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Honeymoon, or How to be the Worst Partner Ever

Happy Monday, Friends!

I hate to say it, but I’ve been slacking on watching new horror recently; I’ve been way too busy to go to the theater (not that there’s anything decent playing in major theaters and all the indie theaters are a good hour away from me) and Netflix just isn’t offering top notch selections, in between work, school, and kids I’ve been spending my nights watching Property Brother reruns. 936 more words


Lights Out and Ableism in Horror (Light Spoilers)

Happy Tuesday, Friends! 

I know this post is horrifically overdue seeing as Lights Out was released a whole four days ago. I saw it Saturday and I very much enjoyed it, but there are some problematic elements in this film that I’ve only recently noticed in the genre itself. 578 more words


The Last Month

This last month or so has been stressful and depressing.

Office completely failed, so I got Scrivener and a free version for spreadsheets and slides. 428 more words


Films Within Films, Tropes Within Tropes: The Final Girls Movie

Just when I’m about to get detached retinas from rolling my eyes at yet another misogynistic piece of pop culture, fate hands me some relief (and blog material). 1,729 more words

John's Horror Corner: Scythe (2016), a Short Film assessing tropes and seeking your support.

Disclaimer: This review was solicited by the filmmakers. However, my opinion remains unbiased as I was neither hired nor paid to produce this critical review.

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John Leavengood

Game Reviews: Until Dawn

Until Dawn is a 2015 video game developed by Supermassive games for the Playstation 4.  In an essence, it’s a horror film simulator, right down to all of the tropes and cliches.  1,325 more words