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31 Days of Halloween, Days 28-31

It’s been a busy weekend, and I haven’t had time to post (or watch many horror movies, for that matter…).  But I did do many things to celebrate Halloween so here they are! 461 more words

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31 Days of Halloween, Day 27: The Fog (2005)

A rewatch for inspiring my upcoming Nanowrimo novel, which will involve mist and fog…

This movie is surprising less about fog and more about people catching on fire and turning into mummies and ice?   239 more words

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OUIJA: ORIGIN OF EVIL (2016) Well-Crafted But Unoriginal Retread of Demon Movies

For some reason, there are slim pickings at the box office this 2016 Halloween season. There just aren’t a whole lot of horror movies opening this month. 1,354 more words

31 Days of Halloween, Day 26: Dawn of the Dead (2004)

After mentioning this in my recommendations a few days ago, I realized it was high time to give this one a re-watch.

This is still one of my favorite “the beginning of the apocalypse” scenes ever.   260 more words


31 Days of Halloween, Day 25 - The Purge: Election Year

Somehow, this wasn’t as frightening as the real-life election year we’ve got going on.  I had a hard time paying attention to the politicians debating Purge Night on something like the 20th year of its occurrence, until a car blasting Miley Cyrus’s “Party in the USA” rolled down the middle of an empty street and three chicks in masks carrying guns got out. 363 more words

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31 Days of Halloween, Day 24: The Walking Dead


Obviously, I am speaking about the season 7 premiere of The Walking Dead.  This series has always had the ability to shock me, and this episode was no different.   190 more words

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31 Days of Halloween, Day 23 - The Shining

No matter how much Stephen King hates this adaptation of his book, I love it.  I also love the book form of The Shining, but they certainly are different animals. 486 more words

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