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Room 33 movie " Dull title, slowly built tension to a good climax" -(7.5/10).

Room 33 film review – (7.5/10) “Slowly building to good tension using expressions and the camera”.

Room 33 has an excellent upbeat opening with nature and sets the scene for a real adventure. 218 more words


28 parents later ‘Mom & Dad’ - movie review

As parents you are taught to place your kids above anything else. No matter how much they get on your nerves. From stealing to having sex and more kids usually walk a fine line that puts parents into a position where they may utter some unsightly words. 351 more words

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The Glass house movie - (8/10) " Great thriller if slightly longer. Not a horror though".

The Glass house movie review (8/10) “Great thriller if slightly longer. Not a horror though”.

The Glass house challenges the idea that individuals always want to assist those in need of help. 325 more words


Review: Like. Share. Follow

This was a random Cinemax movie I came across. It actually looked kind of stupid and I was in the mood for really terrible horror so I watched it. 2,048 more words


Top Eight: Worst Horror Movies Of 2017

This list will be in order and there will be spoilers. If the movie was particularly awful I will link to my longer rants on why it was awful so you don’t think I’m saying it for no reason because trust me, there are reasons. 1,486 more words


The Binding

I try not to give indie movies bad reviews because I understand how hard it is to make a living as an artist. I made an exception for  17 more words


Fender Bender 2016 | Horror Movie Reaction

This is not so much a review as it is my real-time reactions as I watched the movie.

First kill was meh.

Then we meet the teen girl Hilary who just caught her boyfriend cheating with a cheerleader. 337 more words

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