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Genre Mashing: Horror and Sci-fi in Cloverfield Paradox

I know we all love a good horror movie. I love that there are so many wonderful genre combos when it comes to horror. There is a growing comedy horror genre, which is delightful. 176 more words


The Cloverfield Paradox(2018) Review

After a two month break from reviewing for various reasons, I’m back and will hopefully be posting at least a couple of reviews a week. I’ve got a lot to get through having spent some time watching quite a few horror movies over the past few months. 916 more words

Spanish Creepers

Welcome one and all to this month’s top cryptids, these cryptids range from the strange to the disturbing, and even intriguing. I hope you’re all cozy and in some place with some nice light because it is now time to jump right into these strange stories. 353 more words


Pyramid Head

Yesterday I had an interesting discussion with Adam of Write Thoughts¬†who stopped by to comment my ”Event Horizon” review, and somehow the discussion slipped to Pyramid Head. 323 more words

Non-review Posts & Movie GIFs

Beasts from the East

Welcome again readers to the world of the abnormal, it’s wonderful to see you all here again! Today I have three tales for you of the strange beasts from the east. 533 more words


Doki Doki Literature Club: Game Review

Although at first glance it may seem this game would be nothing but cute, sweet and innocent; Let’s Players quickly found out that, that is far from the truth. 359 more words


US Monsters

Everyone everywhere always feels safe in that little place they call home, but once night rears it’s infamous head, there is the word that monsters start to roam in the great USA. 689 more words