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Insidious 4: The Last Key Opens in US

Insidious 4: The Last Key

Chapter 4 in the popular Insidious franchise opened a month earlier than expected this past weekend. Still, there was plenty of time for movie critics to review and to thoroughly trash the film. 290 more words

CREEP, CREEP 2, DARK DISCUSSIONS and the most unsettling Christmas present EVER

There are some Christmas gifts that are just so personal, clever, and awesome it’s unlikely they’ll ever be forgotten. I came home from a particularly rough one and received just that—and so did my friends Eric and Phil. 375 more words


christmas horror story: Silent Night, Deadly Night

This has to be one of the worst holiday horror movie franchises in existence.  It may also be the only holiday horror movie franchise, which makes it that much worse.  800 more words

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#10: Stranger Things, Season 2 (2017)

#10: Stranger Things, Season 2

Nearly 16 million people tuned into Season 2 of Stranger Things. Further, Nielsen’s Ratings Service estimates that 361,000 Netflix subscribers binged the entire season on the first day of its release, October 27th. 72 more words

#8: Black Butterfly (2017)

#8: Black Butterfly (2017)

Not another Misery in the woods film, Black Butterfly is a fantastic rainy day film that’s long on thrills and less on blood and gore. 84 more words

#7: Poltergeist (2015)

#7: Poltergeist (2015)

Remaking a classic is difficult. If it cannot be better, then it should not be made. Don’t waste your time on Poltergeist… 11 more words

#6: Residue (2017)

#6: Residue (2017)

The pickings are slim with my informal “rules” for selecting the 10 new horror movies I’m watching this month. First and foremost, the movies have to be available through my Roku on the three services I subscribe to: Amazon, Hulu, and Netflix. 312 more words