mears has returned to his home town of Jerusalem’s Lot. As a child, he had a traumatic experience in the Marsten house, an old abandoned house that has long since been the subject of rumors and fear. 126 more words