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Doctor Who - 15x01 - Horror of Fang Rock

It could be a typical murder-in-a-closed-space (or how’s it called) story, but instead they went with supernatural killing creature. Still not bad.
Actually, pretty good, but the hysterical lady really pisses me off. 170 more words

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The Web of Fear Commentary

It’s been two years since The Web of Fear, the story that introduced Colonel Lethbridge-Stewart to Doctor Who, was returned to the BBC Archives and released back into the public arena — first via iTunes and then on DVD. 143 more words


News Update

It’s been a little while since my last post, so a quick update.

I have just finished watching season seven of Doctor Who, so I’ll be adding new entries for both seasons six and seven soon. 385 more words


Doctor Who: Horror of Fang Rock

If by now you haven’t worked out that I am a Doctor Who fan, then you should probably go and read my first two posts! 743 more words

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Genesis of the Doctor

Darker is a word that is thrown at every sequel within a teen fantasy movie franchise. It started with Harry Potter, continued with Twilight and is currently being used to describe the Hunger Games series. 558 more words


Random Doctor Who Journey - Story 29 - Horror of Fang Rock

Horror of Fang Rock (Transmission Order – 92)

I’ve always considered this one something of a classic. An overlooked gem at the start of an otherwise generally rather poor era. 473 more words

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Who's Your Dr Who?

My Doctor Who would have to be John Pertwee – the dapper, distinguished, third Doctor, who played the title role from 1970-74. I remember the buffon hair, the velvet jacket – but most of all I remember his adversaries: the Master, and of course, the Daleks! 552 more words