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Short Of A Six-Pack

Not sure what happened but the word document is a different size. How do I get it full screen? Why did it change? I hate it when this happens or maybe I’ll like it better. 379 more words


Life(2017) Review

I was hyped for this film for a while and there was also a “fan theory” that it was a prequel to the upcoming Venom film. 854 more words


If we’re all dead there can be no apocalypse

Sounds extreme

Or not

Could there be a better way

Let’s look at the math

The Reaper takes away (-) 466 more words


‘Tween Places Three

He started thinking to himself then turned looking at the, what he figured to be, the dead guy in his front seat. In fact, he seemed a little more decayed. 138 more words

Horror & Sci-Fi

Those ‘Tween Places

He just went to sleep and didn’t wake up… but he didn’t know it. Driving home he was tired, so tired. He pulled off the road to shut his eyes for a moment. 112 more words

Horror & Sci-Fi

Haven’t Got A Clue Yet But That Doesn’t Mean Anything

Another day but still no way, nothing

“Why does the world fight back when…”

A phrase simple enough but then

Too much wine with salmon and greens… 112 more words

Horror & Sci-Fi