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Under the Radar - FreakyLinks

And here we are, Under the Radar’s first TV spotlight! Let’s get to it.

It’s always sad when a good show dies a premature death due to network mismanagement. 304 more words

Patrick Rutigliano

A Split Second in Time Pt. 6 : Jennifer's Double

Part 6 of A Split Second in Time. Please like, share, subscribe, and enjoy!

~~~ 2,938 more words

Adam Gainer

Patricia Chica’s ‘Ripe N Bloody’ is more than just your typical PSA

Bringing an awareness to the donating blood is something every horror fan should feel proud of. From SAW to the Soska Twins this yearly tradition has taken a life of itself in part to the twins PSA anthologies. 635 more words

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Daily Mythology: God and Monsters

“If you don’t talk, I’m going to assume you haven’t read the books. So then I’ll have to give you quiz. And if I give you a quiz, it’s vengeance. 1,041 more words

Music & Lit.

American Horror Story season 5.

It’s pretty obvious that AHS got a little confused in season fours “Freak Show” but altogether the franchise has been pretty darn good.

But what is to come on season 5?. 158 more words


Review - American Horror Story (Season 1)

Television Series Review – American Horror Story (Season 1)

Don’t you just love the ability to binge watch a series?  Oh Netflix, how I love thee, I shall compose a sonnet in your honor. 354 more words


Darknet (2013)

Found this very cool little tv series on Netflix the other day. After Netflix’s insistence that it was well suited to my interests, I caved and gave it a watch. 433 more words