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News Update

It’s been a little while since my last post, so a quick update.

I have just finished watching season seven of Doctor Who, so I’ll be adding new entries for both seasons six and seven soon. 385 more words


Doctor Who: Horror of Fang Rock

If by now you haven’t worked out that I am a Doctor Who fan, then you should probably go and read my first two posts! 743 more words

Doctor Who

Genesis of the Doctor

Darker is a word that is thrown at every sequel within a teen fantasy movie franchise. It started with Harry Potter, continued with Twilight and is currently being used to describe the Hunger Games series. 558 more words


Random Doctor Who Journey - Story 29 - Horror of Fang Rock

Horror of Fang Rock (Transmission Order – 92)

I’ve always considered this one something of a classic. An overlooked gem at the start of an otherwise generally rather poor era. 473 more words

Doctor Who

Who's Your Dr Who?

My Doctor Who would have to be John Pertwee – the dapper, distinguished, third Doctor, who played the title role from 1970-74. I remember the buffon hair, the velvet jacket – but most of all I remember his adversaries: the Master, and of course, the Daleks! 552 more words


Horror of Fang Rock

You know what would be genuinely new? If the alien of the week WASN’T a savage killing machine. If it was a friendly or benevolent creature who simply misunderstood what it was doing and didn’t intend to kill or enslave. 420 more words

Doctor Who

Doctor Who – Horror of Fang Rock

Doctor Who Story 092 – Horror of Fang Rock

Who Wrote It?

Terrance Dicks

What’s It About?

The Doctor and Leela arrive on Fang Rock, a small island off the coast of England. 484 more words

Doctor Who