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Director Alexandre Bustillo wrote and directed Livide in 2011 very different from Inside 2007. I really want to watch more Bustillo movies even though Livide was not a wow experience. 221 more words

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How Well Did Poltergeist (2015) Perform?

How Well Did Poltergeist (2015) Perform?

Summer blockbusters usually open on Memorial Day Weekend. This year was no different with Tomorrowland: A World Beyond, with an astronomical budget of $190 million, opening. 179 more words


3 quick favouries

At first I was not sure what I felt about The Babadook but as time went on and I got some time to think I must confess I love it!. 144 more words

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THE HORROR JAR: Movies starring Vincent Price and Christopher Lee; And Movies starring Vincent Price and Peter Cushing

THE HORROR JAR:  Movies Starring Vincent Price and Christopher Lee; and Vincent Price and Peter Cushing

By Michael Arruda


Welcome to another edition of THE HORROR JAR, … 601 more words

The Shining

If you like the shining or not everyone must admit it´s a classic. This horror movie have been watched by millions of people over the years and the image of Jack Torrance smashing in the bathroom door is iconic. 389 more words

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The seasoning house

The seasoning house is about women captured during war and sent of to become prostitutes for the army.

Here comes my review and the spoilers: 201 more words

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Are you recording? The life and death of the found footage horror film

Every generation of horror is dominated by some new gimmick. In the last decade, that gimmick has been found footage. It’s a concept that can often be well utilized, but quite often can just be a shameless way of keeping budgets as tiny as possible. 2,734 more words

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