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The Dark Half (Review)

The Dark Half (1993)

🎃🎃 out of 5

“He’s my dark half.”

The Dark Half is a horror movie directed by George A. Romero, who also did the screenplay. 272 more words


Tech nerd sci fi horror dream 'Sequence Break' - movie review

Sequence Break is a tech-nerd-sci-fi horror dream that starts promisingly but ends up in rather a mess for its finale. Set mostly in a garage with broken down and in need of fixing arcade games, mechanic OZ (Chase Williamson) is told by his boss that the business is going under and soon he will be looking for a new job. 354 more words

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Fiery and intense 'Beast' - movie review

Love can be a dangerous game to play. More so when the connection is intense and immediately felt. With that intensity can come danger, mistrust and the questioning of each other’s commitment when doubt and fear take control. 578 more words

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Review: Island Zero Proves Not All that Starts Well Ends Well

Island Zero starts well. First time director Josh Gerritsen does good work making viewers afraid of a monster without showing them what it is from the start. 149 more words


When Susurrus Stirs

Director: Anthony Cousins Writer: Jeremy Robert Johnson  Stars: Nathan Tymoshuk Country: USA Release Date: 2016

Do you like Sci-Fi/Horror movies? Are you a David Cronenberg… 249 more words


Review: Altered Perceptions? This Movie Doesn’t

In Altered Perceptions, three couples have a drug that is repeatedly compared to hallucinogens injected into a gland behind their eyes. The drug’s stated purpose is to give clarity, and according to one of the people administering it, it has the potential to resolve, “geopolitical conflicts around the world.” The couples—two straight, one lesbian—are on the rocks. 139 more words


Netflix Movie Review: The Human Centipede

Not all horror movies deal with cutting out parts of the knee and having your mouth slit and sewn to someone else’s anus. Actually, none  216 more words