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#HorrorSeries: Lady Koi-Koi {Episode 3}

Then news of Lady Koi-koi’s death and my unfortunate incident that hoodwinked me to the hospital were like siamese twins as students gossiped about it. 921 more words


Lady Koi-Koi {Episode 2}

Fear engulfed my being, every stare from anybody seem to convey the message that I might be a suspect, it might be my mind, the inner conscience that was stirring these negative emotions, walking out of the assembly hall my thoughts were transfixed on way out, Solomon had found a better way of lifting the weighty crime off his head and shoving it into my mouth, he tagged me the killer and then exonerated himself of all ills, he gave me a pat on the back with a faint smirk as he walked past me, I thought to accost him and scornfully berate him, but he could sense the aura and increased his pace as he walked back to the class. 751 more words


#HorrorSeries: LADY Koi-Koi

We tiptoed through the bush path leading to the staff quarters, the cricket chirping away as the moon shun in a manner that made us suspect that mother nature must have been in support of us, Solomon, Kester and I, we had devised a means of sneaking out of the dormitory once its ‘lights out’, Solomon whose bunk was closer to the door would watch keenly the exact position the hostel master hid the key while Kester would be the one to retrieve the key for he was swift and accurate. 682 more words


Scream TV Series

So MTV is making a Scream TV series. The commercial is meta as hell. I’m still not sure about the series but I feel better after seeing this.

What do you think?


B IS FOR BOGEYWOMAN by Iain Rob Wright

From the A-Z of Horror Series from Iain Rob Wright

The contributing factors to me almost losing my shit from reading this installment in the author’s version of The ABC’s of Horror… 235 more words

Book Reviews

The Walking Dead 2015

It seems to be getting better and better but the plot lines are vary vague at the moment. What is going on?

Something is obvisouly happening at the moment and what we are soon realising is the fact that they leave you to die. 67 more words