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Doctor Who - Horror of Fang Rock. Episode Four

It’s slightly odd to think that during the eighties Horror of Fang Rock wasn’t a story with a terribly good reputation.  But then this was the decade (in British fandom certainly) when many of us only had very limited access to the series’ past, so we had to rely on what DWM or the fanzines of the day told us was true. 631 more words

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Doctor Who - Horror of Fang Rock. Part Three

Horror of Fang Rock was the last time that Terrance Dicks and Robert Holmes worked together on the same Doctor Who story.  If one had to choose the most significant writer who ever worked on the series then Dicks and Holmes, along with David Whitaker, would surely have to be towards the top of the list. 782 more words

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Doctor Who - Horror of Fang Rock. Part Two

I’ve previously mentinoed Terrance Dicks’ firm grip of basic storytelling principles and there’s further evidence of that here.  Our new characters – Lord Palmerdale, Skinsale, Adelaide and Harker – all have interlocking conflicts with each other which will help to keep the drama ticking along. 644 more words

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Doctor Who - Horror of Fang Rock. Part One

Doctor Who fans tend to break down sections of the show into recognisable eras.  Usually this is done by producer and not lead actor (which is understandable when, say, analysing Tom Baker’s seven year stint as his three producers – Hinchcliffe, Williams, JNT – all had very different styles). 1,195 more words


DVD review - 'Horror of Fang Rock' (Doctor Who)

Hello everyone! :)

Today, I’ve posted my ‘Doctor Who’ DVD review on ‘Horror of Fang Rock’ starring Tom Baker as the Doctor and Louise Jameson as Leela. 81 more words


Very Brief Doctor Who Reviews - Season Fifteen

Horror of Fang Rock – What a strange little beast this is. Much like Philip Hinchcliffe, Graham William’s first story as producer bears all the hallmarks of being part of the old regime. 1,667 more words

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Five Tom Baker Stories Every Doctor Who Fan Should Watch

I say “should”, but y’know, I don’t want to gatekeep or the like; you might really not like the Fourth Doctor, in which case, sure, I JUDGE you, but I don’t want you to be miserable watching Fourth Doctor stories when you could be having a yayful time watching Pertwee or the Other Baker or Eccleston or such. 1,047 more words

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