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Pilot: "Scream Queens"

When you don’t watch the full trailer for an upcoming series, and only rely on TV spots you’re sort of paying attention to, you may be in for a few surprises. 1,343 more words


Pilot: “Fear the Walking Dead”

When a new show is a spin-off it’s thought of as having a lot to live up to. In some ways that’s true. But those are the die hards talking. 1,357 more words


Horror Series - Chapter 1: Sleepy towns are only in fairy tales

The call had come in around 6 pm, shaking the sleepy 911 center to its core. Every small town had its problems, but nothing quite like the sounds pouring from the terrified operators head set. 2,567 more words


Horror Series - Prologue

This is an, as of right now, untitled fan fiction horror series that will be ongoing as I feel like updating it. I’m not a professional writer or anything so I’m just doing this for fun. 391 more words


She That Kills The Dead Promo Poster

One week away till our scheduled showing of episode 2. I’m happy to introduce you to actress Tiffani Fest! More about her and the goings on soon enough.

She That Kills The Dead

#HorrorSeries: Lady Koi-Koi {Episode 3}

Then news of Lady Koi-koi’s death and my unfortunate incident that hoodwinked me to the hospital were like siamese twins as students gossiped about it. 921 more words


Lady Koi-Koi {Episode 2}

Fear engulfed my being, every stare from anybody seem to convey the message that I might be a suspect, it might be my mind, the inner conscience that was stirring these negative emotions, walking out of the assembly hall my thoughts were transfixed on way out, Solomon had found a better way of lifting the weighty crime off his head and shoving it into my mouth, he tagged me the killer and then exonerated himself of all ills, he gave me a pat on the back with a faint smirk as he walked past me, I thought to accost him and scornfully berate him, but he could sense the aura and increased his pace as he walked back to the class. 751 more words